Saturday, November 29, 2008

The 7 Jehovian Seals.

The 7 Jehovian Seals.

The 7 Jehovian Seals were placed in the earth¢s Planetary Shield about 200,000 years ago.

They were placed around the same time as the 12 Star Crystal Seals.
The Star Crystal Seals were placed in preparation for the earth¢ s ascension in this time period.
The Jehovian seals were placed to interfere with this process. They ride on the frequency being brought in by releasing the Star Crystal Seals and start distorting these higher frequencies.
Six of the Jehovian Seals have been activated at this time.

The 12 Star Crystal Seals are connected to the 12 Universal Stargate portals and once all of them are activated, they will allow for the axiatonal lines in the Earth¢s Grid to be activated and a merkabah will be built for the earth.

When a Star Crystal Seal and Star Gate portal connect it will allow for higher frequencies to be released into the earth¢s dimension. It allows for a blending within the earth¢s dimensions and connecting above with below.

The distortion created by the Jehovian Seals has damaged out Earth¢s Planetary Shield.
This shield resides on the outer limits of our universe.
At this point in time the shield has been significantly damaged and a new shield has been brought into place just inside of earth¢s planetary shield but it is not activated yet.

Once all 12 portals are opened it will allow for this shield to be activated.

Six of the Jehovian Seals have been activated in the earth¢s planetary shield and in our own physical body since we are connected to the energy of the earth¢s planetary shield.

In the times before the fall, some 200.000 years ago, humans were not dying, they would simply ascend from the density on earth and leave through the Universal Star Gate Portals.
In those days there were 12 angelic human tribes appointed to carry the original Planetary Templar complex.
These Human Angelic Tribes were the guardians of this Planetary Templar complex.
Each tribe was holding one-twelfth of the Emerald Covenant, and each tribe was divided into 12 groups each holding one-twelfth of the one twelfth of the Emerald Covenant.

The Emerald Covenant held the original divine blue print for earth¢s ascension and our ascension. It has the ability to complete all activations that are needed to ascend the earth and the human that choose to ascend with the earth.

For over 11,000 years humans and illuminati were denied the truth and the history of all this.
They have been destroying each other on behalf of the fallen races outside of our universe.

The Sacred teachings of the 12 tribes are hidden among all religions.

So the 12 Star Crystal Seals open us up to a higher frequency, the Jehovian seals are distorting this frequency. Since we have 7 Jehovian seals inside the human body, we are not able to fully integrate the higher frequencies and what we integrate is distorted and out of balance.

The distortion of the frequencies also had its affect on the Planetary Shieldd and created holes that unbalance the energies even more influencing our weather and the tectonic plates of the earth.

The Illuminati have chosen to work with the Zetas instead of the Emerald Covenant nations preventing us from knowing about this and preventing us from doing repairs here from the earth itself.
The Emerald Covenant Nations have been sending in energies that can assist us in balancing the distortions and these energies are being anchored on earth.
The opening of the Star Gate Portals allows for more energies to be sent in at this time.
The Zetas represent several groups that are there only for the sole purpose of controlling the earth and use it for their purposes.

Six of these Jehovian Seals have been activated and are influencing every human being on earth at this time. They prevent us from completely activating our DNA and restore our original Divine Blueprint in the physicals and spiritual bodies.
They will allow for just enough activation to make you feel like you are making progress, but they will prevent full activation.
Since the opening of the Star Gates and the securing of these gates we have been able to receive more energies that are stabilizing the energies in our dimensions.
This allows for a different approach in removing the J-seals ( Jehovian seals) at this time.

We are ahead of schedule so the knowledge on releasing these J-seals in a different and faster way has been given to us. This knowledge is protected under the Seal of Isis, as to not have interference while removing these J-seals from humans at this time.

As you might understand, we cannot remove the J-seals from the earth as we cannot interfere with the process of releasing the Star Crystal Seals, the Jehovian seals are energetically connected to activate when a Star Crystal Seal is released. We can however prevent these seals from affecting us as humans in our ascension process.

The removal of the J-Seals is very delicate and requires more then just removal.
We will be able to explain more about this once all J-seals have been removed.

Once enough humans are without J- Seals, we will be able to start repairing the earth¢s Planetary Shield at this time so we will be able to stabilize the energy in our dimensions which will allow for a more balanced and peaceful road toward the ascension of the earth.
We will also be able to make sure the opening of the 7th J-seal, which is scheduled for 2012, will be having no effect on the earth¢s ascension.