Thursday, November 27, 2008

SaLuSa: The Truth Shall Set You Free

SaLuSa: The Truth Shall Set You Free

How wonderful to register the consciousness of Mankind and find that it has taken a great leap forward. One brought about by the continuing Light that is being beamed to Earth, and your anticipation of changes that are now possible once your new President is inaugurated. These signs tell us that you have taken another step forward in your desire to leave the old ways behind, having seen how inadequate they are to realise your dreams. What is also heart warming for us is your confidence that you the people, have the power to overcome all adversities. You may not necessarily see very far beyond your present predicaments, but do know it offers an opportunity to change the direction of your lives.

As I look down upon Earth I can feel the raging energies like a whirlpool that is pulling people around and downwards. It is a time to hold fast to your belief that it will lead to better times, and changes that will uplift you all. Now more than ever it calls for a calm and sensible approach to the challenges all around you. See chaos as an opportunity to sweep away the old that no longer serves you, and know that many souls have come to Earth for this very reason. There is really nothing that cannot be achieved if you have the intent and willpower to follow it through. The timing of such events is very fluid, and the more you keep your focus upon your goal, the nearer it comes to manifestation.

We can see the direction the energies are taking you, and can say with full confidence that you are on track to achieve victory. As you lift your vibrations so you gradually overcome the dark energies, that are in consequence losing their power. There are still obstacles to overcome, and you will not clearly see the direction that Man is taking for a while yet. However, the mood is for further changes in high places, and events yet to materialise will play a big factor in how that is achieved. What you see now is by no means the final word on the selection of people that will govern you.

Putting aside the importance of political changes, there is much you can do as individuals. These are confusing times and it helps to Iet others know the greater plan, and more importantly how the heavenly forces are with you. Speak when the opportunity arises, as so many are in a state of utter confusion and despair. If you feel confident of the outcome, your energy will help others and have a calming effect. You may have noticed you are now in a time when disclosures about the conspiracies that have held you down, are coming out thick and fast. This is another aspect of the power of the higher energies that are being grounded upon Earth. They are not just opening people's eyes to the truth, but empowering their Light so that they are no longer afraid to speak. It has a snowball effect and once it is underway, there will be an avalanche of revelations as others gain confidence to come forward.

You have a most apt statement that "the truth shall set you free" and that process is gaining momentum. It is an energy that you can feel and intuitively know that you can accept it. Of course some of you wrestle with the traditional understanding that has been forced upon you, because no one likes to be shown as susceptible to the falsehoods that have been presented as the truth. However, you are not alone in this predicament, as Mankind has been fed with lies and manipulated for millennia of time. All of you have at various times succumbed to the dark forces, and in your innocence accepted their authority. They have been cunning and all-powerful using whatever means that supported their agenda, but power corrupts and it has brought them down. They have imploded through their own greed and egotistical belief in their own immortality. All through your history you will find that the most powerful leaders and their minions, have been the architects of their own demise.

Of course there is another factor that determines where your path takes you, and that is your spiritual beliefs. These have also been influenced by the dark energies, and are no exception to having been taken over by those with power and greed in mind. Man has until recently looked to others for spiritual guidance, and in seeking has sometimes become embroiled in the teachings of the Church. Some are very persuasive and exercise control over their followers who become imprisoned by their beliefs. Dear Ones, these are times when the Truth is being revealed, and it is wise to consider what is being presented to you. Many highly evolved souls such as the Masters are purposefully with you at this time, because of its great importance to your evolution. Once you decide to seek further afield with an open mind, you can be sure that the Truth will find you.

There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of where the changes are concerned. They may move you out of your comfort zone for a while, but the most wonderful future awaits you. All that has been imposed upon you and denied you the right to a peaceful co-existence and a share in the Earth's bounties will be removed, and the Golden Age will commence signalling the end to duality. You came to Earth at this time knowing what opportunities it would offer you to leave the cycle of re-birth. Do not let it slip out of your hands, as it will not come around again until the completion of yet another cycle.

If you could fully understand what you have ahead of you, you would not cling to the materialistic world because it is only a passing phase and merely a blink of the eye in your evolution. After all, you cannot take your material possessions with you, but you will never lose the knowledge and spiritual understanding that you have gained. Already in your mind you are creating your future, and in the higher dimensions you will create all that gives you pleasure and happiness. You will not see your creations as your possessions, but simply dissolve them through the power of thought and re-create as you desire. Keep your focus on what is coming that will lift you up, never to return to duality unless of course you see it as a way of service to others.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius come yet again with Love to prepare you for what lies ahead. Open contact will be the flagship of the Galactic Federation and your introduction to us, and the part we shall play in your final days before Ascension. We Are One with you and getting closer to you each day.

Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey