Saturday, November 29, 2008

Message from Archangel Michael

Message from Archangel Michael
December 2008 * LM-12-2008

Transmitted Through Ronna Herman

Beloved masters, there has been a plethora of predictions and theories
about the future of humanity and the Earth. Some of these predictions
have a strong possibility of occurring while others definitely will
not happen. Throughout the many ages, humanity has had an integral
part to play in creating the collective consciousness belief
structure, whereby great dramas, both positive and negative, would be
played out in different countries, between races and cultures, as well
as individually. True, each age has been affected by an overLighting
pre-ordained theme which was appropriate for the time. There were
challenges and opportunities during each era that affected every
living Being on Earth and each decision, whether beneficial or
detrimental, affected the whole. However, nothing or no one can alter
the universal Divine plan except our Father/Mother God. Cycles upon
cycles, personal, planetary, galactic, universal and omniversal cycles
are coming to a completion, and it is as if all Creation is lining up
with the heart core of the Supreme Creator.

To further your understanding with regard to these accelerated times
of change, we will outline for you some of the scenarios that will not
occur in your future, and give you some insight into some of the
changes that are taking place and will occur in the near future. By
doing so, hopefully, we can alleviate some of the unrest and fear that
is rampant on Earth at this time.

There will not be a ‘Galactic rescue team’ who will come to the Earth
in great Light ships and lift the righteous souls off the Earth into
the heavenly realms. Each of you has participated, to one degree or
another, in creating the out-of-balance, dense, restrictive world you
now live in, and each of you must actively take part in the rescue
mission by first rescuing yourselves, and then by assisting in the
process of returning the planet Earth to a healthy state of Being, and
also by eradicating the negative mass consciousness belief patterns of
the past.

How do you accomplish such a monumental task? First of all, by
focusing on your own transformation process of returning to balance
and harmony within the accepted spectrum of Light and shadow so that,
henceforth, you will be radiating uplifting, positive thought patterns
instead of negative, detrimental energy. A critical component for
becoming a Self-master, in order to create a better world for yourself
and others, is to focus on and accomplish the opening of the portal to
your Sacred Heart, thereby allowing the God Particles of Living Light
to flow into and through your physical vessel. You are to take what
you require for personal use, and allow the remainder to flow down
into the Earth and outward into the crystalline grid system around the
Earth. It would also be a benevolent act of great benefit if you were
to allot a portion of the God Particles that you draw forth to the
World Pyramid in the higher fifth dimension to be used for the
greatest good of humanity, the Earth and all Creation.

You, the Light Sentinels, are performing a wonderful service for
humanity and the Earth by becoming purified vessels for the Adamantine
Particles of Creator Light, and by sharing these God Particles with
the Earth and humanity. You, as Light Warriors, are making a
difference as you faithfully stay the course and rise above the
maelstrom of fear and negativity that is rampant on Earth at this
time. The desperation and fear are growing stronger by the hour as the
penetrating refined Light of change collides with those structures
built on the quicksand of greed, created by those with a desire to
dominate and control others.

It is also having a profound effect on those who are steeped in the
illusion of the third/fourth dimensions and who are resistant to
change. The vibrational patterns of refinement and expansion will not
be denied, and as the pressure for change grows stronger, those in
resistance and denial will cry out for assistance. However, there can
be no rescue for these dear souls until they relinquish their selfish
mind-set and begin the process of self-transformation.

As all of you are aware, it is a time when those who have actively
sought love, happiness and self-satisfaction outside themselves, are
seeing their material possessions disappear or become great burdens. A
great multitude of souls born in the most recent generations have
never suffered deprivation or poverty, and immediate
self-gratification has become the norm. Both personal and generational
karma, or cause and effect repercussions due to irresponsible actions,
are now being experienced among a vast majority of souls at this time.
These conditions will worsen over the next few years, and many dear
souls will chose to transcend and continue their journey in another
third/fourth-dimensional world, for they are not ready or willing to
make the necessary changes it would require to return to balance and
harmony both within their inner and outer worlds.

Blessed are those of you who have aligned your will with that of our
Father/Mother God for the greatest good of all. The God power within
must be activated by loving intention or it will remain static,
inactive and non-responsive. The universal laws are immutable;
however, when you align with your godly Self, the riches within the
cosmic storehouse are available in a never-ending supply.

The Earth will not be destroyed through either manmade or natural
forces. It is true that the cleansing of the Earth will continue and
will accelerate in frequency and strength in various places around the
globe. However, those of you who have diligently striven to attain
Self-mastery are much more powerful than any of you realize. You, the
Starseed, who have gained the capability of tapping into the
higher-dimensional frequencies of Light, and have perfected the sacred
breathing and the conscious cocreation techniques are truly making a
difference. Each of you is more powerful than 100,000 souls who are
still functioning within the negative third/fourth-dimensional
environment and only have access to the half-strength primal life
force substance. However, we will state that there is a high
probability that within twenty years of your time, many of the low
coastal areas around the world will be abandoned, for it will become
apparent that it is not feasible or prudent to continue to battle the
elements and try to dominate the land, regardless of how many levies
or artificial barriers are created. It is time to accept the fact that
humanity and the Earth are in the midst of monumental change, and the
only way to tame the elemental forces of nature is to acknowledge the
great Devic kingdom once more, and to strive to work with them to
lesson the catastrophic events that are happening more and more often
during these times of cleansing and restructuring of the Earth. All of
you must bear some of the blame for the sad state the Earth is
presently in, and it behooves all of you to do whatever you can to
help return your home planet to its pristine beauty.

Many of you are feeling a strong impulse to move to another,
supposedly, safer place. Know, dear hearts, that you take your safety,
or your cataclysms, with you. Never forget, those of you who are in
harmony with the ever-changing vibrational patterns of ascension will
always be safe and in the right place at the right time, if you will
stay centered within your Sacred Heart, and allow the Divine Particles
of Life/Light to flow through you, infusing the Crystalline Grid
system with the refined frequencies of Light, thereby creating safe,
sacred places around the Earth and around each of you, as well.The
world will not end in December, 2012. However, the world as you know
it is changing rapidly, day-by-day and by the time 2012 arrives, you
will be living in a vastly different world. The chasms between the
Light and shadowlands will be more pronounced, and the refined Cities
of Light will begin to take form in various sacred places around the
world. These sacred cities will be built in the areas where the
crystalline grids and ley lines intersect, and where the pulsations of
Creator Light are the strongest, and will draw to them those who
resonate to, and are in harmony with the refined vibrational patterns
of a particular City of Light. Those who are still functioning within
the lower imbalanced frequencies will not be comfortable in these
higher-dimensional oases. They may visit briefly, but they will not

The cleansing of the Earth will continue, but by that time, it will be
very apparent where most of the places of safety are and where there
is more cleansing needed. There will still be localized wars and
infighting; however, many of the countries in the world will be
focused on their own people and internal affairs, and how to maintain
a semblance of order during the radical changes that will be taking
place. It is time when each nation, just as each person, should seek
to clean up their own miscreations before pointing a finger at others
in an effort to divert attention from their own inadequacies and failures.

The time is upon you when you must look to the intention and the
integrity of your leaders. It is a time to deny leadership to those
who say "Believe what I say, and pay no attention to what I do." It is
time to demand accountability and honesty of those you choose to
govern in any capacity. You will not gain responsible, enlightened,
benevolent leaders until you demand it and stop allowing yourselves to
be swayed by false promises to ‘save you’ and make your world a better
place. Again, beloveds, you are your own saviors, and until each of
you begins to take responsibility for your own creations and
miscreations, you will continue to be dominated by those whose main
priorities are their own self interests.

Beloved ones, you, the Star Seed, are the Guiding Lights for those who
are attempting to shed the fear and the shackles of the
third/fourth-dimensional illusion. Before you incarnated on Earth for
this pivotal lifetime, you stepped to the fore and agreed to be among
the vanguard, and to become shining examples for others to follow.
Within, you have all the wisdom you will need to fulfill your mission.
As doubts arise, remember, all of your experiences from the past,
whether they were successful or seemingly failures, have given you a
wealth of experience to draw upon. We are endeavoring to help you
remember your magnificence, and to know that what we ask of you, you
have accomplished many times before. We ask you to go into your
Pyramid of Light in the fifth dimension, and sit in the energy of your
Higher Self. What is your passion? What are the deepest yearnings of
your heart? Spirit is whispering to you, and if you answer the call,
magnificent vistas and opportunities beyond your imagining will
emerge, and we will be there to guide and inspire you, as always.

Many of you are experiencing a Divine discontent, as well as many life
changes at this time. Things that used to bring you pleasure no longer
satisfy, and you may have lost any common interest with many of your
friends. That is because your Soul-self is nudging you to move
forward, to expand your vision and take control of your destiny. You
and your enlightened soul brothers and sisters are the builders of the

You are being offered a wonderful opportunity to access the wisdom of
your Higher Self. Through our teachings, we are giving you all the
information you will need to begin to access the wisdom of galactic
consciousness and even beyond, and as you learn to build and use your
Pyramid of Power/Light in the fifth dimension, you will quickly tap
into the galactic Infinity gateway where all the riches of the
universe will be made available to you.. It is your Divine birthright
to live in abundance and prosperity, you have just forgotten. First,
you must realize you are worthy and then as you practice and learn the
necessary skills, those things that you desire in your life will begin
to manifest.

Remember, abundance comes in many forms, so seek an abundance of love,
joy, good health and vitality, as well as all the material things you
require to live a full and comfortable life. As you begin to create
miracle after miracle, those around you will want to know what you are
doing. That is when you should share the techniques, beliefs and
wisdom you have claimed as your own. That is when you will become a
true Self-master. First you will teach by example and through your
actions, and finally through words. Focus on what is right in your
world, and look for the best in those around you, for that is what you
will reinforce. You can change the world around you, one thought at a
time. Remember, you have refined Light-packets of wisdom stored within
your Sacred Mind. Tap into that wisdom and share with your brothers
and sisters on the path. There are many ways to serve and being an
example for others is one of the most effective ways. Create beauty,
peace and harmony in your life, and others will take notice and want
to learn your secret. You, the Star Seed, are the forerunners and
architects of the new Earth. You are needed, beloved ones.

We radiate the eternal love of our Father/Mother God to each of you.
We, the angelic host, are your guardians and protectors. Call on us,
we will answer.

I AM Archangel Michael

Transmitted through Ronna Herman * Copy freely and share. However, I
claim the universal copyright for this article in the name of
Archangel Michael.