Sunday, November 16, 2008


The Shift is Here

This live channelling was Given in Santiago, Chile
October 20, 2008

To help the reader, this channelling has been rechannelled [by Lee and Kryon] and added onto to provide even clearer understanding. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. In addition, this channelling was also given in Spanish, so many of the short sentences have been altered to make it more readable. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Santiago Chile in October 2008.


Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. The room is filled with majesty, and the Humans who are here are discovering that there is a possibility that God is inside.

There are many who sit in the chairs who now know that they can no longer deny what is inside. Therefore, there is an energy here that cooperates with the realizations you have, and the two vibrate together. That's what I wish for you tonight. Oh, dear Human Being, as you sit here in this auditorium, you want to hear messages from the other side of the veil, don't you? I'll give you a message tonight. It's not going to be a long one, but it's going to be a simple one. We're going to wrap it all up into a message of celebration. It's a message of thankfulness, and we've waited to give it here in this place. For this place in the earth will eventually resound with the energy of special spiritual promise, as we'll tell you in a moment.

What do you think is happening right now? Some will say, "Kryon, you're not giving the message yet." You're right, I'm not, for there are some things happening at the moment, and I want them to be complete even before we begin the teaching.

There are some broken hearts tonight. Don't you think I know who's here? And the hearts ache for many reasons, but the ones I speak of now relate to a loss of love from those you lost in death. I know who's here. I know what difficulty brought you to sit in the chair. I know your heart. There is beauty in this process when you let this energy come through the veil to speak to you. It's not just about the words that are spoken here. It's about what you will allow. Will you allow God to come into your heart tonight in a way that will give you peace over these things? For I represent a creator who wants to be recognized. She stands at the precipice of your heart, waiting for you to open the door. And the hand is stretched out. It's a message of victory, is it not? Can you see it that way? You have the power to create peace over this loss every day of your life if you will let us in. You know?

The Shift is Here!

Twenty years ago, we told you there is a shift happening on this planet. We are now announcing that this shift is in progress to a degree that it will not be suspected by anyone, but confirmed by all. You cannot deny what is taking place anymore. The man and the woman on the street cannot deny what is taking place anymore. Even the current indigenous grandfathers on the planet are starting to see it. No longer an esoteric niche, this has become a grand shift and it is upon you. Nineteen years ago, we told you all the details and all of them are here in the volumes of writing by Kryon. But there is one you don't expect, if you live in Chile. I mentioned it last night and I'll mention it again in a moment.

Point one: This is an age with no ancient prophecy. There is no prophecy you can find anywhere that explains what has happened in the last few years, and no prophecy about what humanity is about to do. No prophet was able to go to the other side of the veil and bring back this information, for what you're doing on this earth has never been charted before by anyone.

How many years do you have to be in this energy before you see it, dear ones? History is not going to repeat itself any longer. What I mean is that the cycle of consistent, old energy ways is being broken. What about the quatrains of Nostradamus? They're not happening. What about the verses of Revelation? They're not happening. What happened to that great prophecy about the Armageddon? It's eight years past due, did you notice? It's not going to happen, either. All of the drama surrounding it, with all the stories and prophesies, are going to fall on the floor - it's not going to happen. So many have been waiting for this catastrophe, and its not going to happen.

Nothing happened when it was supposed to, did you notice that? Instead, something happened in 1987 that changed everything. This Harmonic Convergence of yours changed the very shape of the planet. Look what happened. Look what happened back then. Look at the teachings that began back then. No one had ever heard of Kryon until after 1987. It seemed like the doors flew open and in came many of us through the invitation of a new energy of the planet being allowed. Kryon was only one of many.

Many found their purpose, including my partner and many channellers around him, all within the same 24-month period. Back then, there was no teaching from the one who is called Peggy [Peggy Phoenix Dubro, EMF, who is present]. She had no idea what she was going to do with her life. Then the doors flew open and in came profound energy, profound teaching. The shift is causing this. Oh, there's more: What about the calendars of the ancients? What about that? "What a coincidence it is," you might say, "that there's a shift happening at the same time 2012 is upon us. What a coincidence that the calendars of the ancients called for a high, vibratory shift starting in 2012." How could they have known so far away into the future what you would do in 1987? This is synchronicity at its best, dear ones, and it shows we're always there with you. It shows that humanity can change to coordinate with this Gaia shift, and it has.

Twenty-twelve is not a mystery for you, and it's not dangerous. There's no doom and gloom path surrounding it, either. Many will tell you that everything ends at 2012. Instead, everything begins! Perhaps you should blow up a balloon, build a statue, have a party? For that is the date when this earth will begin to change its vibration. Given to you clearly in the glimpse of the ancients, this calendar is the prophesy of the ages. It represents a slow increase of vibrational rate. Waiting for that increase are Lightworkers who have had this new energy for 20 years or more. Oh, you think that's a coincidence, all this? It's not a coincidence. It is a sacred formula for peace on Earth. History will not repeat itself. You have moved off of the groove where those things take place in that fashion. Dictators will not begat new dictators. Hunger and famine will not begat new hunger and famine. There is a change at hand, and history will stop repeating itself. It's a new energy, if you've noticed.

Point Two: Here's another proof for you that you're in the middle of the shift. Twenty years ago, I said there would be a change of the consciousness of humanity. What did you really think would take place? Did you think that humanity would sit around and suddenly one day they would have wonderful thoughts? How many of you realized that it would be a permanent, consciousness shift caused by Human evolution? Years ago, by the thousands, began the influx of the children of new consciousness. We have spoken of this often. You gave permission in 1987 for the evolvement of Human consciousness, and the children are the proof! They are different... did you notice?

Listen, adults: These children are not linear. These children are conceptual. They're not going to do well with linear teaching. They're looking at the entire castle, yet when they report to school, the system wishes to show them each building block, never showing them the castle. Difficult for you to understand, but even without the training, these children see the castle completed. The educators are boring them with how to build one! This is difficult to explain. You know they're different, don't you?

So often, these children appear to be difficult. They are frustrated, and it's frustrating for those around them. This represents a new consciousness arriving and the frustration is that you are seeing it as a problem instead of what it truly is... an evolvement of human nature. They're here now by the tens of thousands. Some of them are in their 20s and in their 30s. Stand by for the way business is changing and the new ways in which it will be accomplished. There's going to be some integrity, finally. It's coming from conceptual thinkers. The shift is upon us.

Did you look at the magnetics of the planet lately? Not just where the grid moved to, but did you look at the power of the force of the magnetics? Not where it is, but how weak it has become. What a coincidence! It seems to be getting weaker right before 2012. How many of you noticed what the sun is doing? Go take a look at the heliosphere.* That is the magnetic attribute of the sun for the entire solar system. It has never been weaker than it is now. The magnetic shielding that you have is starting to get very, very weak. This is not dangerous, and you'll be fine, but what could it mean?

Twenty years ago, I came in as Kryon, the magnetic master. What a coincidence that as you reach 2012, all magnetics are changing! I'll tell you what it's about: Enablement. Right now there is more information being delivered to your DNA than ever before. It's powerful and esoteric [spiritual]. And if you're an intellectual here, you won't feel anything. The reason is because we respect free choice. There'll be no recognition of any of these things. They're all being coincidental, if that's what your mind says.

Point three: Seen any financial issues? Seemingly the entire planet is involved. I told you it would be [Kryon Book 10]. It has to be, for you cannot have corruption in those big money issues and still have business with integrity. The first thing that has to go is corruption in banking, and you just saw it fall. Now let me give you some news. In an old energy, those who would predict what happens next would say, "it's going to get horrible, awful. Everything is going to melt down," as they say. They will say, "Prepare for a horrible time." We say there are things that we call wild cards. That is to say, potentials that nobody thought about. Your financial issues will not last that long. There will be those shocked at just how well you recover. You see, that's what happens when you discover what integrity does.

Point four: What about leadership? In my partner's country [USA], they're about to do something unheard of. They're about to put a man of color in the White House. We told you 20 years ago there will be a different way of thinking. The old energy ways would slip away. Hundreds of years of repetitive energy would disappear. There is no better proof that things are changing than what is about to take place there. Twenty years ago that would have been impossible.

How many more things do you need to show you what you've done on this planet is not business as usual? The paradigms that you would expect to repeat in a cyclical fashion will not. Things will work, finally, that are supposed to work.

Expect two changes in the next decade that are significant regarding leadership in two of the Americas that speak Spanish. Two countries in the Americas that speak Spanish will have a major shift. You'll know what I'm talking about when it takes place. And it's needed, and it's about time. Watch for more integrity in leadership, reduction in those things you feel would never go away like corruption. We told you there'd be a time when integrity would make a difference, and it has.

Point Five: Here is one you never speak of - intuitive awakening. There are so many asking this. "Is it possible that God is bigger than I was told?" Thousands on the planet are awakening to this truth all by themselves. There is no place on Earth where this is not happening... and it's profound. It's not limited to the esoteric belief systems, either, for many organized religion campaigns are seeing it as well. Humans are hungry for Spirit, and are looking for answers that feel good in this new energy. They will look for love, and a personal God. The old energy organized religion will suffer greatly, with membership and interest falling to an all-time low. In the next years, there will be a new Pope who will attempt to revitalize his church by finally creating something that fits into what humanity is feeling. He has to, or he will lose a 2,000-year-old dynasty.

Some of you are here for the first time, and this is the first time you heard a channelled message like this. Some may walk out the door confused. It doesn't matter how confused you are. There's going to be an entourage of angels who leave with you, waiting for you to ask the question, "Could it be true? Could any of this be so? Or is it all just a coincidence?" There is never a better time to ask this. The shift is here.

I'm almost done. Are you celebrating yet? I wish you to understand something: You're here during the shift and you chose to be here during this shift. Maybe it's what brought you to the meeting. Did you ever think about that - what synchronicity brought you into this place? Maybe there's something you should hear and know? Maybe there's something you can do for this planet? Perhaps right here in Chile? Let me repeat something I said last night.

What I give you now is not Kryon information. It comes from the grandfathers of the earth, both those in the North and South Americas and the other continents as well. The energy of the earth is shifting spiritually. Those who study the lines of influence that are spiritual know what the kundalini of the planet is, and what it means. It is spiritual Earth wisdom. Many of you know where it resides ever since you were born and your grandparents were born. It has resided in the country called India and now it's moving. It's slowly moving right down the backbone of the Andes mountains... into Chile!

What a coincidence that you're here sitting in Chile for this message. "Kryon, do you mean that the spiritual center of the earth is moving to Chile?" Yes, I do. Don't take my word for it. Go find it. It's obscure at the moment, but it is written this way. You will not find that predicted anywhere. But these are the grandfathers, the ones of the indigenous who are keepers of the records of the planet who are saying these things. You see, even those who would never come to a meeting like this are saying the earth is shifting. The sleeping serpentine fire of the earth is uncoiling and moving! What are you going to do with this information?

We're about to say goodbye. What are you going to do with this information? You'll rise from this place and you'll go out the door. "Well, wasn't that interesting," you might say. That's what some of you will do. Others of you will be touched by the entourage in this room, which has been literally sitting upon your heart. You'll realize when you walk out of this room that you are the shift. It doesn't happen without Humans on the planet.

These are not things that are simply happening to you. These are things you're creating! Lightworker, it's time to have some peace. Don't you really want that? Well, here it is. Just push on the door and take that hand that's there. That's the hand of what we have called the Higher-Self. It's not a mystery energy, it's your energy. Reach out and take your own Higher-Self hand, which is divine. Who better understands you than you? What a concept! God is not a grandfather in the sky. God is an energy that you always have been with, and always will be, and it's inside you.

There's a family here, there's an entourage here who came to see you sitting in the chairs. We're the ones right now who are going to pick up the bowls of tears that we've been using to wash your feet. You're not Humans, you know? You're family! There'll come a day when I see you again. We will mesh our energies together and you will call it death. And I'll look at you and say welcome home. I'll ask, remember the shift meeting in Santiago? Remember when we told you the earth was going to get better? Congratulations for playing your part in it. I'll look at you and say, Who would have thought there would ever be peace on Earth? I think you did. I think you do.

That's why we love you the way we do. Start with yourself. Discover all the things that are there inside, waiting - health, long life, peaceful existence, purpose of living, and the joy of love and fulfillment. Nothing's going to happen until you love yourself. It's not really that hard, is it? If you love God, you can love yourself. For you are part of the creative source. Can you love you? I think you can.

It is difficult to leave. It is the last time my partner comes to Chile in a little while, and I feel his departure emotion, for I go with him. But Kryon does not leave Chile. Only the part that goes with my partner does. For I am not 3D and I am not singular. And that means I can go in your automobile home with you. Would you like that? Don't be frightened. Is it a challenge to have the love of God in the seat next to you? [Smile] We'll let you decide.

Blessed are the Humans here, for they are understanding synchronicity, not coincidence. And so it is.


* Heliosphere: (from Wikipedia) The heliosphere is a bubble in space, "blown" into the interstellar medium (the hydrogen and helium gas that permeates the galaxy) by the solar wind. Although electrically neutral atoms from interstellar space can penetrate this bubble, virtually all of the material in the heliosphere emanates from the sun itself.