Saturday, November 29, 2008

DEFRAGMENTING – The Process of Becoming Whole

DEFRAGMENTING – The Process of Becoming Whole
by Dawn Fleming

In October I went through an uncomfortable week of body aches,
headaches, sinus pressure, and low energy, topped with some light
anxiety. Since I tend to be a very centered and peaceful person, I
attributed the anxiety to helping the planet to transmute the
collective fear on the planet with regard to the financial world as we
watched the stock market dive. The body aches and other sensations
were unexplainable. Each day I would get up and experience a new set
of aches.

While in meditation on the morning of the seventh day, I felt really
good. There was no sinus pressure, no headache and my body felt as if
it were ready to go! As I laid in meditation I saw energy lines
swirling together harmoniously. There were beautiful pearl like energy
bubbles flowing all around my field. My guides explained to me that
what had taken place over that week was what we might call a
defragmentation of my entire field and that many other Lightworkers
were experiencing the same thing. So I sat with this for a few days
exploring the meaning that this held for me and this I will share with

According to Defragmentation is the process of
locating the noncontiguous fragments of data into which a computer
file may be divided as it is stored on a hard disk, and rearranging
the fragments and restoring them into fewer fragments or into the
whole file. Defragmentation reduces data access time and allows
storage to be used more efficiently. Some operating systems
automatically defragments storage periodically; others require that
the user occasionally use a special utility for this purpose.

As we can see that this definition relates to computers; however, it
relates to us as humans. For me the defragmentation was the removal of
energy that was not supporting my path to wholeness and for ascending
to higher levels. Defragmenting was dissolving the energy of those
things that were worthless or unimportant aspects that I was holding
onto. It then rearranged the energy to empower and to support
wholeness (rearranging the fragments and restoring them into fewer
fragments or into the whole file). Thus my whole life runs more
efficiently and aligned with my True – my I AM nature.

After that meditation I could feel a big difference within my being. I
took some to reflect on how I could further this work my looking at
areas of my outer and inner life that I could consciously defragment
myself, especially in times where every outer message entering my
field was one of fear, lack, and lose, i.e. the financial meltdown
along with the political rhetoric. As I looked at each issue, I sat
with each one and held it in a field of light. With each negative
belief, I asked myself “Why am I choosing to hold this? and What is my
truth?” And then I held the issue in the radiant field of Light of
this truth – that I AM One with the Creator. I AM supported by
Creator’s Love and Abundance. I AM the peace that passes understanding.

By standing and working with my Truth, I could feel my whole beingness
embraced in this higher understanding. This process, whether it is
spirit led or you consciously choosing to run your own defragmentation
program, realigns you and lifts you into a place where we are not
bumped, fearful, and impacted by the material world. We can be in the
world but not of it. We can bring our I AM Light into any situation
and support healing and wholeness for the planet. Every time that we
align our internal hard drives (belief system) with Truth, we spin out
those energies that do not support and we strengthen our capacity to
serve and to ascend.

With regard to the financial markets, elections any other issues that
are up for you, remember the energy that you put out about these will
come back to you. These events show each of us what within us still
needs to be healed. It provides us the opportunity to see what keeps
us from experiencing God’s grace and gives us a chance to make the
appropriate changes. Prayer, meditation and embracing the process of
releasing the negative thought patterns will bring you into a field of
peace. We have the innate ability to defragment our field – to release
the patterns of beliefs and the destructive energies that they create
in our field. Although energy work and counseling can assist the
process, it is each person’s responsibility to fully participate in
this journey back to wholeness.

As we move into the holidays and into the new year, I wish you peace
on all levels and may God’s love be your experience! Blessings on your
ascension journey!



Prayer for the New Year

Transform my fear into peace.
Cultivate total peace within me.
Transform my resentment and anger into love.
Embrace me in so much love that I become a loving presence.
Transform the way that I see.
Open my eyes to your Light in all Life on our planet.
It is done!
All from Love, With Love for All