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The Pleiadian Light through Hannah Beaconsfield

Channeled September 18, 2008

We are the Pleiadian Light. We greet you with peace and
joy, which are natural states of being for our world

We, like many other world cultures, have outposts in and
around your world at this time. We are here to provide
support for your planetary well-being, as you race toward
the beacon of light and the ladder of ascension that
represent an evolutionary step for your world. This
ascension is the projection for the future that you have
been hearing about for several decades and, in some cases,

You are aware, at the present time, of the high levels of
chaotic breakdown of your patterns and models, a tearing
down to make way for the new. Just about every level of the
structures that support your world’s stability are
crumbling: governments, commerce, international
relationships, education, medicine, cities, families, and an
endless list of other elements that make up your reality.
There is also recognition by your mass subconscious that a
big change is coming. This is an intuitive attunement with
the approaching ascension. It is producing irrational fears
and a surge of greed that is creating economic imbalances.
At times like this, probabilities are shifting so quickly
and so erratically that predicting a future path is
extremely difficult.

The one perspective for the future that we can present with
confidence is that you will definitely ASCEND. You WILL move
to a higher, more benign world culture. No matter what
current erratic events are causing instability, you WILL go
through the predicted transformation.

At the present time, your world is like a giant
kaleidoscope. It has been set in motion and all the pieces
are in the air. You can’t see the details of the new world
pattern yet, not until the pieces fall into place. You can,
however, look at the suspended pieces of reality, make some
determinations, and project some probabilities. If you see a
lot of green pieces in the air, you can feel secure in
projecting there will be some green in your future.

To complicate things further, the evolutionary shift,
symbolized by the turning of the kaleidoscope, includes the
other planets of your solar system and extends to your
galaxy. There is a particular focus on Earth as a linchpin
in the larger galactic shift. Life on Earth has been a
multi-world project. Your planetary culture has been
created, supported, and protected by several different ET

The Earth project has been an experiment in integration,
and INTEGRATION is the key word in this transformational
time. You are on the bridge between polarization and
unification. The path off the bridge leads into a world
consciousness in which all the elements are moving closer
together and blending characteristics. “Unity of All” is
the mantra for the millennium ahead.

This transformation also includes the activation and
integration of latent characteristics that you have been
carrying from your ET sources. We will not project, at this
time, the characteristics that will emerge from other worlds
that have contributed to your genetic makeup, but we’ll
focus on some Pleiadian contributions.

The energies of change that are driving you are activating
ancient genetic material, or what you have called “junk
DNA.” This genetic material simply couldn’t function
until the appropriate vibratory environment was in place to
support it. We will give you some insight as to the
Pleiadian contributions likely to emerge. Understand that
the characteristics will be blending with Earth traits, so
modifications are likely to result.

We, the Pleiadian Light, represent the total unification
and ascension of our world culture to a celestial
light-body. Within our light sphere we contain all the data
of the development of our history, including all probable
and parallel realities. So we will address ourselves to the
period in our history that is on a line of influence with
the next density level into which you are moving.

At that corresponding time, Pleiadians had a full spectrum
of what you call extrasensory skills. These would include
telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, prophesy, and so
forth. These abilities were equal to and integrated with all
other senses. In addition, there was a free flow of generic
life-force energy that was used as an extension of the
individual to affect reality. Energies used in healing,
manifestation, and telekinesis are examples of this natural

The genetic expansion will begin in the brain. Even now the
genetics controlling brain functions, and how they alter
skills and behavior, are being activated. The brain is your
master control center for all functions of the physical body
and their reverberations in your other bodies of
consciousness. Much of what you consider to be your
individual characteristics are hormonal-bound traits. The
balancing of hormones and cerebrochemicals and their effect
on the nervous system contribute to what you consider to be
your character and personality. These aspects of yourself,
in turn, form the basis for the development of your beliefs
as you interact with the world outside yourself.

When you alter the brain with the activation of latent
genetic material, even to the slightest degree, you release
an avalanche of changes to your entire individual unit. The
key to unlocking the latent matter is the change in the
frequencies brought in by the waves of ascension energy.

These changes are already happening to the “first
ascenders” among you. In fact, some of the changes in the
brain will be observable in an MRI scan. They may appear as
anomalous spots that don’t reflect any recognized disease.
We cannot say exactly how the ancient genetic matter that
represents Pleiadian traits will play out when integrated
into the Earth human model. We can only present to you a
picture of the characteristics and skills most likely to be
activated. Some basic overriding traits that define us are
that we are a peaceful, noncompetitive world with a culture
that values creativity and the arts. And these are pieces
that are part of your kaleidoscope scenario; many exciting
possibilities are being tossed in the air.

We will reiterate the one prophecy we can give you
unequivocally: you will ASCEND! No matter how discouraging
it is to watch your world floundering in one chaotic
disaster after another, you WILL cross the transformational
bridge. We assure you that you will neither implode nor
explode in a fiery end. Many angels, interdimensionals, and
ETs surround you now. You are being guided and protected in
every way that does not breach our noninterference code.

If you hold this vision, it will calm your fears. Fear only
acts to block helpful energies. Keep your eye on your bright
new future world and let the chaos play itself out. The
light will not be extinguished and you WILL transform into a
world of peace and harmony much like ours, but with your own
unique characteristics.

©Hannah Beaconsfield 2008

Excerpt from
RIDING THE PHOENIX: Surviving the Global Resurrection
(Revised Edition)

The Pleiadian Light through Hannah Beaconsfield

The growth/aging progression in the human body is based on
the linear temporal experience of Earth at this time. It is
a process that spans time and provides a number of different
circumstance situations that allow the spirit resident
growth opportunities.

Each stage of the physical body’s life evolution has a
basic drama. These dramas provide a variety of characters to
be played in one life time. This is and has been the
advantage of life on Earth. It is a great learning and
growth opportunity. These different life stages each add
their own dimensions of growth opportunity.

When the genetic coding is altered by the light energies of
the ascension of a species, the changes occur first in areas
that are dependent on the highest illusion levels of the
species. A major illusion of Earth life is linear time and
the single life-path concept.

The next evolutionary step for your species involves a
different understanding and use of time. Time will seem to
be contracting or speeding up in its linear expression. More
accurately what is happening is that your consciousness is
expanding to perceive some of the multi-levels of

As these consciousness expansions reverberate to your
physical level, changes or activations take place in the DNA
coding of the physical body. The codes that are altered by
the new “time” concepts are those connected with the
growth/aging progression. When you are thinking in a linear
manner, you conjure up the idea of “rejuvenation.” This
is a concept based on your limited and illusory ideas about

In ET cultures that retain a level of physical density to
their individual bodies and operate within an expanded time
environment the growth progression is contracted and the
period of adult maturity is indefinite. Aging is an option
that may precede the termination of the particular life

The light induced changes, moving into the genetic coding
of your bodies, now address the genes that program your
current progression. At first you will see a seeming
retardation of the aging process in your species. Then more
specific areas will begin to reflect the body’s altered
DNA codes that are expressions of the altered perceptions
and experiences of time.

It is not that your bodies will rejuvenate (that suggests
moving backward in linear time), but that they will
grow/expand to new versions of themselves. These new
versions will have characteristics that you define as being
an age you consider “Earth prime.” With the proper care
and the developing understanding of illness and healing as a
expressions of all the bodies of consciousness working
together, your physical vehicles can potentially live as
long as you need them, to work through, on your world.

©Hannah Beaconsfield 2005


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