Tuesday, November 11, 2008

ELOHIM: Owning Your Reactions Or Neutral Observations

During the 11-5-08 meeting Eloheim further clarified the concept of
Neutral Observation and re-phrased it as Owning Your Reactions. If
you are unfamiliar with Eloheim's concept of Neutral Observation,
there is more information about this subject by following the
following link. The section on bliss is toward the end of the video:

Quotes from this clip:
Owning your reactions means being conscious in the moment. It also
means not letting it (the reaction) run away with you. Not run away
from you, but run away with you.

Own your reaction(s) because that let's you learn from them rather
than judge the moment.

This leads to Bliss. "Bliss" is the space where every moment
teaches me.

This too can teach me, this too is something I can learn from.

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