Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Conversations with Spirit

Conversations with Spirit
September 2008
Master Kuthumi
Moving into 2009

Before me I see a vision, the wind blowing on a desert, shifting the
sands into pyramids and deep gullies. Emerging from this vision I see
a huge shaft of light which transforms into a tall man, wearing robes
of cream and gold. He comes striding towards me, and the feeling I
receive from this ascended master is one of strength, wonder and
comfort as I realize it is Master Kuthumi.
Greetings to all of you! It is with delight that I come forward to
speak with you about the opportunities that are about to unfold for
you in 2009. I understand the times you are experiencing upon the
Planet Earth are like the shifting of sands, there is much change and
transformation. For some it may be a time of feeling out of your
comfort zone, or you may be noticing a feeling of disconnect from your
ordinary reality and questions are coming to your consciousness as to
the true purpose and reason for being in physical form.
To address some of the questions and concerns that are surfacing for
you, I remind you the magnetic grid that surrounds your planet is less
dense and more malleable than it has been for thousands of years. This
magnetic grid held the world together in the grip of inflexibility for
many centuries. Now that the grid is more fluid you may be
experiencing the change of energy in its many different forms. You may
notice changes to your physical body, or your emotional body may be
cleansing through intense self reflection and questioning of your life
purpose. As you move through these times I ask you to be patient with
yourselves, and take the time to ground your energy to the Mother Earth.
There are increased energies, and entities surrounding your planet,
some of these energies and beings have never been this close to earth
before, for there is a huge curiosity in the universe as to the
unfolding of the human experience upon the planet. It is understood
that Mother Earth is transforming and of course as the cosmic mother
transforms so do her children, and the very landscape that you reside
upon. You have noticed this in your weather patterns and other
physical manifestations.
As you raise your vibration and awareness you will become more aware
and sensitive to all energies, so it is incumbent for you to embrace a
strong spiritual body.
For many it may feel as if you are a grain of sand, buffeted by the
wind and have little control over your destiny and the fear of the
unknown begins to inform you directly and you loose your power and
balance. To combat this loss of power I offer you the suggestion to
change your perceptual viewpoint of life and surroundings, by going
into the flow of life.
I direct your consciousness to a flowing river and imagine that you
are in a boat floating down this river. There are no paddles, no oars
in this boat as you are asked to trust that the boat and river will
support you and take you to your highest good. The journey of life is
like this river and you are asked to understand that the energy of
trust is essential and will provide you with the foundation that will
support you.
Trust in yourself and in your agreement at a soul level to come to
this lifetime and experience exactly what you are experiencing. To
micromanage your reality right now is to engage in the energy of
frustration, I challenge you to try on, the cloak of trust, begin
small if you like and then as you succeed and feel the support from
the Divine One the wisdom will flow into all areas of your life. I
promise you, it will take less energy than the old ways of worry,
doubt, guilt and self recrimination.
The river of intention is a metaphor to remind you of the importance
of being in the flow and also to remind you that as you engage in the
energy of trust and fluidity it is also important for you to have
clarity around your intention. Being clear as to what you are
available to in the journey of life will create strong energy lines to
your highest destiny. Noticing what you are saying yes too and where
that leads you in your life provides you clues as to wither your
intentions are taking you to your highest good.
For example are you taking on the responsibility of worry for your
children or grandchildren? I remind you that the energy of worry does
not solve any ones problems, and only creates an energy to more chaos
and negative energy. Creating a strong intention of unconditional love
for your children will be more beneficial to them and of course for
you. Clarifying your intention is the most powerful energy you can
access right now and will help you to move forward and develop your
manifestation skills. It is imperative that this clarity come from a
vantage point of accessing your inner knowing and disconnecting from
the external forces that surround your lives. As you know there is
much external energy that encourages fear to be a constant companion
and it takes courage and strength of purpose to disconnect from the
status quo and choose to listen to your inner drum beat.
You live upon a planet that has embraced duality and this informs
every step of your life journey. I have been encouraging you to go
with the flow, trust in your intuition and your partnership with
spirit, but I also have been asking you to direct a strong intention
as to where you desire to be in the destiny line of your becoming.
These understandings may feel as if they are contradictory but I ask
you to take the time to consider the wisdom of this ideology and
manner of engaging with life.
On the one hand we are asking you to be in the flow of life and trust,
in your connections to spirit, in yourself and your inner wisdom that
you came to this incarnation with. Equally we are encouraging you to
be clear with your intentions and to notice what you sign up for on
this journey and be certain that it fits energetically with whom you
are and your life purpose. So here is the duality of being in the flow
and allowing life to unfold, and setting clear and precise intentions
for the journey, both are necessary for the balance you seek.
Why do we give you these words of wisdom and why do we encourage, love
and nurture you my beautiful ones? It is simply because, for this year
of 2009 it is imperative that you understand how unique your energy
is, one of a kind in the whole universe, you brought with you gifts
from a soul level that are exclusive to you. No one on this beautiful
planet earth engages in life in the way that you do, or sees the world
through your eyes and cosmology.
It is imperative that you honor these gifts and allow them to be
discovered by you, this excavation process can only be accomplished
when you have swept away the drifting sand of worry, doubt, guilt, and
general malaise that can stick to you as you make your way through life.
Your soul consciously agreed to come to this planet in this form, with
your eyes, nose, hands, and all that you embody. To throw away this
gift of you, or allow it to be watered down to the lowest common
denominator or self recrimination is to disrespect your divinity.
The time for this behavior has past and I suggest you to not have the
luxury of playing the game of poor me any longer, there is a much
bigger picture unfolding and you are on the cusp of this huge
transformation, so it is imperative that you get on board. This year
will experience crucial shifts and changes and your empowerment is
important to raise the vibration of the Mother Earth as she births
into a new reality.
You are aware of the possibilities of what can happen when individuals
succeed and go to their highest potential and you extol the virtues of
these people and even create heroes of them. I am asking you to find
the hero within, find the place of inner strength that is there. As
each of you move into your potential and towards the highest possible
destiny you create an energy that allows others to follow in your
wake. The energy you create to move forward, and away from the lower
dense shadow pieces, gives others a template to contemplate and emulate.
When ever you are willing to walk the road less traveled, carve a new
pathway to empowerment, you are surrounded by hundreds of light beings
who are encouraging you and empowering you with their love. I ask you
to trust that you are worth the effort to get to know and to honor the
totally of your being and what you have brought to this earth. Finding
your potential is like mining for gold nuggets and the rewards will be
far reaching.
To give this context for you in your personal lives I ask you to
consider, as parents, aunt’s uncles, your children can learn from you
as you provide them with the energy of being a powerful role model.
Trusting that when you consider yourself worthy of self love, by
example you give the children in your lives permission to know they
are worthy of a fulfilled life. Your friends and co workers will also
benefit from watching you create a life that is free from self doubt,
worry guilt and self recrimination. As you find places of wisdom and
power in the fabric of your life you provide an energy field that is
far reaching for others to emulate.
I offer you a visual to explain the power of these suggestions.
Imagine that you are walking down a path in a forest and you come to a
mountain side, and there is a cave that goes deep into the mountain.
You are encouraged to enter the cave, it is black and you see no
light, you stand in this cave and face the blackness as it surrounds
you. Then you see a flicker of light, as if someone has lit a candle
and with this one candle you are able to see. Then as you stand in
wonder you notice more candles come to be lit, and you are fascinated
that as each candle glows there is an awareness that comes forward.
Now the cave is transformed and you are able to see more and more, you
are taken from the darkness into the light.
It is the same upon the earth, each of you is like a candle and the
more you are able to trust, and empower yourselves the more your light
shines and is a beacon for change and transformation, for you but also
for your fellow human beings.
Once again I bring you to the duality upon the planet as you pay
attention to the personal it affects the collective, the whole. One
cannot exist without the other, on the one hand you have the personal
and it is inextricably linked to the collective. As each of you
transform allowing in more light to your consciousness you create a
template for others to follow. This may not seem logical but I ask you
to trust that it is the domino affect of what is happening upon your
For many of you it seems as if you are the one lit candle in the cave
and you feel a sense of loneness and longing for like minded people.
To you I ask you to engage in a direct relationship with us, spirit
talk to us, and prayer to us, let us know your fears, joy, challenges
and successes. There has never been a time when the open ending
dialogue with us here in the invisible realms has been more accessible
and more necessary. Remember you are the spirits having the human
experience, and it is incumbent upon you to let us know how this
experience is unfolding. We love, honor and respect each step you make
upon the earth.
Going back to the metaphor of the desert each of you are like a grain
of sand upon the desert and together, you make up the landscape of
your planet and the energy held upon the earth.
For example when you desire to affect change in the world you reside
in be that political considerations, or family affairs it will not
serve you to be dogmatic as to a preconceived outcome of any
situation, I suggest it is the energy upon the planet and in the
magnetic force that allows for change to occur. I encourage you to
create intentional vortexes where you live, inviting in the energies
you wish to attract to your countries, states, provinces, cities, and
towns. If you desire peace, proper medical care, housing, or education
and infrastructure to support these systems, take the opportunities to
engage in a dialogue with us as to the future you wish to manifest.
It is important you do this from a place of power and aligning
yourself with the highest love, light, and truth asking for the
co-creator energy that is available to you. Being aware not to come
from a place of anger, judgment, or positions for this will not serve
you in the exercise I propose here.
The understanding I give to you is that your power of intentional
prayer will be the wind that will form the hills, gullies and create
the oasis upon the landscape where you live, work, play, and love.
Please know you are more powerful than you could ever logically
understand. With this in mind I extol you to remember this is not a
logical exercise but one of direct engagement with us here on this
side of the veil, and one where you are asked to be the change you
So as you move forward to this New Year of 2009 I ask that you, trust
and go into the flow of life, set a clear intention as to where you
desire to journey forth too, and connect with us in a partnership of
manifestation, and together we will co-create the world of your dreams
and desires. There has never been a more opportune time for change, so
I ask you to embrace it.
I thank you for spending this time with me beautiful children of the
I am Master Kuthumi
Brought forth by Therese Dorer