Sunday, November 2, 2008


by Dorene A. Carrel

November is a fairly active month with a Super Moon, two
planetary stations, several dynamic aspects and Pluto entering
Capricorn. The month begins under a Scorpio New Moon from late
October, focusing on the themes of finances, emotional intensity,
empowerment, release and death/rebirth.

The first week of November looks quite challenging, with
Neptune turning direct on November 1, followed by a Mars/Neptune
square on November 3. We may experience more anxiety, restlessness,
emotional turbulence and instability, along with possible
environmental hazards. With Venus in Sagittarius making challenging
aspects with both Saturn and Uranus, relationships will be tested by
conflicting needs for both freedom and commitment. This week will be a
test of staying grounded and balanced while the prevailing atmosphere
may be highly unstable or deceptive. It is advisable to avoid
troubled situations and people. With November 4 being the day of the
U.S. presidential election, the Mars/Neptune alignment could possibly
increase machine malfunctions or election fraud. Fortunately, since
Mercury in Scorpio favorably aspects Pluto, there will be resources
and the necessary scrutiny for error detection.

On November 4, a Saturn/Uranus opposition will occur at 19
degrees of Virgo/Pisces. This is the first of a series of five
Saturn/Uranus oppositions between now and 2010. Saturn symbolizes
tradition, convention and older patterns, while Uranus represents
newness, change and innovation. The presidential candidates this year
are symbolic of this polarity. On a personal level, we might ask
ourselves what old and outworn patterns need to be released in order
to allow new revitalizing and innovative energy to enter our lives.

The Full Moon occurs on November 12 at 21 degrees of
Taurus. It is also a Super Moon, which means that its gravitational
pull is increased, resulting in more extreme tides, weather and
emotional reactions. Taurus themes include finances, art, values,
sensuality, possessiveness, and stability. Neptune in Aquarius exactly
squares the sun and moon, which can result in oversensitivity and
anxiety. We may like to indulge in some Taurean comforts, but feelings
of insecurity can prevent us from real enjoyment. However, allowing
oneself to relax, release and surrender may be the best type of
therapy at this time. Remembering that our core essence is spiritual
rather than material may help us to draw on deeper inner resources.

November 12 is a very busy day. We also have Jupiter in
Capricorn making a favorable alignment with Uranus in Pisces. This
Jupiter aspect will help to rebalance any negative effects from the
Saturn/Uranus opposition. Once we release those outworn patterns,
there is the prospect of increased opportunities and greater freedom.
Expansive Jupiter in Capricorn brings practical expression to the
futuristic innovations of Uranus. November 15-16 will feature
favorable Mercury alignments with both Uranus and Jupiter and thus
favorable days to move forward with new ideas and projects.

November 12 is also when we enter the 6th Day of the
traditional Mayan Calendar, according to Mayan scholar Carl Calleman.
Calleman speaks of this time as a shifting point, from chaos and
upheaval to a more enlightened global consciousness. It will last
until November 7, 2009. More information can be found in Calleman’s
latest book, The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness.

On November 16, Venus aligns with the asteroid Juno.
Since Juno is the marriage asteroid, this would be a good time to get
married or make a relationship commitment. As this alignment occurs in
Capricorn, the union should be stable and materially successful.

Jupiter in Capricorn makes a favorable trine aspect to
Saturn in Virgo on November 21. On this same day, the sun enters
Sagittarius, followed by Mercury the next day. This would be a great
day to launch a new business, as one’s future visions and ideals will
be balanced by practicality and stability. The earth/fire element mix
is a very creative and productive combination.

On November 26, Pluto enters Capricorn, beginning a
new16-year cycle of collective and personal transformation and
rebirth, resulting in far-reaching changes in government, business,
finances and communications. The new term “sustainability” is
reflective of this cycle, as we collectively deal with growing climate
change issues and limited natural resources.

The New Moon occurs on November 27 at 6 degrees of
Sagittarius, which is also the traditional American Thanksgiving
holiday. Sagittarian themes include education, teaching, religion,
philosophy, travel and expansion. This lunation aligns with both
Mercury and Mars, bringing a fiery energy to our daily activities and
communications. There will likely be livelier discussions (or perhaps
disputes) at family gatherings. The symbol for Sagittarius is the
archer, reminding us to aim higher in our lives, as well as to find
and follow our own higher truths.

Also on this day, Uranus turns stationary direct at 19
degrees of Pisces. Although Uranus can bring unexpected change and
upheaval at these times, it also signifies where we need to make
creative changes in our lives. The next day, a favorable
Venus/Uranus alignment brings new social and relationship opportunities.

On November 29, a stable Venus/Saturn trine allows us to
take stock of our current accomplishments and blessings. A restful
break may be in order now before we begin another lively month in

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