Sunday, November 16, 2008

SaLuSa: Life is About Evolving and Learning

SaLuSa: Life is About Evolving and Learning

Matters are swiftly moving on as your consciousness continues to grow with the increase of Light upon the Earth. You are being carried forward on a wave of Light that is uplifting to the whole of Humanity. With it comes a release of the truth within, and many people are suddenly realising that by moving into the Light, that they are empowered to see what was previously hidden. There is a knowing that transcends any attempts to mislead you, and now you can step aside and see how you have been manipulated. The truth has a vastly different feel from the lies that are told, and recognised by its uplifting quality of energy. Where you are in the actual presence of the person being less than truthful, you have a distinct impression as to whether they are being truthful or not. Be guided by these intuitive feelings, and you will move more freely and secure through life.

When you develop the ability to see auric colours, you will have another means to determine the degree of a person's leaning towards the dark or Light. The purer and more powerful the colours, the more that person will have moved into the Light. Where the auric colours are compatible to your own, you will find a greater harmony with them. From this you will understand how "like attracts like" and how people of a similar disposition come together. There are exceptions where karmic links are concerned, and sometimes the most unlikely companionships are formed. This is why some partnerships are volatile and uneasy, and yet those involved seem unable to break the link. You choose such links simply as the outworking of karma, and the lessons it will give you.

It may be difficult to accept that you are the one who decides the pace at which you travel through life. It is however true that even if you feel overwhelmed by events, you chose to experience them exactly to a pre-life plan. Freedom of choice is exercised before you are born, and usually you see your plan out, but in the ultimate you can change it. Often such changes are short lived, as you will find an inner urge to get back onto your path. Life is about evolving and learning as much about its lessons as you can. The goal is to learn how to live within the Light, and express yourself as a loving and spiritual Being. That means being understanding and compassionate to the extent of eventually being able to live in Unconditional Love. In duality that is easier said than done but it is the ultimate goal. The clue to achieving it is control of your negative emotions, because you have been led to believe that they control you.

Anger and hatred are powerful energies, and are carried in the spoken word. However, they will come back to you, and particularly when the person they are directed at has the protection of their Light. Stay within your Light at all times, and you will deflect any dark energies around you. Life is one continual challenge, but it becomes easier when you exercise total control over yourself. Instead of being at the mercy of the lower energies, you become a beacon of Light and transmute them thus helping lift the vibration upon Earth. People often ask what they can do to help, and simply living within your Light is serving other people and is most admirable.

Look at the great explosion of Light that has taken place on Earth in a comparatively short time, as since the Millennium it has increased immensely. It is as though you have been given a new lease of life, and in essence that is what has happened. There was a plan that allowed for the end of the cycle to occur at that time, but it was seen that there were greater prospects of more souls turning to the Light by completing the full cycle. That decision has proved decisive and correct, as the Light has continued to grow exponentially. Now the dark has been slowly restricted and denied further opportunities to cause calamities on Earth. You have your victory over the dark forces, and it only remains to remove their power and replace them by those who carry the Light.

What you call the whistleblowers are coming out into the public arena, but as yet your controlled media is prevented from reporting on such revelations. However, the pressures upon them are increasing to allow more free journalism, and you may yet see a change of direction. After we have made open approaches to you and meet your leaders, then we can safely say that the media will have to change and we shall ensure its freedom is restored. We will as promised have direct contact with you and nothing will be able to stop us communicating with you. We can override your present systems and fully protect our own broadcasts. Learning the truth about us is a vital issue, and will figure prominently in our initial contacts with you. We are as much you as you are us, and we are linked in ways that make us inseparable. We are far from strangers where you are concerned, and we correctly refer to you as our brothers and sisters.

You are coming of age when our presence is needed, and we are happy and eager to speed up events that will take you to Ascension. In any event your cycle would have ended in a matter of a few years. However, with your upliftment in consciousness it will be a happy ending, and not one of destruction or massive loss of life as many old predictions foretold. They are no longer valid for Mankind as you have moved onto a different time line, and it leads into the Light rather than plunge you into the darkness. There is talk of further wars but we assure you that it is no longer part of your future. We have informed your governments and military that nuclear weapons will not be allowed, and have proved we are as good as our word. We are here to lead you into a peaceful era that will allow for the restoration of your planet, and for a quantum leap forward into the Light.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and can tell you that we are getting excited as the day moves ever nearer when we shall meet. It is part of the divine plan and must take place, and we shall ensure it is so. We have been working towards this time for over half a century, gradually showing ourselves more often in your skies and making contacts more frequently. Be sure you recognise us as ones of a peaceful and loving approach, as are all members of the Galactic Federation. We send you our Love and Light as always to you all.

Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey