Sunday, November 2, 2008


Transmitted Through Ronna Herman
Message from Archangel Michael
November 2008 * LM-11-2008

Beloved masters, never forget, you are eternal and immortal. Your
physical body is a temporary temple in which God dwells. The Sacred
Heart is the temple of the Soul; therein is the Essence of life where
true love resides, and where your awareness of Infinity begins. The
Diamond Core God Cell within the Sacred Heart contains the Twelve Rays
of God Consciousness which are etheric crystal prisms of refracted
Light called Rays that beam forth the Essence of Creation.

Death is a metamorphosis, a changing of the cloak of flesh for a cloak
of Light. You have but one life and that is eternal. You have assumed
many roles while on your journey throughout eternity; however, you are
as you were in the beginning within your Sacred Heart: a Divine child
of the Supreme Creator. To become ‘Christed’ is to realize the
Divinity within, and then following, unerringly, the guidance of your
God Self. In the higher realms your vessel of Light is pure, perfect
and indestructible. Envision a wholeness that has never been altered
and has no imperfections.

Staying centered within the Sacred Heart maintains your connection to
the higher levels of God Consciousness, and assures a steady flow of
Creator Light / Love / Life. The Superconscious mind is a magnet for
higher, godly truth. The desire body is a generating force within each
person. You are dominated by either the ego desire body, which is
controlled by the physical senses, or the spiritual ‘righteous’ desire
body, which is controlled by the Higher Self. The subconscious,
subjective mind is ruled by the conscious mind and past conditioning.
It is programmed and reprogrammed through vibratory influences,
whereby the lower, negative thought forms of the past have convinced
you that you are sinful, weak, imperfect and inferior. Throughout your
many past life experiences, you have created a powerful vortex of
doubt, depression, fear, scarcity and debilitating disease which leads
to premature death. These harmful thought forms have been repeated
over and over again until they are firmly entrenched within each
individual’s subconscious mind, as well as within the collective
conscious belief structure, until they become the accepted reality of
the masses.

Your Sacred Mind always knows the truth, and will eventually override
the misconceptions of the conscious mind which can be reprogrammed as
you strive to clear the subconscious mind of negative influences. Your
Sacred Mind is the direct connection to the God Mind. Moderation in
all things results in equilibrium, balance and a sense of well-being.
Self-mastery leads to control of the physical emotions and the thought
processes of the lower mind. A Self-master stands firmly centered
within the Sacred Heart in the midst of chaos and change, holding fast
to the wisdom of the Sacred Mind as it gathers strength and guidance
from our Father/Mother God, an observer of the process as all illusion
slowly fades away.

Ascension means attaining a clearer awareness of Self, and accepting
the fact that you are an extension of our Mother/Father God. As you
delve deeper and deeper within Self, you come to realize your intimate
connection with the Creator. Once you have felt the exquisite bliss of
a heart-to-heart connection with our Mother/Father God, and you are
able to draw fully on the Adamantine Particles of Love/Light, your
yearning for love is gradually fulfilled. Your hunger for sustenance
will also be satisfied and you will be given the strength, will and
determination you require to joyfully complete your earthly mission.

Energy is generated through frequency patterns of attraction, rather
than patterns of resistance or friction. Thoughts / words / emotions
have a helpful or detrimental effect on the physical vessel and also
create a certain band of frequencies within your auric field and
beyond and, thereby, your reality on the physical plane is created.
The laws of the universe state that you must always experience that

Beloveds, you must become a tributary of the River of Life, a channel
for the Divine force of Creation. Stagnation begins immediately when
you stop the flow of Adamantine Particles into your Sacred Heart. As
you become a Sentinel of Light, your aura will glow and grow as you
become illumined by the radiance of Spirit. You, your home, your
neighborhood, city, state, province and country all have an auric
field, whether it is bright or dim. The heart and soul of each country
must be revived. When unity consciousness is lost, the spiritual life
force of a country begins to wane. Remember, everything that exists
has an aura. The divinity and awesome power of the Creator is in

Many souls are what could be termed spiritually bankrupt, for they
have either used up their allotment of Adamantine Particles of Life /
Light and are now so steeped in the lower frequencies of the
third/fourth-dimensional world that they can no longer tap into the
cosmic river of Life and draw forth the full-spectrum Light of the
Creator. Or, since early childhood, they have not been able to attain
the required level of harmonious frequency patterns to ignite their
allotment of Adamantine Particles stored within their Sacred Heart.
Unfortunately, many dear souls take with them into death the greater
portion of their allotment of Creator Light. These are the tormented
souls who feel unloved and have led a life of suffering and often
isolation or violence, created by a sense of hopelessness, feelings of
self-hatred and inferiority. They often focus their hatred and
frustration outwardly, blaming others and fate for their failures,
while all the time being unaware that they are the source of their own
pain and suffering. Many of these precious ones chose to come forth on
what could be called the lower spectrum of Shadow and Light. At a soul
level, they chose the overlay for the life’s drama they would
experience because they wished to overcome certain imbalanced
frequency patterns from the past. However, many times the path they
chose was too much of a challenge and they fell back into the negative
patterns of many fruitless lifetimes. Those who have the least freedom
of choice are driven by obsession, addictions and unconscious
impulses. They are controlled by past negative influences that are
very difficult to correct. Remember, dear hearts, you are not judged
by anyone but yourself, and you will always be given an opportunity to
overcome past transgressions. Self-forgiveness is the first step in
healing the past and reconnecting to the ‘power within.’

It may seem heartless and uncaring; but a Self-master will gradually
end relationships with people they are no longer in harmony with.
There should be no judgment, just a gradual letting go and withdrawal
or severance of any energy cords of attachment. It is usually the
other person who ends the relationship, for they can no longer receive
the ‘emotional energy’ they require from the enlightened person.

So many lonely Souls are seeking their Soul mates, and this is taking
place around the world as more and more souls reach a certain level of
harmony within. For millions of you, this is the time when your Soul
has reached the furthermost point of Its journey of separation, and
you are now in the midst of the journey of ‘Reunion and Integration’.
Your Soul has gradually been infused with a Divine discontent which is
slowly filtering into your consciousness and you have turned inward so
as to tame the ego and reconnect with the Soul, the Oversoul and
multiple facets of your greater Self. You now have the potential to
connect with the many facets of your Soul family, your Higher Self,
your many Oversouls and your God Ray (I AM Presence).

On the other hand, many Soul mates have similar soul vibrational
patterns but do not necessarily have similar physical auric
frequencies. Soul frequencies are stronger than physical frequency
patterns, and they are predominate when you are in an emotional,
heart-felt state. If the radiance is strong enough, the beauty of Soul
shines through; however, it may not be strong enough to overcome the
physical, emotional and mental traits that are not in harmony one with
another in order to create a lasting, satisfying relationship.
Physical relationships are difficult at best on the earthly plane, and
especially when you are striving for Self-mastery and are in the
process of ‘knowing thyself’ which leads to constant, transformational
changes within and without.

This question has been asked by a number of dear souls, and we feel it
is important for all of you to understand that, in many instances, all
is not as it seems, and it is important that you seek your inner
guidance, as well as positive solutions to some of the ‘trends and
symptoms of the times.’ Therefore, we are writing this open letter to
all the beautiful children who are the hope of the future and to their
parents, as well. QUESTION: More and more children are being diagnosed
as having autism and other puzzling health problems. Is there a
specific purpose for this, and are we being punished for some reason?

Beloved Children of the Light, we know that it will not be easy to
contain such wise, old souls in such small human vessels. Many of you
have not fully anchored your Soul-self within the physical body. It
will take time to adjust to the density of the present earthly
environment; therefore, you will gradually incorporate more and more
of your Higher Self as you learn to adjust to the pressures of
physical existence. Neither you nor your parents are being punished;
quite to the contrary. Your family has been, and will be blessed by
your presence and they agreed, at a soul level, to assist you on this
important assignment. As time goes by and you remember more and more
of who you really are, you will realize that you agreed to return to
Earth at this time in order to assist your soul family and all those
you love deeply during these times of great change (even though you
did not need to return to the earthly plane). You agreed to come at
this time to anchor a very special Light energy that the Earth and
humanity are being gifted with during these times of great change.

This message is as much for your parents as it is for you. Since the
veil of forgetfulness has not been drawn as fully over your
consciousness, you will remember many things from past lives which may
confuse you and you will, undoubtedly, have abilities that are
unusual. First of all, you will need love and understanding, but you
will also need strongly defined boundaries and structure in your life.
Your family should treat you with respect, just as they teach you to
respect others. You will always value truth and reasoning, which will
accomplish more than threats or restrictions. You will abhor hypocrisy
and may rebel during your early school years, for you will not fit in
the social structure of half-truths and unfair rules. It will be up to
your mother and father to teach you that you can help bring about
changes for the better, not by resisting the old, but by showing a
new, better way.

Most of those like you have not had many incarnations on Earth;
therefore, you have not adjusted well to the physical body and the
earthly environment. You have a very sensitive nature and you also
have more insight than most, so you will not understand the hypocrisy
and distortions of the truth that you encounter. Do not judge others,
but allow your own inner knowing to guide you, and you will not be led
astray. You are very powerful, beloveds, and have the capability of
creating many wondrous things and the ability to bring much joy to
those around you. Or, if you choose the downward path, you can be the
cause of much destruction and sorrow.

You have energies within that you must learn to develop and use to
their highest potential. We suggest that your parents teach you how to
go into your Pyramid of Light and, while there, see the healing
energies flow smoothly through your body. Ask your Higher Self to help
you contain and control these powerful energies, as you learn to
direct them appropriately through yourself and out into the world.
Begin to use the vowel sounds and tones we have given, and you will
find the appropriate tones will come forth, at the proper time, to
assist in integrating the powerful energies that will be available to
you eventually.

You see, precious ones, you are what is called prototypes of future
humanity, for you are among the forerunners for the coming new Golden
Root Race. You have stored within your brain structure many wondrous
abilities and much wisdom. Some people are calling many of those who
have been born since mid-last century of Earth time, the Indigo
Children, the Crystal Beings, or the Golden Ones. What you are is very
wise old souls who agreed to come to Earth to show your elders and
humanity the true way now that the path has been prepared by the brave
ones who have awakened and begun the process.

You may not fit well in society as you have experienced it in the
past, but that is exactly what you came to do: to adjust to your
earthly environment and, as you gain wisdom, to help make the changes
that will benefit all the other brave souls like you. Do not put
yourself apart by thinking you are different or somehow above those
around you. That would be a mistake, for one of your major tests is to
accept who you are, and to quietly go about balancing and harmonizing
the discordant energies within yourself so that you may be an example
and then help others like you.

The negative energies you and those around you will experience as you
grow into adulthood will be core issues from deep within which will
arise into your conscious awareness so that they may, once and for
all, be transmuted and balanced. You have an empathic nature, and you
must learn not to allow the imbalanced energies from other people’s
auric field to penetrate your auric field, which will create
discomfort and distress. We ask your parents to show you how to
envision a golden sphere of Light surrounding you which reaches above
your head and below your feet. The higher vibrations of Love/Light can
penetrate this sphere of protection, but nothing of a lower vibration
can affect you if you state your intent that you will allow only the
vibrations of God-consciousness to enter your force field.

Dearest hearts, your four angelic helpers are waiting for you to call
on them. Just ask and they will answer you. Ask their names and begin
an intimate relationship with them. How would you like them to serve?
Give them instructions and always ask for your highest good, for that
is the only condition of their assistance. They will guide, guard and
protect you; they will inspire you and assist you to attain your
goals. All you have to do is be clear in your intention, ask for the
greatest good of all, and then follow the nudgings of your heart as
you take the action needed to fulfill your dreams. Before you
incarnated, you promised to bring in the greatest amount of Creator
Light that you could bear, which means that you came into this
lifetime bearing special gifts but also a great responsibility. Learn
to speak words of kindness, for words can hurt deeply. Learn to listen
to the small clear voice within, for that is how we will communicate
with you. Think before you act; if you feel sad or uncomfortable about
something, it means that it is not the best way. If what you do brings
yourself and others joy, then know that you are in harmony with your
Soul-self. You are the brave ones who will take over and lead the new
emerging spiritual/human Beings into a world of peace, harmony, joy
and abundance for all. Know that we are near to guide and protect you,
and that you are loved beyond measure. Call on us, we are just a
thought away, and we will always answer.

I AM Archangel Michael

Transmitted through Ronna Herman * Copy freely and share. However, I
claim the universal copyright for this article in the name of
Archangel Michael