Sunday, November 9, 2008

Salusa 11/7/08

SaLuSa 07-November-2008

Dear Ones, you head towards the final weeks of the direct control of the dark forces, and it is with mixed feelings. There is excitement and great expectations at the thought of a more moderate yet dynamic approach to the many problems that beset you. What was the unthinkable just a few years ago has lifted your spirits, and a new era commences. The dark have been ousted from their cosy and corrupt positions, and their influence has been diminished. It remains to appoint a new breed of representatives that are first and foremost committed to restoring your rights. It will involve a frustrating period of wait, but in that time you shall see your new and inspired President take you in the right direction.

Be assured that we are very much behind those of the Light, and now that you

have signaled your desire for change through your democratic vote, we can greatly influence the outcome. These are indeed monumental times for many reasons, not least of all that you are going through a preparatory period that will finally and firmly place you on the path to Ascension. In the long run that is really all that matters, and in a manner of speaking it is not too important how you achieve it. What is certain is that you will get there and nothing will stop your progress from this point onwards. The outcome is assured and very soon you will be able to see the many different and essential changes coming to the fore.

We are just part of an active organization that comes under the direction of the White Brotherhood, committed to bringing Light to Earth. You have brought about the conditions that have made it possible, and as you lift up your vibrations so you attract considerably more Light. Your struggles through millennia of time have pulled you down, yet the Light has always been present and emerged through the darkness of ages past. Without a doubt it has been an extremely difficult period of learning, but it has taught you much about the subtle way in which the dark forces operate. They are found in the most unlikely places infiltrating your religious and educational organizations, and not until the truth is widely known will you be completely rid of them. The cleansing that is to take place is clearly not limited to just your physical needs.

What will become evident to you is that as your consciousness is lifted up, you will become more discerning and perceptive where other people are concerned. Intuitively you will sense the vibrations of those around you, and the energy carried in their words. This is all part of your growth as you become a more enlightened and aware Being. For too long you have accepted the word of those who lead you as the truth. However, you are now developing the ability to be much more discerning. You are surrounded by falsehoods and deliberate lies about your history as a Human Race. The many Churches that profess to hold the truth of your origin also confuse you. That will all change in time, as a very important part of our contact with you will be to re-educate you where your history is concerned.

We come not to destroy your beliefs but present you with another version that is supported by the Akashic Records. It will then be up to you to take from it what makes you feel comfortable and at ease. What will be certain is that you will find that there is the One God of complete and utter Love in which you have your being, and that God Is All That Is. There is no place for the many gods you have created with a multitude of attributes, including the human frailties of anger and revengeful acts. As so many of your teachers have pointed out, you were made in God’s image and not the other way around. God is not a physical Being with form such as you have, but is an all pervading immutable energy that contains All That Is. Jesus and other notable teachers are Sons of God, as you are also One with God and there is no escaping this fact.

You like us are bound to create a bodily vehicle that is suited to your vibratory level. The lower the vibrations the more heavy and solid it becomes, and conversely the higher they become your bodies take on the lighter and more ethereal form. As you work towards Ascension so your bodies will undergo changes, that will be appropriate to the new levels you are entering. In fact many of you are already noticing such changes. Some of them are resulting from your ability to draw the higher energies to yourself. There is also your increasing success to self heal through the power of thought. You are rapidly returning to those times when you had enormous powers of creation, but with it comes the responsibility to ensure they are not misused. The downfall of Man has been largely due to such reasons.

Many of you are in what you may call “No Mans Land” and you do not know which way to turn. Bide your time as it will not be too long before we are with you, and will be able to direct you onto the pathways of truth and understanding. Each of you will have the opportunity to emerge from the darkness, although we know some will be unprepared to give up their rigid belief systems. It will become easier to accept that you have been misled, as our presentation of the Truth will be accompanied by irrefutable proof. We have no desire to force it upon people, but of necessity your history must be truthfully rewritten.

Once we can get together you will enjoy the chance to work with us. We come to share our knowledge with you, and your professional people and engineers will enjoy the chance to use our advanced technologies. As you might expect we are so far ahead of you in computer technology, that you be in awe of the advancements that have been made. They live and have a mind of their own, and are so sophisticated compared to your level of understanding. They will be there for your comfort and carry out what you would call the menial tasks. You are undoubtedly ready for such a quantum leap forward, and you will apply such knowledge for the good of all Mankind. Hitherto your own advancements have been held back for the benefit of the privileged few, and often it has been for military purposes only.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and leave with blessings to you all. Our nearness to you grows each day and soon we shall walk shoulder to shoulder with you.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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