Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Change All Encompassing

Change All Encompassing
by DeAnne Hampton
November 16, 2008

The key to the authentic expression of your light and the unlimited potential of Creation, is to live in an ongoing surrender that defies the ego and all of its distortions. Only then will you be able to develop a tremendously vast, clear seeing, empowered and unconditional relationship with all of life. Truly, this is a time for you to re-affirm your vows to the light and your promise to hold the light through all changes and challenges on your Earth.

The energy of change has recently stepped up its cadence for your world in the conviction and courage of this one individual, Barack Obama. We encourage you to reflect deeply on the spiritual implications of his acceptance into an arena that bears so much influence upon the direction your reality moves as a body of cooperation or division. There is a quickening in the intent to bridge spirit and matter and whether or not you have a conscious awareness of this union, you have broken through a collective unconscious that has for so long entrenched your reality in a slavery to the past. If you look at your political construct energetically, the decision of the many to shift the deceit and power of division, entitlement and exclusivity has opened a greater vortex of energy through which the higher realms of influence can assist your evolutionary progress; both individually and collectively. Whereas the election, for many, was about 2 individuals and how their person resonated with the personality construct and individual agendas of your 3D awareness, the energetic implications and ensuing influence is so much greater. Indeed, when viewed and embraced as a hyperdimensional election, this moment vibrates as a shift of the ages.

There has been, since the beginning of time for your Earth, this tension and illusion of duality; a polarity of existence that set the tone for a reality very much governed by the fear and judgments of the mental plane. So without a true sense of Self has your humanity formulated its idea of progress and advancement, that you have created, both consciously and not, a reality and life that fosters the belief that you are separate and thus vulnerable to the evil and manipulative forces that control your world. The illusion that you are not a part of everything and that everything is not a part of you is the single greatest cloak of darkness and dis-empowerment that the beings of your world have bought into and perpetuated through your thoughts, beliefs, actions and unconscious behaviors. You have built a history on the idea that that which is outside of yourself and your personal understanding of the world is a threat and so must be regarded as the enemy and something to be feared. Once fear takes up residence in the fragile psyche of a species in search of itself, distortion and shadow become the only beacon to follow. We say to you that only that which is the other gives you fully to yourself!

Right now we urge you to truly embrace and integrate the knowing that the spiritual dimensions are always mirroring what is occurring and manifesting in the material plane of existence. Because you are the empowered creators of reality as you know it and understand it to be, the spiritual plane honors that authority by becoming a mirror for what you vibrate in your choices and actions. It can only be so. The very energy and vibration of intent that you walk through your day with is interacting with all other life and energy. Everything in your world hears you. As you have felt and witnessed the division of an existence not grounded in the authority and sovereignty of Self, so too have there been warring factions of light and dark in the higher realms as well. Even as the presence of Light and conscious awareness has increased on your plane, so too have the forces of the shadow to thwart the progress of a species so destined to be a catalyst for inter-dimensional and inter-species evolution! You are, indeed, the representatives of a potential and time for inter-dimensional unity such that has never been witnessed or even possible before this current vibrational alignment, and that potential is asking you to move with a sureness toward that which you have already aligned with in your heart and intentions.

In your mind's eye and heart's wisdom can you see that the inter-species and interplanetary partnerships necessary for the future of your own species is not possible until and unless you find, see clearly and embrace the inclusive nature of your own plane of existence? Let us share a brief story with you here. On the night before the elections in your reality, there was a great gathering of Souls, those in your reality in the physical plane and those of the higher realms of influence. These beings of the heart's intelligence and of a collective mind of wisdom and insight gathered to hold the light for the highest potential outcome of this historical day. In response to the energetic capacity and quality of this gathering of higher love and intent..... there was a moment within which a golden lighted net was cast from a point far beyond the conceptual understanding of the infinite reaches of the stratosphere. This radiant net was cast over your United States. Now, the love and higher mind of those within this intent was not on a particular candidate or personality driven hope for a specific outcome. The surrender and trust was toward the highest good expression for a humanity that is in critical need for new sight, new vision and new understanding of how to live together as One. The vibrational space for a new Universe was held as a frequency of radiant expectation. As the golden net was suspended over the United States of America, small pulsating threads of light trickled down from each square unit within the net and fed light sustenance into each voting district around the country and further into the hearts and minds of the voting population. It was pure, spiritual atomic energy, a pure power source. The vision was stunning to witness from many realms of existence and still more profound in its influence.

Surely in your higher mind's wisdom you can acknowledge that this construct of a Presidential Election, which both leads to your year 2012 and initiates into office the 44th President respectively, was very much a spiritual election. It was not so much about you choosing with the eogic mind who you wanted to "win", but through your direct action taking a stand against that which divides; elitism, entitlement and exclusivity, toward a change which represents the release and surrender of the shadow of separation. A victory through many layers of existence has been achieved. Your conscious and unconscious statement of intent has been heard. But the victory is not the change you seek..... it is your chance and empowered moment to make that change. This time for your humanity is a translucent example that when you are truly ready, both individually and as a collective, the things of false power and lesser importance will fall away so that Truth and the things of the utmost importance can secure a sure footing upon which to build a future: a future of equality, of true unification and of peace. We assure you that this man Barack Obama knows who he is and what he is doing. He has fearlessly accepted his appointment and has a stellar interdimensional team working with him toward a new day for planet Earth.

This moment in your Now is the expression of a revolution of consciousness. Consciousness can and has transformed energy into matter with this historical event that you have created through high minds and valiant hearts; through deep emotion and concentrated intent. This was a day of invisible upgrades and attunements within the core of individuals, of a humanity and within the core of the Earth herself. Something very powerful happens to the consciousness on Earth when the humanity of the moment begins to truly awaken, stepping up in spite of fears. Often throughout your Earth's history there has been an energetically suspended question of the Unity of Spirit and Matter; around which would your species ultimately choose to form a new consciousness? Truly a light code activation of the 5th dimensional heart has culminated in one defiant and defining moment of a species to embrace change at a quantum level. We strongly encourage you to now apply the power given to you. It is not enough to just access it or leave the real work of change to one individual or a few. Each member of humanity is the action that will bring change - right now, in this moment with what is already inside of you. Do not be afraid to step into a future that is created day by day in this permanent Now in a hologram of Unity Consciousness. All comes undone to be rewound in a new fashion. We celebrate the step up you have taken as individuals and as a collective to fearlessly be the unity and spiritual conviction that is your authentic presence in your world!

The Shining Ones

The Shining Ones

The Shining Ones, one of many groups of advanced light races, are here to assist humanity through extraordinary changes in the cellular structure and DNA codex of our being. Their presence, energy and guidance has been with me since childhood and as I have grown on my own path of expansion and enlightenment, an understanding of what their purpose is in my life and for the many, has expanded.

The Shining Ones represent the higher consciousness emitting from the Galactic Core and exist along a vibrational continuum. I see the Shining Ones as great pulses of light and energy. They radiate the universal principles of love, joy, service to others, unity consciousness exemplified as the highest and best good of all of humanity and Earth; individual freedom and prosperity for all and the knowledge of the Oneness of creation. This is the frequency and understanding of all advanced civilizations and the core essence of 5th dimensional existence. To advance spiritually as a planet we must assimilate, integrate and engage these energetic principles. We are known throughout the universe according to our vibration. Inclusivity in its highest expression is a love that transcends all.

Our inner work and expansion, the evolution of the earth, our cellular connection to the stars and our divine origins, it is all coming into alignment to aid the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. This intent was orchestrated by the original cause or prime creative intelligence which again has been given many names and images on Earth yet cannot be limited to any one name or image. The important point is that the energies are asking us to move with assuredness toward that which we have aligned with in our heart and intentions.

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