Monday, November 10, 2008

Lucky Astrology Newsletter: November 2008

Lucky Astrology Newsletter: November 2008
Jupiter/Saturn & Jupiter/Uranus Aspects

Greetings Family and Friends,

Happy Holiday Season! We are so happy to be in communication with you all again. It's been some time since any significant planetary aspect has affected us all, but with November we have two of them! As always, it is up to us to take action in resonance with the beneficial qualities of each of the planets. Astrology tells us which path is easiest and when to start walking it, but it's up to us to point ourselves in that direction and to tap into the luck astrology affords us.

Nov 7 to Nov 11 - Jupiter/Uranus Aspect

How friendly can we be? The first five days from the 7th to the 11th is the optimal time to be a friend, be friendly and become friendlier. Get the message? It's friend time -- especially making brand new acquaintances, such as people we haven't met before. Perhaps we can attend social functions, meetings, and other get-togethers that are entirely new and make it our intention just to be sociable and friendly, asking lots of questions, being genuinely interested in others.

Uranus has to do with friendliness, uniqueness, newness, whereas Jupiter amplifies and magnifies. So we can see where asking questions, even unusual pointed questions could fit in, right? We can feel free and expanded now -- to be different, come out of the closet and ask away! The best unusual Uranus questions are about new movements, innovations, humanitarian efforts, the Internet, electronics and especially space travel. Jupiter questions are inquiries along the lines of sports, athletes, law, religion, philosophy and foreign travel.

The Uranus/Jupiter aspect brings energy to expand our horizons through interactions with individuals and groups. So if we're going to a college or university football game, playing tennis in the park or attending a worship service, we can make it a point to reach out - to meet and talk with new people. The idea is to get outdoors and out of our bubble with people. In addition, we could do out-of-the-ordinary things with friends and relatives - like, for example, having a tailgate party in the park -in winter. Chilling thought? J All kidding aside, it is time to expand beyond what we have done before, to change and be different. And remember, that works two ways. Others, even if they are strangers, will be feeling this energy too and will be receptive to our invitation to interact.

So from November 7 to 11 - let's be friendly and expansive, do different things at different times, with different people, in different places and in different ways. Let's also be open and receptive to expansive new experiences.

Nov 11 to Nov 17 - Jupiter/Saturn and Jupiter/Uranus

How Do We Integrate That? Saturn gets introduced into the mix of aspects on November 11 - making us responsible for permanence and structure to what we've created. So if we align with that energy, all those people we've been meeting and socializing with start sorting out into categories - some to be close friends, some for serious discussions or business, others for having fun with, and others just to remain acquaintances. We still can focus on interacting with new people, but now with Saturn these interactions have more structure, and our appointments are more pointed and for more definite purposes.

This week is a great time to network with our business friends or look up old friends and make appointments with professionals and experts. Saturn really likes to get down to business!

Nov 17 to Nov 25 - Jupiter/Saturn Aspect

Honestly, how honorable can we be? Unique and friendly Uranus moves out of the picture at this time, and Saturn, still hanging with Jupiter, takes over completely on the 17th. That means energy is high for focusing on business, especially aligning with the big picture and prioritizing our projects. This structured energy also demands that we focus on ethical, practical undertakings and with people similarly aligned.

We can be grateful that Saturn makes us conscientious and ethical since being honorable helps us organize our lives around the greater good. That's because Saturn energy assists our conscience, which is our motivational force for ethics and higher principles, to grow. The Jupiter energy assists us as well; being there to help us expand and take responsibility for our lives.

After we have prioritized all our old and new projects, then we can let joyful Jupiter help us choose which ones bring the most happiness and joy. We can then delegate others to handle the phases or segments of our project that they find more fulfilling than we do.


What's new? JoySee just finished writing her new e-book, "Writing Your Chakras." She is so stoked that she finally finished it and we think it is a very inspired and groundbreaking book. You can check it out at her website even downloading sample sections of the book there. It is all about how you can evaluate your own handwriting and find which chakras need balancing and then use remedies in the book to actually help to balance them. It's unique and Uranian!

What's next? We have a new book we are co-authoring that will explore how everyone is individually and uniquely touched by Spirit. In the vernacular of the current times: When do we get a 'hit'? When are we touched by Spirit? What is it telling us when we feel a physical sensation like goose bumps, chills, tingles or cold/hot flashes?

If you would like to complete a survey we are using in the creation of this book and possibly be in our book as a result, please email us for the survey. We find that more and more people are coming out of the closet about their spiritual contacts and the Divine energy they receive. That's why we are in this incarnation -- to feel the depths and heights of emotions and feelings. The physical feelings tell us when we are being touched by the emotion of love or when we are in tune and resonating with the Love Vibration. So if you are willing to share your experiences with us, you will be helping others become aware of Spirit as well. We welcome your input.

Astrology Charts: If you haven't had your chart read lately, let Davie have a shot at it. He reads charts in terms of what rockets of desire you have and gives you ideas of how to manifest those desires. It's more than the usual stock phrases about your sun, moon and rising sign. Eventually from the reading, you will come up with your own new ideas and your own guidance towards more joy in life. He works on a donation basis, so just email him for further information or go to the website and give him a love offering to get started.

Have a wonderful holiday season. Blessings to you and your families.

Davie & JoySee Pfaffle

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