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Lord Metatron: Earth Changes and Ascension

Lord Metatron: Earth Changes and Ascension

Due to earth changes, will ascension occur during the year 2012?

This is an interesting question. One event does not preclude the other. At this time, both are necessary and have been programmed into the grid system and into the directives which have been connected to the Earth which comes from Source and then through the Galactic Center.

Both of these events have been predicted by the Mayan calendar and also in their symbols which are written on their temples and documented into their art graphics.

Understand that each activity, even though it is connected in some form, really represents individual activities. Earth changes will come about for different reasons than what you call ascension.

Earth changes are happening for several reasons.

Lets us look at these changes from the perspective of required and necessary and then from human activities. Earth changes were and are still being triggered because of the aging plate system around the globe. Just like a farmer who leaves some fields fallow to rejuvenate, and uses some fields for their daily needs, the Earth needs to do this also. Therefore, you can find in your geologic records where this has happened in the past.

There have been land masses which have fallen and some land masses which have risen. Perhaps the best known example of this that is still contained in the human consciousness is the falling of Atlantis beneath the waves. You face this during dream time and sometimes even during meditation as there are still some issues that humans need to clear with regard to this.

The need for the rejuvenation of the plates system can be found in the natural way of the progression of the planet and also because of human consciousness which has aligned along methods that are not in keeping with the health of the planet; therefore, there is a need to sweep away such negativity. These activities have nothing to do with ascension, but rather aligned with the natural force of husbandry.

Some of the Earth changes are very much attached with the coming changes emanating from Galactic Center. In 1999 there was a blast from the sun whereby the usual electron activity considered the solar rain, or solar wind, stopped their activity for three days. In those three days the earth was imprinted with messages and directives that came directly from All-There-Is, or Source, Prime Creator in the center of the cosmos. Those directives were very much connected to the ascension protocol and this did indeed affect the earth changes.

There was a change made in the DNA of humans which triggered all sorts of changes in the human frame, one being changes in the cells themselves moving the electrical charge from being carbon based to light based, or crystalline. This is very necessary for the physical to upgrade all systems in the physical. This blast also changed the very basic fabric connected to the natural world also. So this is an alignment of the natural world as there was also a slight change in the center of the planet in what you call the core. There was a change there also.

The core has a crystal Merkaba and this spins just as yours can do and the spin was slowed down and this allowed for the, what is being called the Still Point to begin its progression of evolving which in turn affects weather and you can see the weather changes have been increasing exponentially.

This slight change in the core has also allowed or perhaps mandated in the natural world to trigger changes in earthquake scenarios and also in volcanism. All of this is necessary for the ascension of the planet and therefore we take the position that what is necessary to progress we will allow to progress, and work on balancing the earth changes and the human being also.

We give directives for balance to the forces in the center of the planet and also the devas of nature and other over lighting guidance in the natural world. For humanity, we give protocols such as the Hara information which is now on the website and also such things as moving into sacred geometric shapes for balance.

You can imagine yourself sitting into the Holon configuration which in effect is two triangles whereby the base of each triangle meets and you imagine yourself sitting in the center. Both of these exercises are very powerful in balancing the human frame and the connection to the brain and ultimately the mind.

These events would happen regardless of where the development of the human spirit would evolve. Some of these activities cannot be changed, but we in the spiritual world of guidance can indeed help to find balance in the changes and we do this.

The stepping up of what you call ascension as we said is very connected to the Mayan Calendar which mentions a time when the planet is in direct alignment with Cosmic Center. This has been given the name of a time frame which occurs in the year 2012.

As you are well aware, the planet will not self destruct at that moment, but it will remain forever changed as at that point of time in December of that year and the 28th day to be precise, a mother will bring forth a child and that child will be a representative from that soul that you understand to be Jesus, or Jeshua.

He comes at that moment to enliven the DNA of all of those souls who carry the DNA from that cosmic couple that you know of as the Cup of the Grail, Jesus and Mary Magdalene. The triggering of this DNA will spark the means for souls to finally ascend along with the planet which is very intimately connected to humanity.

Lord Metatron

Received by Carolyn Evers

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