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LET YOUR SPIRIT SOAR: The Enhancement Of Your Abilities Is Ocurring Now/ Ashtar's New Year's Message For 2009

The Enhancement of Your Abilities is Occurring Now
Ashtar’s New Year’s Message for 2009

Ashtar: Greetings to you from the invisible worlds. I am Ashtar,
with you for the New Year’s Message.

Sandora: Thank you Ashtar. Welcome!

Ashtar: Thank you very much and I hope you enjoyed the
preliminaries. (It was wonderful!!) We brought on your family and
your gang in Spirit, Sandora, we brought your friends and family
through DeAnna and we brought Ariana’s father, mother and many, many
others that weren’t mentioned plus all the animals from your dad’s
zoo, so I thought I’d better hitch a wagon myself (burst of laughter!)
and I arrived behind a four-horse hitch of palomino horses. (Wow!!)
Real joy and real fun, to lighten you up in a world that has, indeed
become very, very serious. It is time for lightening up.

There is much occurring in the world of negativity and of desperation
at this time. It is well to understand and put some thought into ways
that you can rise above the news articles, Internet blogs and so on.
There are many, many enlightening stories as well and even though yes,
times are tightening, it is a necessity for those of the Light to put
thought into rising above those things. Most definitely stay neutral
and remain balanced.

Keep An Eye On The Skies!

Now I come to you in order to assist you in your preparations for the
year, 2009. It is coming up. First let me say to keep an eye on the
skies because we are definitely within your sight often. It is a joy
for us and it is a joy for you when you see and understand that you
are seeing an Ashtar Command or a Pleiadian ship or a ship from
Archturus and the time will come when you will be able to tell which
is which because we will be very familiar in your skies. It has just
been proven that when people look up with intention they see many more
things. You had a prediction by a dedicated channel who predicted a
large Lightship would be visible over the United States on October 14,
2008. Of course that happened but it wasn’t physical enough for most
of you to see. The thing that did happen was that many of you looked
up and when you did that, you saw what goes on in the skies. There’s
a lot of activity. There is a lot of presence from other worlds. Our
mission is to help.

Systems Are Crumbling

Now that you are coming into the wintertime of 2008 to 2009, you
realize that many of your systems are beginning to crumble and I mean
your large systems such as the medical system, education, economics
and government. We did predict these things would occur many years
ago. How many times have you said in the past, “This has got to
change,” but did you realize how traumatic that change would be? Yes,
most definitely trauma comes with change but it is just a matter of
living through a few months or years until the change has occurred and
then you will be on the other side, right where you wanted to be.
While all of the hubbub of the change is going on you, as
Lightworkers, need to stay balanced and centered, to not pick sides,
to not need to have everything the same as it was but to go with the
flow, as we mentioned in the last year’s New Year’s Message.

Just remember that no matter what is happening that you are heading
towards something very much better. It is never easy to go through
changing times. We understand that.

Endeavor to keep your own world together, in Light and in love, with
your own relationships intact and with your own ways of creating joy
and happiness so that you can provide yourself as an example to others.

Ashtar Talks Compassionately to Those Who Are in Trauma

I must now talk to those of you who have been through extreme trauma
during these changes because so many of you have had this experience
whereby you have lost your home, whereby you have lost your money or
you have lost the people in your life that matter. I want to say to
you that we, in invisible realms, are with you with huge amounts of
compassion. We are surrounding you and endeavoring to make life
easier for you. We are sending you messages that could help. If you
are one of those people who really do not know which way to turn, I
would ask you to please, please tune in with us and we will help. How
do you do that? You need to have a quiet mind. That’s all you need
is a quiet mind. You can achieve it through meditation but you can
also achieve it in parts of your days when you are alone, perhaps on
walks, perhaps when you are doing dishes or having your bath or just
before bed. If you would tune in with us, you don’t need to have a
name, just say “guides of mine” or “I’d like to tune into my guides”.
Just know that we will hear you. Yes, it’s like prayer.

With prayer you ask for what you need. You talk to God. We are the
messengers of God so basically we are the ones you get when you pray.
It does not matter what your religion is and it does not matter how
you tune in but just remember that you do have guardian angels, you do
have personal guides and you have master teachers that are accessible
to your thoughts immediately that you think of them.

A Special Message to People Who Have Lost Their Homes

Now there are some of you who have lost your homes, many of you
actually, because of the economic crisis that you are still within or
because of weather events or fire. To all of you I would want to tell
you that home is where your heart is. Please, dear ones, be of love
and be kind to those in similar situations. Gather together because
this, in a way, is pushing you into community and I guess you might
say that is the point of the whole thing. Community is the support of
one another. It is very, very highly important and it is the thing to
do at this time. If you feel alone, look for somebody else in the
same situation that you are in and you will immediately find a buddy –
somebody to talk to and somebody to help figure things out.

Remember that when you go into Spirit and when you go with the Earth
into the finer dimensions that you will not have the Third Dimensional
amenities that you have now. You are changing from Third Dimension,
where you need to have food, shelter, warmth and water into an area of
the Universe that doesn’t need those things and you’re going there
fairly soon. This is a huge change! That’s what you’re feeling now.
You are feeling the effects of this change.

Loss of Your Job Pushes You Into The Use Of Your Enhanced Abilities

I’d like to talk to those of you who have lost jobs lately and what a
trauma that can be! We totally understand. This is pushing you into
responsibility, the responsibility of supporting yourself and your
loved ones in different ways. This is pushing you into learning how
to manifest what you need in your life. This is pushing you into
using your mind because anything that you want or need that you can
visualize or think about, you can have. You are at that point in your
evolution and in your changes that it might take a few days; it might
take a few weeks but the changes you need to have will manifest for
you. This is also again about working with your guides, so what I
said above about meditation and treasuring your quiet time also
applies to you. The energies are now heightened and you will be able,
if you keep your presence of mind, to manifest that which you need.
Of course it will be on the Third Dimensional level. Keep your mind
of love when you ask for what you need, with a pure heart. The
Universe will open itself for you. The love of all of your guides and
teachers will work miracles to help you. It is in times of
desperation that we are most effective, so call upon us.

Alternative Healing Practitioners are Teachers

For you Lightworkers who are into assisting people with alternative
healing, I would like to mention a few things to you at this time.
Your role on the planet is very important. It is tremendously
important because, with the medical system changing and with people’s
awareness becoming more and more fine-tuned, they realize they are
responsible for their own lives and their own health. You are there
to support people in these new ideas. Yes, these ideas are rather
new. In past times, people often figured it was the doctor’s
responsibility to keep them healthy. In these changing times, it is
your responsibility to keep yourself healthy and please find ways to
do that. Here again, your mind comes into play. Affirmations,
positive mental attitude, pure food and water, exercise, sleep: all
of those are your responsibility and they will help.

You are going into a period of time when your body needs to be strong
enough to accept the raised vibrations so keep that in mind when you
eat and when you are looking after your personal needs. For the
practitioners, know that it’s all up from here. It’s all natural from
here. It’s all healing with hands, touch and mind. This is what
you’re going into. It’s the way of the future. In the far distant
future, it will be up to you to do it all yourself but the way now is
that practitioners assist. There are many, many modalities, many ways
of keeping your body in balance. There are many ways of teaching and
showing people what to do. You, who are practitioners, are teachers
and please accept that as part of your job description. It is
important that people learn how to be responsible for their own lives.

A Message For All The Teachers of Children

Here, I have a big smile on my face because I feel the beautiful love
energy that is coming to your planet through children. Children of
love, children from high vibration are coming now and have been coming
for many years. Those who are called “Crystal Children” by some of
you are now up to ten or twelve years of age and they come to show you
the way of peace, the way of gentle life, the ways of love. Those who
are a little bit older were maybe hard to manage for you teachers.
They were kind of rowdy and out to change the world in their own way
but they did show many of you that change is necessary.

So, dear teachers and principals, professors and everybody else in
the education system, know that we are monitoring the situation very
closely as to the joy level of the children who are coming through the
mothers of the planet, for these children come with their joy intact
and it is the responsibility of the teachers and the parents to keep
that joy flowing through them. In return, they will show you a
different way.

Ashtar Speaks to the Parents of the Children

Thank you for bringing them through. Thank you for being adult
enough to take on the responsibility of being parents, for you are a
large part of the change. These children have been very special
especially in the last thirty to forty years. They have come as part
of the changes and everything is happening in Divine Order as those of
joy and peace are now coming in every part of the planet.

We want you, as parents, to know that your children each have a
guardian angel and other guides to help them in spiritual ways. We
would like to tell you that they will remain innocent, receptive to
Spirit and exuberant with energy to burn if those qualities are not
stressed out of them by life. Please endeavor to allow their joy and
their personalities to develop naturally and Spirit will work wonders
through them and indeed, help you to understand the times in which you
are living.

As parents, I would imagine that you live reasonably close to your
neighbors. It has been rather traditional during the past fifty years
or so for people in cities to not bother the neighbors too much. I
want to put the seed into your mind to change that. I would like for
you to get to know your neighbors better, to bring a sense of
community to your area, perhaps through block parties, perhaps through
garage sales or children’s’ sports. Do what you can to know who you
live near and to be able to call on them at any time. This is an
imperative suggestion for your times. Understand that there may be
situations when you will need to give a stranger a bed or a family a
meal. At those times, please be there for them and treat them as you
would treat your own dear ones.

Changes Are Happening Now In the Medical Professions

I would like to speak with the people in the medical professions that
are practicing on the planet in more traditional ways such as medical
schools, hospitals, medical offices and clinics. There are the
doctors, the nurses and people in related professions. I know that
you are noticing that things are changing and this is so. You have,
alongside of you, an alternative health care system that has grown up
to include chiropractors, people who do massages, reflexology, Reiki
and very many kinds of assistance to the body that seem foreign. You
have noticed also in your own lives as doctors and nurses that people
are asking for more natural ways for them to stay healthy. They are
thinking a lot about preventive medicine.

Understand that the alternative types of practitioners do not want to
take your job away from you. They are only supplementing what it is
that you do when somebody is very ill or needing surgery. That will
not change. You have a role, a very important role. My goal for you
is to work along with those practitioners so that areas of medicine
that could be done in other ways and in other areas could be changed.
Allow some change in your ways of doing things and your lives. For
example, one of Sandora’s suggestions from several years ago was to
have the expectant mothers in a different facility than a hospital,
where they can have their babies in love, joy, peace and harmony, in a
safe place where no people are sick or contagious.

Work in peace and harmony. Know that your patients are depending
upon you. Know that they look up to you. Know that they want some
down-to-earth practical suggestions and they want you to smile. They
will give you one right back.

Natural Laws Are Coming to the Legal System *

I would like to speak now to those in the police forces, judges,
lawyers, prison system employees and similar organizations that uphold
the laws of the land. Despite the fact that the legal systems in most
countries on Earth are meant to assist in keeping law and order on
your planet, they have failed miserably to do so in any long-lasting,
effective way, especially in Third World countries. This system
causes more violence than love. There are kind and humanitarian
methods of dealing with skirmishes, misunderstandings, misdemeanors
and felonies. They have been practiced for years by the native people
in various lands. Many prison systems promote violence just by the
way they are managed and the attitude of the authorities, which
trickles down into the attitude of the employees. We want to show you
more humanitarian ways of treatment that are effective and that
rehabilitate the inmate rather than causing him/her to rebel and
retaliate. This is a huge subject and there are no simple answers,
especially since each country has their own laws, courts and rules.
Some of you are approaching the more cosmic attitude, which is to
settle the karma and once the karma is settled, there will be peace in
the situation.

Revelations Are Coming Forth About the True History of Religion *

Sananda has explained his views about changes to strive for in the
religions of the world and he is pleased that movies and books are
questioning the traditions and teachings that are based upon issues
from the past. As time goes along, the true history of religion and
of your entire planet is being revealed and we are looking forward to
the time when all of the conspiracies of the past have been brought to
light. It goes without saying that the feeling of community that is
generated through Sunday morning church services is a wonderful
enhancement to a person’s existence and also that a sense of belonging
to a respected organization can bring comfort to one’s soul. Nowadays
people are realizing they do not need an intermediary in order to pray
to God and they know that they can personally ask for assistance from
their guardian angels, guides and master teachers. Dear ones, there
is much to be revealed, starting with the largest religious
organization in the world.

Governments Of The Future Will Be Based Upon Intergalactic Models *

Major reform will take place in most of the governing bodies in the
Earth’s countries. That includes the laws, the systems of taxation,
the monetary systems and the means of selecting leaders. A government
for the people, by the people, can be achieved and will be achieved
all the way from Earth to interplanetary worlds. Once the dark cabal
is out of control, you will see that there are honest, competent and
trustworthy candidates stepping up for the top jobs. When people in
government realize and know that the intergalactic system of
government is based upon love, they will comply and emulate that
system. The needs of the people will be met with grace and
understanding. As above/so below will become a reality. The foremost
criteria will be to make sure every citizen of the world lives in
safety, comfort and joy so each one of them will be able to pass along
their love through personal service, along the lines of their interests.

Very Intense System Changes Are Coming in the Next Three or Four Years

Now back to the Lightworkers again, dear ones, I guess I got on my
soapbox there, just a little bit. There are going to be some very
intense changes in the next three or four years and people of all
professions need to prepare themselves through knowledge and through

I am Ashtar. I am sending you love at this time. More will come on
this New Year’s Message. This channel has a rather gravelly throat
and we are going to finish for today. We will continue at another
time. Thank you so much Sandora and DeAnna. Before we close, I would
like to ask if either one of you have any comments.

Sandora: That was wonderful Ashtar; this was superb information that
will be very useful. Thank you.

DeAnna: I just want to say thank you. The New Year’s Message always
has information we can use in our daily lives that will keep us aware.
Thank you for the guide show at the beginning. It was wonderful and
that confirmation and feeling of love just lifts you up and carries
you for weeks, even though we know our guides are always here. I’m
very grateful. Thank you.

Sandora: I’ve sometimes wondered when we go into the finer
dimensions, into the Fifth Dimension, how we won’t need the
necessities of life that we require in the Third dimensional world.
Will our possessions be left behind for others to use?

Ashtar: Oh yes, just the very same as when you make a transition
into the Fourth Dimension through death. You can definitely leave
your things to others. Make out your will.

Sandora: I feel good knowing that. It has come to my mind many times.

Thank you gals. It has been a wonderful afternoon. This is Ashtar
over and out for today.

New Year’s Message Addendum


Treasured Lights, I am Ashtar with you now.

There is a lot occurring in the Heaven Worlds! You know that and
definitely the UFO idea that we are trying to put through to people on
the planet is catching on. In actual fact, we wouldn’t normally come
in small space ships to your planet but we are doing it right now and
we are doing it in waves so that people can get used to seeing
something that’s really strange and different in the sky. We want to
welcome you to the Federation of Galactic States.** There is a high
form of government that is compassionate that includes the galactic
area that you live in, which is the Milky Way Galaxy. Our desire and
our dream is to have Earth as a conscious member so that your
planetary people, even those in Third World countries, know that they
are part of a galactic force that is wonderful and loving.

My dear ones, there is much happening in the world. Know that we are
working very hard to bring a change of government and of economic
systems to each and every country on your planet. You would wonder
why we are making this big change just before you go into the Fifth
Dimension. It is, dear ones, so that peace can reign. You all have
lived your lives knowing that there was war with deaths and injuries
from combat in harmful areas on your planet. You grew up with that
and it is not normal. The normal way of life is to live in peace,
love and joy and to be neighborly with the country next to you and the
country across the ocean.

We want to bring the planet’s energies right up to love so that it is
the first thing you think of in the morning and the last thing you
think of at night before you go to bed the love of the Universe, your
guides, your teachers, those who went before you and those who are
your neighbors. When we get your love quotient up high enough you
will just naturally go with Mother Earth into the Fifth Dimension. So
there are radical things we have to do before that time comes. We
need to settle the duality of the planet, settle the karma of the
planet and introduce new ideas to all your world’s people. It is a
big endeavor that we have been working on for many, many years. The
results are coming to fruition.

Dear ones, you have been told again and again that your vibrations
are raising and that you are striving towards interdimensional living.
One of the benefits of this is a sharpening of your psychic
abilities. If there is anything whatsoever that interests you along
the lines of healing yourself and others, manifestation of things you
want or need or using psychic methods to have your questions answered,
you will find that with practice, with affirmations and with a
positive mental attitude you will be able to achieve your heart’s desire.

I am excited to tell you that I am very close to your planet at all
times and not in my space ship (with a giggle) but simply within the
thoughts and minds of people like you.

I am Ashtar, sending love to each and every one of you, my dear family.

Spoken through Ariana Sheran
October 18, 2008 – Tape #1022A
October 25, 2008 – Tape #1028B

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PRESENT: October 18, 2008: Ariana, DeAnna, Sandora
PRESENT: October 25, 2008: Ariana, Dora, Jerrick, Questor, Sharon



* The systems of law, religion and government were channeled after
the main tape was recorded, as well as the addendum, which came on
another tape.

** Federation of Galactic States were Ashtar’s words. In researching
similar titles I found the Intergalactic Confederation, Universal
Federation and Galactic Federation. Does anybody have updated
information about these titles or any glossary explanations that we
could pass along?