Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Astrology For Wednesday November 26, 2008

Wednesday November 26, 2008

Your life SHIFTS into FORWARD GEAR as Pluto
Enters Capricorn for the next 15 years tonight at
6;05pm. WHERE 0 degrees Of Capricorn is in your
birth chart is now undergoing a Real make over and …
it is time to Create and become the best you can be.

Today with the moon in Scorpio moving v/c at
4;33am we seem to want to do more than is humanly
Possible and with Saturn (practicality and work)
Working hard to help from 2:34am and Jupiter (more)
At 3:50am many of us may be up earlier than normal
Working away.

At 4;33am a square to Neptune could bring some wild
Dreams and since then the moon moves v/c we are in
For an interesting morning and afternoon. What we
Think it is? … well, DARK OF THE MOON is always
A time when things just are not quite going as we expected
And it COULD just possibly be a challenging DARK of
The moon (v/c) day.

In English, go slowly, expect that things will not be
As you think they are and play nice. At 6:05pm Pluto
Shifts gears and YOU are now done with an era ofYour life. WHAT would you like to celebrate and
Gently and easily let go of tonight? IT is the last
Night of the full moon releasing stage also. LET GO
Gently and easily of all thoughts which no longer will
Suite you and who you are discovering you Really are:

9:14pm tonight the moon moves to Sagittarius and
Sets us up for the new dawning of a new sense of
Hope tomorrow.
- Color today
Whatever you wish I will for sure get up this am and
wear the jewelry that FEELS right and dress for that energy.
So, stones? DO you need an intuition boost? Opals, moonstone,
Labradorite Do you need grounding and centering? Amber, agate,
Jet, obsidian, turquoise Do you need TLC? Rose quartz, Kyanite, pearls
Do you need get up and go? Ruby, sapphire, diamond, citrine, carnelian
- Oil of purity and renewal. Pine, fir, frankincense, or maybe
- Kiss for today, imagine?? Believe? AND set the stage to
MAKE IT HAPPEN, a part of your life is over today and
Celebrating that is a GOOD THING and maybe doing some
Gratitude’s tonight? IT is Thanksgiving eve you know?
Carol Barbeau