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Escaping the Illusion's Web: The Entire Solar System is Shifting -

Escaping the Illusion's Web: The Entire Solar System is Shifting -
Part Four of Five

Your entire solar system has recently entered one of these
concentrated fields of consciousness and will remain within its
influence for the next several years. This is challenging all life
forms, the environment, and human concepts and beliefs on your planet
to the limit. What you are about to learn is by no means secret. Each
of these facts can be corroborated with minimal effort on the
Internet. However, your leaders resist sharing the analyses by the
various think tanks that have been examining the data. When you
discover what your governments are being told, you will understand why.

What links the following facts together is a simple Law of Creation:
Whenever any form of consciousness interacts with any other form of
consciousness, both are irrevocable changed. This law - a practical
extension of the Law of One - speaks of the vast entanglement that
takes place within the cosmic hologram. It is the essential meaning of
that passage in your scriptures: God knows if even a sparrow falls to
the ground. Nothing happens anywhere in Creation that does not ripple
throughout the whole of it.

In gross terms, this means that every person you have ever met has to
some extent become a part of you, and you of them. You are the product
of every relationship, as well as every sunset and symphony,
nightmare, and horror movie, you've experienced. But entanglement's
effect on you is even more far-reaching, for you are also the product
of every event in history and bear the energetic imprint of every
person that ever lived on the face of the Earth - just as the essence
of a large pot of stew reflects the minerals of the soil in which the
carrots grew as well as the imperceptible change brought about by the
addition of a single granule of salt. The more subtle effects of
entanglement give rise to the teachings of astrology in which the
relative positions of the unique energetic bodies you refer to as
planets influence you. In fact, because of the Oneness of Creation,
nothing can take place anywhere within its infinite scope that does
not impinge, in some small or large way, upon you. This is
particularly true with respect to those concentrated energies you are
now moving through.

Consider this partial list of what has been happening in your solar
system in the past few years: there has been a visible growth of "dark
spots" on Pluto; Saturn has developed auroras; both Uranus and Neptune
have undergone polar shifts, accompanied, in the case of Uranus, by an
abrupt and significant increase in the intensity of the magnetosphere;
Neptune is displaying a shift of light intensity as well as new dark
spot activity; the magnetic field intensity of Jupiter has doubled,
and extensive auroral activity and a visible change in the energy
field between Jupiter and one of its 62 moons, Io, can now be
observed; Mars is undergoing an atmospheric transformation as
indicated by a cloudy growth along its equator and an increase in
ozone concentration; and there is a notable chemical change on Venus,
marked by a sharp decrease in the sulfur-containing gases in its
atmosphere and an unexpected inversion of its dark and light spots.
Your scientists have recently observed extraordinary lightshows
emanating from Venus, Jupiter's north polar region, and Io, the most
volcanically active space body in the solar system. Meanwhile, the
Earth's own moon has manifested a growing natrium (sodium) atmosphere
that reaches 9,000 km in height.

Possibly the most dramatic changes are taking place on the sun - the
source of biological life on your planet but also the main transducer
of the in-streaming spiraling energies that emanate from your galaxy's
central sun. Your sun's magnetic field is more than 230 percent
stronger now than it was at the beginning of the last century. It is
unleashing a display of sunspots, coronal mass ejections, and other
activities unprecedented in recorded history.

The sun emits an extraordinary spiraling, egg-shaped energy band
called the heliosphere. This is made up of solar winds, or coronal
energy bursts, that stream away from the sun's surface in all
directions at approximately one million miles per hour. The front of
this energy bubble extends well beyond the orbit of the outermost
planet in your solar system to meet all oncoming regions of space
head-on. Not surprisingly, there is a measurable plasmic glow
emanating from the leading edge of the bubble. When first measured by
your scientists less than forty years ago, the depth of the glow was
three to four astronomical units (an astronomical unit is
149,597,870.691 km, the average distance between the Earth and the
sun). It is now estimated somewhere between sixty-five to seventy
astronomical units - an increase of more than 1,500 percent.

Now let's focus on the changes taking place on Earth. The
concentration of cosmic consciousness that the solar system is
currently passing through is the greatest encountered since humans
first populated your planet. The effects of these energies first
became visible as you entered this field of consciousness in the
middle of the last century. Take the Antarctic magnetic pole as an
example. Since the slight drifting of the pole was first noticed in
1885, it has migrated almost 900 kilometers into the Indian Ocean -
that's an average of 9 km per year. The Arctic magnetic pole is also
drifting at an ever-accelerating pace. Just before the turn of the
millennium, the rate of shift was approximately 15 km per year; it
will soon increase its drift toward Eastern Siberia to a rate of 200
km per year - an increase of 1,300 percent. Your world governments are
completely aware of these happenings. For instance, the various
aeronautical agencies, such as the FAA, have required several airports
to update the numbering of their runways (which represent magnetic
compass readings to the nearest ten degrees) to keep up with the
significant shift of the magnetic poles.

This accelerating magnetic migration will soon manifest as a dramatic
pole shift, similar to those on Uranus and Neptune. There has also
been a gradual increase in the average size of your planet's polar
cusp angles (slots or openings in the northern and southern
magnetospheres near the poles), making the Earth increasingly
vulnerable to solar winds and in-streaming galactic energies. As a
result, you will be experiencing a warming in the Earth's crust and
oceans, and a corresponding melting of the polar icecaps.

There will be significant climate changes, but not for the reasons you
might think. The widely publicized greenhouse effect is among the
smaller contributors to global warming. In fact, the constant increase
of carbon dioxide has leveled off, and the methane content in your
atmosphere has actually begun to decrease. However, now the Earth's
temperature regime is becoming increasingly vulnerable to external
influences. The effect may be similar to the relatively rapid period
of temperature instability that took place 10,000 years ago, recently
discovered by your scientists when they analyzed ice-core drilling
samples from Greenland.

Your aeronomists (scientist who study the upper atmospheres of
planets) are rightfully concerned about the sudden proliferation of
HO2, the hydroperoxyl or perhydroxyl radical in your atmosphere. This
has a direct effect on the distribution of your planet's ozone layer
and signals a period of rapidly growing concentration imbalances. The
corresponding divergences in the temperature gradients at various
levels of the atmosphere can directly affect the movement of air
masses, causing major irregularities in moisture circulation patterns.
In simple terms, your weather patterns will become increasingly
anomalous and severe.

We have described only a fraction of the physical shifts taking place
in your sector of the galaxy. There is much more. Yet the passage of
your solar system through the concentrated band of cosmic
consciousness is not serendipitous. As Einstein so rightly pointed
out, God does not play dice with the universe. What is happening is
preplanned and exactly on schedule. It could not be otherwise.

Every expression of consciousness within the heliosphere, from the sun
itself to the planetary bodies and the beings that live on or within
them, is being invited to participate in an immanent "jump" in
evolution. For all forms of consciousness except one, this process is
preprogrammed and automatic. Humans are the only form that has been
given the choice of whether to move into the next paradigm - sometimes
called the rapture or the golden age of peace - or remain mired in the
illusion of duality and separation. Unfortunately, the decision
whether to shift or not is not one you can make intellectually. There
are lessons to be mastered and new areas of awareness to be explored.
You need to learn how to make your DNA receptive to the new energies.

Your geneticists have recently begun to unravel a small part of the
role DNA plays in human evolution. However, their inquiry has been
limited to less than 5 percent of the total DNA structure. The
remaining portions appear to be meaningless, random segments,
dismissed with the somewhat derogatory term "junk DNA." Suppositions
about the function of these enigmatic bits range from dubbing them
trash heaps of defunct genes, or pseudogenes, cast aside and
fragmented during evolution, to proposing they are no more than the
accumulated debris of failed viruses.

These speculations suggest that the unspeakably vast and purposeful
intelligence with which Creation unfolds has made an uncharacteristic
error. We hardly think so. In fact, this extra pool of DNA provides a
reservoir of sequences from which new genes can emerge that can propel
you into your next evolutionary advancement. However, most humans are
choosing to render their DNA inaccessible to the in-streaming
energies, and so they will completely miss the opportunity being offered.

Here's why so many of you are unwittingly making this decision: The
same in-streaming energies that trigger massive weather changes and
tectonic plate disturbances on your planet also impact each human
being residing on its surface. As they reverberate through the
imprints within your chakras (the energy centers that house the
imprints of your beliefs and preincarnational programming), they
create interference patterns that manifest as spontaneous thoughts and
emotions. As the cosmic energies grow more intense, so do the human
responses. They ignite antisocial activities such as terrorism, crime,
and other expressions of extreme dogma. They also prompt the reactions
to those activities: resentment, fear, anger, and - the most corrosive
emotion of all - righteous indignation. All of these responses come at
an enormous price, as any highly imbalanced emotion causes your DNA to
constrict, shorten, and ultimately turn off. Notice that we
deliberately chose the word "any." This is because, from the
perspective of balance, extreme joy is just as far off center as
extreme anger. Everything in Creation ultimately seeks equilibrium.
When you experience a spike of any emotion in the manifest moment, its
unexpressed shadow counterpart is always lurking in the wings. By
acknowledging the presence of the opposite emotion, you balance
yourself again, like a teeter-totter returning to horizontal.

Jean-Claude Koven is a Rancho Mirage, CA based writer and speaker. He
is the author of Going Deeper: How to Make Sense of Your Life When
Your Life Makes No Sense, the Allbooks Reviews editor's choice for the
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