Sunday, November 2, 2008


Higher Self of Carolyn Gervais

Since the beginning of time, men and women have taken their version of
God and molded it into something that somehow validates themselves and
what they want God to be. It is true; humans need their version of
God to be a personal one that they can relate to. That is normal well
and fine, until it is forced on others.

Do you really know that the part of you that is God; the Universal
Power, is the only true reality? The rest is what you might call, an
alternate reality. The Creative Force gave you the gift to co-create
the alternate reality you call Earth and human life… so that you could
make your human life into what you could imagine it to be… the
problem? If your imagined life does not harmonize with someone
else’s, it creates chaos and challenges. But that is the game you set
up dear ones. It is the game you created when many decided they would
do whatever they needed, to get what they wanted.

When you first solidified into human form, you decided that the most
important rule of the human game was to believe that the real or
un-real would be determined by the five senses. With that
stipulation, you created an opportunity to experience life in a bubble
of illusion. Within that bubble, nature challenged your ability to
survive. During that process, you came to fear nature. Dear ones, you
still fear nature and the nature of each other, the only difference is
that your ways of protecting yourselves and manipulating others has
greatly evolved.

To prehistoric man, nature was God. For it was proven that nature has
the power to nurture and protect, but it also has the power to destroy
anything in its path. That is when God became a force to fear. That
core fear of God still exists today in your world inside the limbic
mind of the unaware and fearful. No harm is done by this of course,
except when one becomes so fearful they lash out in
desperation…causing harm, destruction and insanity. This type of
energy creates a vibration, a ripple effect, if you will, that affects
all of life in some way.

The mass consciousness is so filled with fear that it is expressing as
Desperation right now. This kind of desperation is very much alive in
people who feel trapped in the fear of how they are going to survive.
Desperation is also alive in the greed of the well off… that live on
the backs of the little guys that keep the wheels of the world economy
moving. The little guy is the average person who works so very hard
just to keep a roof over his/her head and pay taxes.

Desperation is very dangerous because it is insanity at work. And, it
is causing humans to do what they would not otherwise do… such as
selfish and harmful acts that destroy and inhibit the natural flow of
life. Two important areas you can see that happening is in the world
of politics and in your financial systems. This continues dear ones,
because there is so much corruption in governments of the world,
including in the United States government.

That corruption is no different from when your ancestral religious
leaders of the long ago past purposely convinced the masses that God
was outside of them. Those religious ancestors then made up a God of
their choosing in order to control the unaware. In doing so they
superimposed a judgmental, selfish and greedy God into the minds of
the many, and seemingly threw away the loving God or Creative Force
who created them. Various types of false Ego Gods were then put into
place, inside the different cultures and religions of the earth; like
a mask placed over the Real face of God to hide the truth.

You have been reliving that history dear ones with the same kind of
life that your long ago ancestors lived when their high priests, kings
and religious leaders, determined the rules as to how they, the
masses, would believe, work and live. The masses then, like many in
today’s world were and are forced to live desperate, obedient lives.
The only difference is that manipulating governments has taken the
place of the high priests, kings and religious leaders of the past

Desperation in any form dear ones is not desirable but the need to
become wealthy and powerful so that one feels they are somebody…has
become a means to an end, especially in the American society. The
American society continues to imprint its children and youth of today
that they need to become someone they are not, in order to fit in and
be worthy of the world’s acceptance.

This desperation is causing a dis-ease of the mind, in the form of ego
wars on all levels of society. Unfortunately there are no winners in
ego wars, only wounds that can take a long time to heal. Is it no
wonder that many of your youth of today have disconnected from
parents, teachers and society at large? They often believe they
cannot compete or find their place in a world that is bombarded with
sensationalism everywhere they turn.

Even in your school systems children are desperate to be part of what
they call the ‘in crowd.’ Those that don’t fit the criteria for the
‘in crowd’ are shunned, bullied and mentally if not physically abused
in some way. This is what the so called adults in the media; the
movies and the televised government officials are teaching the youth
of today. Many parents are teaching the same, that force is the way
to get what you want. This implies that force is power because those
who fear will obey.

It is you the adults though, that must first find a way to stop your
selfish ways and childish bickering amongst yourselves. You cannot
expect your youth to find peaceful ways of dealing with human
differences and difficult challenges, if you, the adults at home or in
the media cannot. Children learn what they see adults do, more than
what the adults tell them to do. Your youth can’t improve the world
and human relationships, if you don’t evolve yourself dear adults. You
are causing so much confusion for them with your mixed messages, that
too many of them feel desperate and hopeless. The youth of today have
come to Earth to bring peace, love, compassion and equality to all
forms of life. They don’t care about the color of your skin; all they
care about is who you are as a soul in human form. Find that in
yourself, adults of the world, so that your children can relate to you
on a heart level and know your soul. Your youth need that from you,
so they might feel accepted for who they are without pretense and not
have to hide their light in order to feel safe in the world.

The time is now, for those with integrity to reveal the truth, so that
more of the corruption and lies of the ages will be exposed. Those
who have greedily abused the masses must face what they have
manifested and redeem themselves with the consequences of their
actions. It is not so much the act that hurts all, dear ones, but the
energy the action generates. Energy affects all energy. Destructive
and dishonorable energy is like a slow poison and the only antidote is
(you) dear ones… you who have carried the greedy on your backs and
supported the abusers of your societies because you felt helpless.

It is time for all who have felt like a victim to awaken from the
dream of hopelessness and stand up in compassionate and peace filled
ways for your future and for the future all dream of. Teach your
children to do the same. Let your voices be heard. Let your light
shine so bright that the dark energy is revealed. This is the year
dear ones that more and more corruption will begin to be transformed
but it is you who will transform it. It is the people of the light
that will expose the lies of the ages. You are the people who must
show that force is not power, manipulation is not power, anger and
hate are not power and greed and deceitfulness are not power. True
power comes from an understanding and acknowledgment of the parts that
make up the whole picture of life.

Dear ones, it is the Higher Creative Force, the Cosmic Consciousness
that you are awakening to more and more as 2009’s energy opens you to
a more intense light. A light you are now ready for, that will evolve
the consciousness of mankind even more and give many the strength to
stand up and be heard by governments and by the greedy manipulators
who only have their own best interest at heart. The Cosmic
Consciousness or Higher Creative Force can wipe away false beliefs;
false images, self serving dogma and rhetoric and bring the type of
balance that you the people, are ready to manifest on Earth. Will it
be heaven on Earth? No not yet, but to coin a phrase, you have been
quickly climbing higher and higher on that stair way to Heaven, while
on Earth… no matter how bleak the world looks. Have faith that the
desperation many of you feel is only temporary. Every year many more
awaken and take back the innate power they were born with; the loving,
peaceful power of integrity that is programmed into the DNA of all

All over the world, miracles are taking place because of each of you
who are re-awakening to the Cosmic Consciousness energy that is
beginning to transform the world, through you.

Many, Many Blessing to All of You Dear Ones,

Higher Self of Carolyn Gervais

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