Sunday, November 2, 2008



Good morning dear readers. What a month we have ahead of us! In a
few days we will have a decision on who will be our next President.
The media and internet will be exciting and probably confusing before
and after that November 4th date.
On top of that, all of the stores are kicking in for the holiday
season coming up. At this point I can only say that I hope that all
of us will indeed have a Happy Thanksgiving! For us, the holidays
will be toned down as far as expenses are concerned. Credit cards
need to be put away as long as possible. These next months need to be
full of understanding, consideration, thoughtfulness, and love – these are
the real gifts.


Masters, what do you see regarding the weather conditions in the U.S.
and around the world in November?

MASTERS: “November, as most of you have already heard, will be the
start of a very hard, cold winter for most of the United States and
all countries in the Northern Hemisphere around the world. The
Northern states will be affected first, as heavy amounts of snow and
ice will descend from the Polar regions around the middle of the
month. Cold air will make its way toward the West shortly thereafter,
and the Southwest and Northeast will find temperatures dropping
rapidly. The high and mighty mountains will be white very early and
icy atmospheric conditions will keep them that way through next March.
Because of the changing moods and frequencies of the solar system at
this time, temperature changes can, and will, appear out of the blue,
bringing unexpected warm spells and copious amounts of rain instead of
snow in the lower elevations. This could occur any time during the middle
of the month, and could cause avalanches on slopes where many are skiing.
In other words, be very aware of the weather forecasts and what you
each feel, personally, as atmospheric anomalies creep in unexpectedly.
South of the Equator the Earth will be experiencing just the
opposite, which is generally normal, but this year will see
predictions fail and farmers worrying about crops as the Sun pours
down much hotter temperatures in these climes. Africa will see many
deaths from the lack of water and crops; Italy and the Mediterranean will
feel high vibrations as the earth moves and shakes as it retaliates for the
heat on the surface.
Australia will eventually have to move their indigenous peoples to the
coasts as the outback becomes unlivable. This will not all just happen in
November, but will progress from that point. Humanity still has to learn
to help each other much better than you do now, for many who
desperately need help are being ignored. People must help people.
As to earthquakes, the plates are still moving and will continue to
move; the West Coat of the U.S. has been feeling low-grade quakes for
the last month or so and this will continue. This is not bad, since a
lot of pressure has been let off during these movements. There may be
a few harder quakes, but nothing that we see to be really destructive.
Lava will flow from many volcanoes, those which are well-known and
many that have been thought to have been inactive. The holiday season
will indeed be one to remember, especially in Alaska and in the
Pacific Islands. Rather than concentrating on the world as a whole,
for individuals cannot change this evolution of the Earth, concentrate
now on your own sphere of understanding and your own life as you live
it. Inner guidance is very important now, for it will help you to
follow your own path in life, whatever it may be.”


Masters, please comment on the state of our world today?

MASTERS: On this particular day (10/28) the world is waiting to
hear the results of a major election in the U.S. which will signal
many changes in the concepts of government all over the world in the
next few years. The election will not be as close as expected, and we
see a new ruling party to take over your government.
The coming month of November will hold many surprises , many
disappointments, and many new ways of dealing with the difficulties
that face so many people. As to the stock market, if you have good
stocks, hold onto them. Eat the losses and look forward to large
gains by the end of February. The housing situation will ease up as
those who have not taken on more than they could originally handle
will be able to re-negotiate their mortgages and keep their homes.
Those who did not use good common sense will lose their homes and have
to start over again, hopefully after learning something about making,
keeping, saving, and spending money. A hard lesson, but well to be
learned at this time. Yes, we do see government-based programs being
straightened out – health plans set into place that will include
everyone who really needs them – a push toward educating future
teachers and grading present ones in order to provide better education
for the future leaders and workers of your world. Still, as you have
been hearing from the many speeches being made, the main changes have
to be in the consciousness of humankind. The ego-based insistence on
having the best of everything in the world of matter – the
concentration on physical perfection - the absolute greed that engulfs
the hearts and minds of so many at the cost of poverty for others, has
to be brought out into the open and realized for what it is – the Dark
Side influencing humanity away from the inborn love, strength, and
empathy for others that make life a gracious and beautiful experience.
All of the gadgets make people a lot of money, provide jobs, and keep
the economy expanding in some areas, but the cost to the mind as
electronics take over the job of thinking, seeing, and communicating in
person with others is a high cost to pay. The printed word is important,
but not when the words need to be spoken in person, even by telephone.
Look at the impression that has been made upon millions of people listening
as political candidates forcibly make their points! The impression each of
you make upon each other by talking, touching, and just being together is
even greater, because you are within their personal aura, their own personal
energy, which is felt and understood at very deep levels. Spend carefully
during these holiday months – spend for the necessities, not the fancies.
Realize that borrowing money via credit cards costs money you don’t
need to spend or have to come up with later. Gift-giving should be
from the heart, not from Saks Fifth Avenue!
Yes, the frequencies are increasing and changing Planet Earth, as they
are changing all of the planets in your Solar System as it moves
closer to other systems in your galaxy. Nothing in the universe is
locked into place and everything in creation is in constant motion.
The higher frequencies are causing the changes you are seeing in your
atmosphere, creating new climates across the globe, and raising the
consciousness of humanity to new heights as you evolve to the
beautiful, loving beings you are meant to be. Watch now as the people
who have caused such misery in your world begin to fade away and are
being replaced by more intelligent and understanding leaders and
helpers. This is not a time to be depressed or fearful – it is a time
to look outward and see the creation (albeit slowly, of course) of a
new world in the making! “


(Continued – UNIVERSAL LAWS)


The very strict Law against one human being killing another is still
in force, regardless of the slaughters going on every day. The Law
brings up many questions. Is it all right to kill another during a
declared war? Or is it against Universal Law to war against another
tribe, cultural group, or nation? Of course it is. War of any kind,
especially with weapons that kill human beings, is against Universal
Law. Planet Earth will remain in a state of quarantine as long as it
remains in its war-like, belligerent frame of mind. Reaching out into
space, especially to other populated planets, will simply not be
allowed. ((Question by Ruth: What about exploration now being
carried out on the Planet Mars?))

Answer: Machines can send back to Earth information about the
soil and ancient constitution of the planet, but they cannot affect
any life force existing there. Human beings will be stopped from
setting foot on that planet for a long time to come.
Is it allowed to kill another in self-defense, when one’s own
life is in the balance? Your human laws permit this, but Universal
Law does not. There will be unbridled violence upon your planet for
some time to come, and many people are set upon by robbers or
individuals who are mentally unbalanced, drug-crazed, or by those who
have never been taught that hurting another human being is wrong.
Death is still feared by those who do not have the knowledge that
their lifetime is only a very small part of their real existence.
Dying is not a real tragedy. It is disappointing to the spiritual
self to leave this lifetime without being able to accomplish its
purpose for the lifetime, but even that kind of death brings to the soul a
powerful learning experience.
Taking one’s own life is against Universal Law. A soul takes on
the responsibility for a lifetime in a very serious manner.
Everything that occurs during that lifetime is important.. Diseases
that cause terrible pain are on the rise on Earth, brought on by
humanity itself. The concept of mercy killing or self-assisted
suicide, as compassionate and merciful as you may feel this to be, is
against Universal Law for Planet Earth.
The life of a human being is a holy thing. It is given to further
the soul’s experience that was determined before the lifetime was
entered into. Life must be honored and respected, any life. A
suicide, no matter the circumstance, results in a cloud of remorse
around the returned soul to the spiritual realm, and that may last
many of your centuries. That soul being will not be able to advance
again until that cloud has faded away. It is not a matter of
forgiveness by the Creator. Since all creation is perfection, there
is nothing to forgive in that Divine Mind. The forgiveness of self must
come from the depths of the soul of the suicide.
((Question by Ruth: There is such controversy regarding capital
punishment, we really need some guidelines. Exodus 21, Verse 12, “He
who strikes a man so that he dies shall surely be put to death.” This
is the old Hebraic law, among several others decreeing death as a
punishment. In today’s world, with the intelligence level of
humankind at this point, what is Universal Law?))
The killing that takes place today is almost unprecedented in
human history, regardless of the millions that have been killed by
their fellow humans over the centuries. There are many human beings
who have been instilled with negative mind sets that do not allow for
kindness or love, but are steeped in the glorification of self, the
overwhelming need for money or the things money can buy, regardless of
need, and the almost unbearable inner goading from the Dark Powers to
be better than others and gain power, no matter how. It is
imperative in this century that those with such twisted minds, who
cannot or will not listen to their higher spiritual guidance, be
prevented from preying upon humanity. Your prisons are overflowing
with such people to the point where prisons are becoming a commercial
venture in many places. Murders, rapists, those who prey upon
children, are being released before their terms are completed in order
that more room may be had for those coming into the system from the
Courts. What then is being accomplished? Universal Law is the same
as it has always been; understanding of how it works has not always
been understood.
The Law “You shall not kill” in the Ten Commandments refers to
the killing of a human body by another human being.
There are other laws that pertain to killing of animals that we will
speak of another time if you wish.
This Law does not pertain to the punishment of an individual who
has killed intentionally with hate in his or her heart, or for
personal gain of any kind. There are many levels of judgment that
humanity may make, and many of them are either too lax or too
heartless. A killing that is accidental or from carelessness should
be punished in a way that gives the individual time to reflect upon
the act, to bring his or her mind back to a state of clarity or
educated about the circumstances that caused the action. This is not
an act that merits being put to death.
War has always been the horrible mass action of killing the
“enemy”, with governments training and brain-washing young men and
women to commit actions of hate without conscience and upon orders,
thoughtlessly and with the concept of saving their own country or
culture, or land, or whatever. Killing for political power is
certainly not new and lives again is a kind of punishment other people
will never know or understand. The real punishment lies upon the
shoulders of those who initiated such mass murder for their own power
or greed. When they return to the spiritual realm, the recognition of
what they have done will take thousands of years of unpleasant
lifetimes in many places before the actions can be erased from their
souls. This is not a punishment from God; this is their own
determination to wipe the slate clean again. God forgives
immediately, even the most horrendous actions of humanity.
The spiritual being housed in a human body has Free Will, just as
the spiritual being has Free Will. The decisions made by a human being
are their own. If a man or woman decides to kill another for any
reason, their punishment has been set in time. Human laws are many
and varied, but in most countries the sentence of death when such an
action can be proven without a doubt, is given to the killer. This is
also Universal Law. If the action cannot be proven and the killer is
set free, the sentence is still in force. Upon arriving back into the
spiritual realm, that sentence hits the spiritual being like a hammer,
and it is sent back into a lifetime where it is placed into situations
where he/she is killed in like manner. If the killer has tortured and
hurt a victim terribly, the same torture will be metered out to him or
her. There is no escape from an ultimate punishment for an
intentional killer.
There have been many good people who recognize that a misguided
young person (for example, one who has never had love or been taught
right from wrong) should not be held responsible for his or her
actions for this reason. Yes, they will be.
Without understanding the inner spiritual being that guides the life
of all human beings, those doing the judging do not see that every
person does feel that guidance and has the choice of accepting or
rejecting it. Selfishness, greed, the need to be accepted and revered
by peers; all are a part of the choice. There are many young people
reared in difficult and unpleasant circumstances who do listen and who
do rise above their situations to become responsible and loving people
They made a choice, too.”

(To be continued in December issue – much more on this!)

Ruth Ryden
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