Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Free will, choice and pre-determined destiny

Free will, choice and pre-determined destiny
Magenta Pixie through Taliessa Pink

Free will, choice & pre-determined destiny

Can we really help someone else to Ascend or do they have to do it on
their own?

The response to this would be both. You as wayshowers and Lightworkers
can help many and this is indeed your mission.

You can inform or lead another to information, you can help, heal,
support and love others as they take their first steps onto an
Ascension path. No one takes this path alone, they are always guided
and supported by their higher light guidance and indeed by others who
exist in human form on your planet.

On another level of course they do have to do this themselves, for
“others” be they human on Earth or higher density energies, can only
show them the doorway and support them as they walk through it. It is
they who take their own steps through that doorway.

They have a choice, they always have a choice, for the free-will of
another is always respected and upheld.

You say we have free will and choice but you also say everything is
pre-determined so which of these is true?

Again the response here is both.
Free will is part of the consciousness of the universe. It is the
driving force behind expression which leads to creation. Beings must
create, for as the universal “all that is” creates then so do all
beings who are a reflection of that “all that is”

Free will is therefore within every consciousness structure.

Humans are a universal consciousness structure and therefore
automatically carry free will energies allowing them choice.

Yet it is also true that your lives are pre-determined to an extent-
for one can never truly predict which reality the being shall choose
to manifest even whilst the being manifests them all, from our

We do our jobs in guiding that being to a place where they are in
alignment with that plan of pre-determination or incarnate blueprint.

Many futures are available to each being due to the very nature of
consciousness itself. Therefore one has free will to wander from the
blueprint should one choose to do so.

However one is always guided to remain within the blueprint and this
still does not mean free will is therefore removed, for the being was
operating under free-will when the blueprint was designed – which from
your perspective was prior to that being incarnating into matter.

From our perspective we are guiding our own third density self along
the blueprint we chose with free will even whilst allowing free will
to our own third density self counterpart to walk away from his/her
own blueprint should he/she wish it.

One is also free to change their blueprint consciously from the third
density consciousness, even though changing one's blueprint has
already been pre-determined within one's original blueprint.

One would have arrived at a connected consciousness level and would be
operating from the higher self perspective without human ego before
one would feel it appropriate to change their blueprint.

This situation is rare and usually applies when a being has progressed
further along the soul path that one would expect. We speak here from
your perspective as from our vantage point all possible blueprints
have already been written for every being.

Therefore free will is always an integral part of the human being's
consciousness and all races, multi dimensional energies and
extra-terrestrial beings are to abide by the law of free will.