Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Being Abundant

Being Abundant

As above, so below.

You are aspects of the universe! You are particles of the Source of
all being! You are connected to the creative energies that formed all
things seen and unseen! Do these words thrill you? Do they give a
sense of belonging? Are you aware of these concepts in your daily routine?

For so many, life becomes a series of moments that are just like the
days that preceded them. For so many, life has become an exercise in
endurance, waiting for the next day off or the next social event to
break a cycle that is very small. It does not have to be this way.

You are an aspect of the creative energies. You are not simply
connected to them. We cannot emphasize this enough. There is an aspect
of awareness that you must gain regarding this information. When you
make a simple statement, you are inviting the creative force to
action. Become aware of how you speak. This may answer some of your
questions regarding your life at the current moment. Do you say, “I am
tired,” or “I am bored,” or “I am without resources” or similar
statements? Do you speak in terms that visualize life and the planet
as growth oriented and vital? Or do you speak about problems and
shortages? This is where the creation of your life begins. Become
aware of how you speak and your existence then begins to change. Say
what you want, not what you fear.


Part of this awareness is that you are not the only being who is
creating. This means that you will find it necessary to navigate
through other beings’ creations, that is, their lives. When you use
the term “co-creation” remember that you are not just speaking of
another being creating with you. There are other beings creating their
existence without even knowing you. These other beings have thoughts
and opinions of their own and a unique perspective as well. You must
remember that they are also aspects of the Source the same as you.
There will be times when it is necessary to be patient while other
beings pass by on their journey. In the broadest sense all creation is
a co-creation.

We focus now on the concept of co-creating with someone else.
Sometimes that will be a physical family member, other times that may
be someone who is a business partner. Sometimes you may find yourself
dealing with someone who is not on the physical plane at all. Let us
speak of this latter situation.

If you are co-creating with a being of higher vibration then you may
want to allow them to express their perspective, for they have a
greater sight. This does not mean that you must accept their sight as
best. Your opinions are valid in the creation of your own life. There
are three aspects to your life. They are body, mind and spirit and
these are not separate from each other. They must be equally fulfilled
and balanced for happiness. You must pay attention to each of these
areas as you create your life. Your spiritual companions are aware of
your spiritual needs most of all. They are least aware of your
physical needs. This is where you must place your attention to achieve
a balanced and healthy life while you exist on the planet.

Prosperity, Wealth and Abundance

There are three interlocking energies that provide for a happy
physical life. We often find ourselves using these terms to discuss
money, but in truth there is much more that contributes to a happy
physical life. We have said before, money is a symbol and nothing
more. It is a symbol of energy, your energy, and you would all do well
to learn what other energies impact your life and affect your
relationship with money.

The three energies that provide for a happy physical life are
Prosperity, Wealth and Abundance.

Prosperity is the energy of increase. It is applicable to many areas
of life and should begin in each of those areas to be the most
beneficial to you. Be prosperous in health and in your intellectual
pursuits and in your relationships and then prosperity will come more
naturally in terms of wealth.

Wealth is the accumulation of energy generally in the form of
possessions or money. The goal of a prosperous person is not to
accumulate vast sums, but rather to create a flow of abundance that
benefits many, not just self.

Abundance is the use of energy to create a comfortable place for
growth. It is similar energy to that of sharing. You do not need many
things to create an area of growth so there is no need to wait until
you have amassed wealth to act in an abundant way. In fact, if you act
within the energy of abundance, wealth will come to you easier for
wealth is an energy that needs room to grow.

Being abundant then is not simply about having more. It is about
growing or creating. This requires you as an individual, an undivided
one, to take certain steps and actions on your own behalf. You must be
clear in what you desire and state a specific and attainable goal. Do
not set small goals!

Setting Goals as a Spiritual Work

Once you have stated your goals clearly, you now must act in a manner
that is in harmony with them. If you wish for a peaceful family life,
you must act in a peaceful, not passive, way. If you wish to have a
higher quality of home or clothing, you must look and inquire and act
as if those things are available to you. Even if you do not clearly
see the path that will take you to your goals, you must take steps
toward them.

The setting of goals is a spiritual work. It is a spiritual work
because it affects your Karmic thread. The setting of goals begins on
the physical plane, however. Many believe asking for something
physical is somehow against their spiritual path, as if lack has some
hidden virtue. Does the universe lack anything? No, the universe
contains everything! Again, you are an aspect, a worthy aspect of the
universe. The universe wants balanced energy. If you lack something or
deny yourself something needed then you may find that your personal
energy has become imbalanced.

In fact if you are in accord with the energies of prosperity, wealth
and abundance you have an opportunity to assist others to gain their
own balance. We remind you now that you can only balance one
individual in your life and that is yourself. No one can do this work
for you, they can only assist you. That is why you have spiritual
companions so that you can have opportunity to become spiritually

Your existence on the physical plane offers you a potential that your
spirit companions do not have easy access to; the potential to assist
other physical beings. This places you in good company! It also gives
you access to more energy for creation for the universe wants energy
to flow and move. With more energy you will find that prosperity,
wealth and abundance follow easily and steadily. Your goals then begin
to appear more readily.

In this way you will begin to achieve a more spiritual life.

Physical Life

All around the planet life has been and continues to be abundant. Are
there challenges currently? Yes there are, but the earth has faced
challenges in the past and always it responds with abundance and
creativity. Place yourself in line with this thought and concept now,
today, and watch how you begin to feel abundance grow within you.

It is not a mistake to desire or to possess. To skillfully create an
opportunity to have pleasant physical surroundings is an integral part
of the universe. Why not do this on the scale at which you currently

There are some who would want to limit what they should expect. We
tell you now; the universe is vast and plentiful. Think big. Set big
goals. Make plans and set a purpose for your life that exceeds what
others expect from theirs. Look to the future by raising your eyes.
You will see things in the distance, great things, and you will
pattern your feelings and your thoughts in such a way as to expect to
always see and experience great things.

It is easy, once you have started to see the abundance all around. It
becomes easier then to feel the energy of Source in all things and in
all beings. Once you begin to feel this energy it becomes easy to
express love towards others and so create a space for them to
experience prosperity as well. This is a cycle of the universe and it
is repeated many times and in many ways. It is the cycle that brings
harmony and peace.

Become abundant and prosperous in your life and in this way you will
seek and spread peace.

copywrite 2008, Jeff Michaels,