Thursday, November 6, 2008

Living the dance of Light

Living the dance of Light
Magenta Pixie through Taliessa Pink

Living the dance of Light is remaining in the flow of oneness by
anchoring your alignment of multi-dimensional bodies to the Zero Point

Standing at that point one moves forward in any direction yet never
leaves and always returns to the Zero Point.

Energy flows in abundance when one takes this central point, energy of
life giving prana, protection and third density comforts challenges
come faster than ever as the Zero Point is accessed, yet these
challenges are always embraced with love, for the one who stands in
the centre and walks in alignment with cosmic universal flow knows
these challenges are gifts bringing growth and learning.

Challenges embraced are challenges overcome and living energies are
taken closer and closer to the Ascended state of Zero Point.

Living the dance of Light is walking with one's eyes open whilst one
seeks to open the eyes of others and to hold their hands through the
Ascension path as the guides from higher density shall hold your hands.

DNA fluidly moves within it's intricate and intelligent design-moving
across inner space in the form of the micro-cosmic Lightship.

Living the dance of Light is to embrace oneness whilst still incarnate
in separation. To love and accept service-to-self energies even whilst
you flow within service-to-others energies.

Living the dance of Light is to love your oppressor and forgive those
who even now seek to control you and live off your energy. Those that
seek to do this shall fall and be re-born as the new energies that are
now in abundance on your Earth no longer support this.

Living the dance of Light is to embrace abundance by knowing how to
freely give and receive keeping energies flowing and always moving in
love and in light.