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The Energies of Light and Dark: Finding Harmony Within

The Energies of Light and Dark: Finding Harmony Within
The Hierarchy through Frank Hoogerbeets
November 11, 2008

As the Earth moves upward on the spiral of evolution into higher frequency bands of existence, your concepts of life are gradually changing and becoming more mature. If you look back you will see a magnificent change in how you viewed your world in the past and how you perceive it now. It is especially your changing concept of duality we wish to address at this time.

In the past, all you knew was that there were 'good' things and 'bad' things in life and you shaped your life accordingly; if you encountered something good (or familiar), you opened up or even embraced it, but if you were confronted with something bad (or alien), you flinched and you allowed emotions of fear to take over. These concepts were part of your previous evolutionary cycle, and as children of Creation you had to find your way through the lower densities through discerning between good and bad, right and wrong, judgement and non-judgement. However, we can assure you that these days are over! You will no longer be tossed between the extremes of the lower density frequency spectrum unless you yourself choose to do so. You will no longer need to experience confusion and uncertainty as to what choices to make unless you wish to experience it. This is because humanity as a whole and the planet are in the process of entering a new level of consciousness where good or bad simply does not exist. On this new level of consciousness you will make choices in alignment to the wishes of your soul, your Higher Self, which you will experience as your heart's desire. In the past you were also able to feel the wishes of your heart but often you ignored them because of fear which resulted in uncertainty and a lack of self-worth allowing your mind to take control as a substitute. This was the situation where the minister or advisor ruled instead of the king or queen. But the mind was never able to grasp the king's wisdom; your heart KNOWS whereas your mind is able to analyse and draw conclusions. In your past your heart and mind were also very much in conflict whereby most of the time the voice of your heart was silenced. It was all part of you experiencing the lower three dimensional world and all of your experiences greatly added to your insights and wisdom.

As you move forward through the transition into a new higher awareness, you often speak of embracing the Light and leaving behind the darkness. Depending on how you interpret these words, it could mean liberation as much as it could mean confinement. Of course each and every one of you aspire to embrace the Light and enter higher states of consciousness where harmony and abundance are predominant. Many of you desperately yearn for this new world to arrive and it is a good thing to have a clear picture of what you want your reality to be. However, while in the process, you may forget or not wish to look at those parts of your being not yet in harmony but yearning to come to the surface to also enjoy the new world. If you do not allow disharmonious parts of yourself to be healed you cannot enter new levels of consciousness.

We know that parts of your being desperately seeking harmony are connected to miscreations from the past and that it is a painful process to face them, but it is an essential part of the transitional process and you must allow those parts of your being to be healed. We have often said that there is no such thing as good or bad, and this holds true for every aspect, every world, every universe ever created or ever to be created. You cannot do good things or bad things; all you do is create your own reality according to what you wish to experience. This is part of your free choice, as we have explained before. However, within the context of this free choosing there is the concept of what we term polarized intent. All of Creation is based on the polarity positive and negative, male female, light, dark, upward, downward. In fact you could not exist without the creation of a downward spiral as it was the highway you took from Source into fragmented 'smaller' sparks of divinity. This is what we term negatively polarized intent, and there is nothing negative about in the sense of good and bad. It is simply an expression of intent and purpose, and as you know Everything in Creation has purpose, namely to achieve ever higher states of consciousness. But to achieve higher states of consciousness an upward spiral must be created through positively polarized intent. From the larger picture of Creation downward and upward spirals must always be in balance as all things in Creation constantly strive to be in balance and harmony. So there cannot be a downward movement without upward movement.

As you intent to follow the upward spiral of Ascension, which will eventually be every divine spark's intention, ALL parts of your being NOT in harmony MUST be dealt with! There is no other way. This means that you have to look at yourself, be honest with yourself and most important of all, Not be afraid of yourself. Darkness is simply another expression of creative energy, as is Light, and you cannot lock up or suppress the dark energies within you as they must be brought into balance with your light energies. In the end light and dark are two faces of Creation; they are not enemies. And as you reach higher planes of existence you bring those two aspects of creation within yourself in harmony by allowing both to integrate and merge fully, which will result in a metamorphosis and rebirth of your being. As long as parts of your being or in the world as an expression of the reality created by you, are not in harmony, there is work to be done for you as a co-creator. So what you mean and is often termed in the spiritual communities by moving out of darkness and into Light, is bringing all aspects of yourself in harmony, not hiding away the dark parts of yourself and fleeing for confrontations. If confrontations arise, it is an indication that the time has come to bring disharmonious aspects into balance, whether it be aspects within yourself, within your family or within your community. Eventually they are all interconnected and part of who you are.

Another aspect we wish to discuss here which is closely related to this subject and largely part of the old ways of your world, is the aspect of judgement. In your past it was considered normal to judge someone's behaviour if it did not meet your standard or to blame someone else for what happened to you. You did this because you did not realize that everything and everyone is interconnected and part of who you are and that by judging you attracted it into your life and even became what you judged! "What you judge is what you become." This is a universal law for in truth you always judge yourself thereby expressing your own discontentment and lack of self-love and self-worth. It is an unbalanced, disharmonious state of being that needs to be healed sooner or later. That is why you attract it into your life. And with the speeding up of frequencies currently manifesting on Earth you will almost instantly be confronted with your own judgemental behaviour if it still resides in your energy system.

What you will experience more and more is the falling away of the old world and old habits. Most of you were taught during childhood that creating a successful, happy and comfortable life and finding contentment is the goal to achieve. Now you come to understand that it does not bring the fulfilment you hoped for. This is because the old world was not concerned with spiritual growth of any kind, but solely with acquiring material goods and luxury and finding contentment in a self-created comfort zone where you could find a certain peace of mind, sit back and do. nothing. It is the very reason why your financial system is collapsing as it was created and motivated by greed, which cannot have a place in the reality now manifesting on Earth. What you truly seek is harmony within. It is what you have been seeking all along!

The state of harmony and love has nothing to do with self-content and passivity. No, it means playing an active role in developing and maintaining a society that meets the needs of all, not of a view. It means helping each other through sacrificial service based on unconditional love instead of going your own way at the cost of others. These are the major changes that you will see manifesting on Earth in the coming years. You will not find harmony by hiding away but by standing fully radiant, self-centred, and by bowing to and expressing the Will of your Higher Self. Once your Soul has regained full control over its earthly vessel you will discover, or actually rediscover the real YOU and that there never has been anything else but YOU! All conflicts eventually lead to harmony. Conflicts are but alienated expressions of the One meeting each other again and finding ways to reach a state of harmony. Once you realize and recognize the One within everything and everyone, you will no longer feel the need to express disharmonious feelings like discontentment, jealousy and hatred.

We are joyous to see that so many of you find their way out of the labyrinth of duality. What happens today is the union of genders, of races, religions and cultures. And even though the transition may be difficult and uncomfortable for you while occupying a physical body, it will be a small price to pay for what awaits you. We are the Hierarchy and we await you fully radiant expressing the Love you carry within. We bless you.

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