Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sananda Message through Gerald Brown

Sananda Message through Gerald Brown

I am very excited about coming back to this acrylic process, which I'm
very familiar with. I see there has been much progress made since our
last connection in 2005. Actually, I have been with all of you off
and on during this time period. Now that it is getting very close to
the time that Mother Earth is going to relapse into re-soul
consciousness and taking many of her parishioners with her. There are
certain ones of you that have aligned yourself at this time, to not
only experience this phenomena, but to help Mother Earth's connection
with the ones of you that are in transition. One of the first
indications that you are connected with this process is you will have
this tremendous drive to know, and most of you know who you are, and
if you are not sure, you will be assured in a very short time. Like I
told you in that last transmission, the female energy is calling the
shots on this one and this is why my mother, Mary, was picked to take
on this challenge.

I'm having a little trouble interacting with the one that is bringing
this through because of the lack of confidence that he is working
through. This is why I had him read the last transmission from a few
years ago. The biggest drawbacks with mankind is once he establishes
a new awareness, he thinks his old information has no meaning, when in
fact it is very important to add to your consciousness and not change
it because everything you have learned, virtually and religious wise,
has got you to what you are now.

When you are in your meeting, which I was very interested in the last
one on the 22nd, there are two kinds of explanations that are given on
whatever subject that happens to be on the table at the time. One is
coming from the heart and is explaining his or her experience through
the dynamic that has been laid in front of them. The other is showing
everybody how much they know about the subject, which of course gives
ego a chance to unload. I'm not saying this to make somebody wrong,
because everybody does it. I'm saying this for you to pay attention
to the patterns you use in your explanation that will allow you to
have a much clearer connection with whomever you are communicating
with because the energy of intent has a much easier road to follow if
it does not have an ego base to contend with throughout a conversation.

Any conversation that is totally dedicated to your spiritual awareness
or advancement and coming from the heart, can flow freely and be
understood by others, because the ego can't control the conversation,
which opens up a huge path of understanding that was not there before.

JB: I have some questions, are you prepared to answer them? Thank
you. In past documents that I have received from different segments
of the universe, I can't quite remember where from, but we were told
that this planet is made up of many different living beings from all
over the universe, but that there was an original group of people that
were here prior to the others that were brought in, is this
information pretty much in line and if so, could you elaborate on it
for me?

Sananda: Yes, this is pretty much true if you are comparing this in
linear time. Remember, this has not been something that has started
at some point and is looking for a place to end. So, let's look at it
in the simplest form since many people will be reading this and try
to make some kind of sense out of it. Your information about the
Pleiadiens originally setting up housekeeping on Earth is a good
analogy of how you became into existence. You did not have the
physical structure you have now, but because of all the different
beings that were introduced on to Mother Earth, you physically have
changed in appearance but basically the same, all the physical parts
are generally in the same place.

What you have lost is the capability of mental creation at will. You
have turned on your frequency to a point where you create haphazardly,
without realizing that you are doing anything at all. But, I see a
tremendous exchange of forward motion since the last time we
communicated. You are starting to put this together and bring
everything back to its original state very quickly. You are finally
learning to not be controlled by the so-called ones in charge and the
present day media and just learning that the whole system is basically
set up to control you and has no real validity. This understanding
alone, if applied, will advance you quicker than anything. You cannot
advance if anything at all is controlling you and I'm sure you know
what I mean.

The original intent of this planet was interrupted with different
species of human that were introduced into this culture and interbred
with the original ones from the Pleiades, which changed everything
into a third dimensional consciousness. It really did not interfere
too much, but it took more time to process the different
consciousnesses to become in line with each other by using force,
which is the very hardest way to do anything. But, it looks like it
is getting closer to a divine consciousness that will work together
and in the long run this will probably work out better once this is
understood and allowed to process in its own state.

What you are about to experience with this new vibratory pattern, will
pretty much amaze you how fast it can happen. Many of you have been
preparing for this for some time now and all you have to do is release
the separatism that has kept you in a very low frequency without much
insight, now that you have joined together with others with this new
intention, you all seem to want to know how this futuristic promenade
is going to take place. The key to understanding this is when things
get worse in third dimensional frequency and when everything starts to
fall into a lower frequency than in the new dimensional that you are
entering into. One more time; the less you resist your old way of
life, the more you adhere to it. As long as you still contribute any
energy to what you are leaving; different habits, different fears or
anything that is not in a creative motion, prevents you from frequency
extension. I hear you express how this works and you seem to
understand but in many cases it is not being practiced.

Remember Darwin's theory? Basically what you do is create your
physical body according to the environment you live in. Well, there
is no need for getting into this too deep but there still is part of
what you are processing now; you are learning to adjust your frequency
to the new one that is being put into place. This is why sometimes
there is weakness and narrow adjustments that have to take place while
this process is becoming part of the New World Order. Humans have a
feeling that they have to revive something, even though it doesn't
need it.

JB: I have a question, I know we are expanding to a higher frequency
and I realize that we must become responsible for how we react going
into this new vibrational avenue. Personally myself I have been
receiving many excerpts and much information, which in most cases I am
not able to comprehend. My question is, why would I be presented with
this material if I don't understand?

Sananda: Very good question. Most of the information that you are
receiving at this time, is training you to become acquainted with this
method of processing thought. I know a lot of the information you are
receiving now is quite confusing, but we must start some place. You
have a very strong backing now with other's information and
experiences with this, it will become much clearer to process.
Remember, you have a tremendous third dimensional majority of people
that have in most cases, a complete different format than the ones of
you that are looking for change. It is just like your elections,
everyone is looking for somebody else to save them and as you know,
only each individual can save themselves. By using the word save even
confuses it more because there is nothing to be saved from, all there
has to be is understanding on how the process works by adhering to
universal law. This is what most of you that are working on this
project are all about.

You were told before, anytime you process anything in a third
dimensional manner, that is what the results will be is third
dimensional and once you give your power away by following the process
that is in the majority at this time, you stop your ability to draw on
higher frequencies. And, the word that I keep hearing is how hard
this process is to change over. So, this alone continues to be a
stumbling block in retrieving a new frequency that is much more
palatable than the one you are in. Some of you are getting small
doses now of that new frequency, which will eventually train you to
continue the new elevated patterns you are adjusting to.

I am about to return into my physical form, which I have done many
times since the return of man into third dimension, my colleagues and
myself approximately every two to 3000 years, reenter into a physical
plummet, to help this process transpire. This time our higher
frequency factor does not have to be lowered to experience this
process, so basically we will not be affected by the early stages of
life frequencies that causes much physical discomfort or mental
anguish. I also will enter without using the birth canal, which I'm
sure none of you know what I'm talking about. It just requires the
energy exchange of frequencies between male and female like it was
originally designed before the human race decided to duplicate the
animal process, which is very unnecessary because humans are able to
inject the pituitary gland in the brain, which allows many processes
that you experience in this form to take place without physical effort.

It looks like to me very soon many of mankind's inhabitants will start
using this process because many of you are experiencing this at this
time, in lower consciousness. And, as you have heard many times, I'm
sure, the word allowance is a thought that must be put in place for
this to be possible. There is no way that universal consciousness has
to be guided or repaired when it is a perfect force of creation and as
soon as you stop trying to change the rotation of the planet, the
sooner you will adhere to this new energetic conundrum, a whole new
force, this planet will take a complete 180.

As you stop following the process of your planet the way the powers to
be want you to, and just tap into your own connection with Mother
Earth's frequency, each one of you will be given a process that will
not interfere with each other and allow you to reestablish the
original meaning of life in its original frequency. Everything now
that is in process in the lower frequency has been copied and does not
have original origin, and this is what you are in the process now of
re-creating. I know at times it is very confusing because of the
tremendous difference between the two frequencies that transpires.
But, now at least you have a visual and a mental that will help you
retain the confidence that there is really something going on and it
isn't just your imagination. In fact, to clear this up, it is your
imagination when you have the understanding and confidence to put this
into process that will make it work.

Each time when I come in, in a physical state, my responsibility is to
help mankind realign with Mother Earth's moon energetic field between
the two plummets at this time. Mankind demands a new process in
understanding creation and this is when I process the new concept of
how you use your creative powers. Like I said before, I have
experienced this process many times and each time it gets more and
more complex. This time is the most expanded mental reprocessing that
I have been involved in. Most of the ones that are reading this
document are in the process of realigning themselves with others and
with the Mother Earth connection. There will be some that are about
to enter into this new consciousness that will lose control and look
like their mind has completely dis-attached from what their reality
is, even though it seems at times they are connected, they are still
stuck in self, which has no creative force behind it and will
eventually just die out.

The reason this happens is a mis-qualified energy that is being
processed without contemplating, just creates a mis-informed entity to
attach itself to something or someone that is not in creative form.
The way you deal with this is to allow it to burn itself out and not
give it any power; otherwise, it will just keep manifesting dogmatic
substance, which is a creative force that has no conclusion.
Everything has to have an outcome to turn it into some sort of
creation. Just aimlessly creating life situations without this
outcome has no way to connect with matter. Let's take for instance
all the different emotional setbacks that humans have acquired, like
worrying, jealousy, prejudice, hate, lust and many more. These are
not conditions, you were born with these attributes. You have learned
that these absolutely add no value to your life, all you have come in
with is love and that is all you need.

Soon you will be a product of a much more stable subordinated life
force world, where living in human form at this level requires an
energy field that resonates in the same field as love energy. What
this will do is keep you out of the discordant processes that will be
taking place during the time of exchange. In many cases, if you
weren't in this higher frequency and seeing everything in perfection,
you would get caught up in some of the discomforts and suffering that
is in the process of manifesting at this time. By understanding how
the universal laws work and not drifting from them too far, and
understanding how the law of attraction works when you are under the
influence of fear. Remember, everything like I named off earlier that
isn't an adaption to life and created from mankind's fear-based
process, will keep you from rising out of the frequency based
environment that you are now leaving.

As you enter into this newly formed conscious level, your physical
bodies will start to experience a lot of confusion that you never had
before and this will pertain to everybody, but most of you will have
strange physical setbacks or at least feel like they are not too
comfortable because every time you tear something out and replace it
with a more efficient part, there has to be some confusion and
discomfort involved. Not because there is pain involved in
reconstruction but because your comfort zone is disrupted and you
perceive it as something being out of order and breaking down. The
ones that are having this discomfort are the ones that will be
teaching this to people that don't understand and are having the same
discomfort. Some of you now have been disrupted by energies that are
best qualified by universal supply and dealt with in order for them to
re-transpire into original consciousness. There are some now that are
very gifted but because of their total focus on themselves are unable
to use many of these gifts, so it doesn't do much good if you can't
use them.

Whenever you catch yourself having compassion for others, this
reintroduces yourself into disarray and does not allow the person or
whatever you are having this compassion for, to follow its creation
code of consciousness. This also screws up the energy to a point it
cannot return to its origin. Without this return, you lose your point
of reference and are not able to reconnect with the Mother Earth's
frequency that is being introduced at this time.

There are several of you that have been introduced into this concept
or conceptual process that have experienced it many, many years ago
and are now reintroducing it into a process of change that will be
part of your new life experience. Once you get a small taste of this,
it will give you a drive you have never experienced in any lifetime
prior to now. This reintroduction also gives you a picture which
builds throughout the many years that get to this point. In other
words, it will look like one big single life instead of many small
ones. You will be able to see all the inputs throughout these life
experiences at this point and see the whole picture and react to
everything in a complete re-recognizable way. And one of the big
advantages to this is as everything changes into a higher
complimentary way, you will not be affected emotionally and be able to
do your job without all this preprogrammed emotions in your way and
you will learn to live totally on the love energy and not that other
stuff that has been introduced into your reality.

There are two interacting energies that symbolize the action of
creation, one is "I need to know" and the other is "I already know".
When you are in the "I already know everything" the ego becomes in
charge and introduces you to a place that is very abomidable to
adversarial thought patterns from consciousness. This gives the
adversarial thoughts the opportunity to be in control and slams you
into a very self-centered area without any consideration for anybody
else and puts itself in a very high place of self-image. Now nothing
can be qualified into a creative condition, which totally stops the
integration of new awareness. I am bringing this to your attention
because there are some of you that are going through this at this
time, that should look at this and make some adjustments. As you know
by now, there is no evil or bad anywhere. It's just programming you
have that creates this condition and can be used by the ones that are
controlling the planet against you. Anytime you can put fear into
someone's life, you pretty much have them in a summative condition.

Now I would like to explain how the sequence of events allows the so
called ones that are in charge to hold their power. For the ones of
you that are not familiar with the many different segments and life
forms that inhabitant your universe, it would behoove you to spend
some time looking into this, because it is quite mind boggling and
throws a whole different perspective into the picture. There are
literally thousands of different species of living beings throughout
the universal Chandra. Most of them pretty much stay to themselves,
but there are a few that venture out and help themselves to whatever
they think they need and they will eliminate you if you are a problem.
Now I could go on and on how these different life forms conquer and
destroy whatever they see fit to benefit themselves, but this is
something that is pretty well documented. If somebody is interested
enough it can be found on the Internet. What these different
predators do is use their greatest tool of course, the conscious fear
that humans seem to have plenty of. This is where I step in and
educate you to the fact that you cannot be overpowered by any outside
influence if you understand the tools you are fitted with and how to
use them.

Homo sapiens that are capable of using their emotional instinctual
gift that are using it from the heart, which means using this process
in the WE energy, has a defense system that is second to none and
that is your pineal gland, which some of you call the third eye. Most
of the life forms take advantage of anyone to confiscate whatever they
think they need and use a mental process which will defeat and shut
down any adversary that will be in their way. The one strength that
the human race has is this pineal gland, which has been shut down for
thousands of years except for infants. Small children would be a good
teacher that can allow you to open this gland and make it a functional
part of your system. Once the pineal gland is in operational
condition and the individual is learning to come from heart center,
two things happen; fear is completely eliminated and your psychic
ability starts opening up at a rapid pace and allows you to see and
feel universal connections that weren't there before. Also, when you
do have to deal with different species that are not in favor of you
surviving, they will feel this energy field and basically stay away
because they know whatever they do to you will basically be returned
to them. So this leaves a huge advantage in anyones favor, as long as
it is used correctly and is coming from the heart.

This is the first real time that mankind has risen to a point where
his pineal gland is starting to function and becoming a working part
of his brain. You don't have to do anything special or have any
special training or even believe it to enhance this wonderful
connection with the universe, just using love and intention will make
it happen. Also by using it as protection, will deplete the energy
from this gland because you're emitting fear if you have to protect
yourself from something and as you know, fear can negate just about
anything if it is allowed to be in charge. What you call as human
beings in this dimension are one of the most powerful segments of life
in existence once they introduce and use the pineal gland in a correct
fashion. At this point you have freedom because nothing, and I mean
nothing, can interfere with you when you are able to see a clear path
to your spiritual awareness. Just think of the things in your life
that you would have accomplished if fear was not involved. And this
is what many of you now are transposing into the pineal gland. Thank
you for your attention. I will be in touch, Sananda.