Tuesday, November 18, 2008

SaLuSa: Keep Focussed Upon Your Goal

SaLuSa: Keep Focussed Upon Your Goal

What you are seeing around you are positive signs that the people are taking back their power, and coming together in mass consciousness that demands changes of unprecedented levels. Their energies are providing the power that will ensure their wishes are manifested. Already there are indications of the new direction you are heading into, and the President elect is being guided accordingly. Just allow events to unfold in good time, and you will see the potential fulfilled by those appointed to carry out such tasks.

There are answers to any predicament that you find yourselves in, but with those that are of worldwide proportions allowance must be made for the sheer size of the challenges facing you. However, all around there is a growing sense of achievement, as it becomes apparent that the people are no longer prepared to accept whatever is thrown at them. Instead they realise they are in a commanding position and lead the movement for change. Coming together in a common purpose exercises your power to determine your own future. As the picture takes shape you will begin to see where you are heading, and there is every reason to be optimistic about it.

We will say time and time again, that you must keep focussed upon your goal. Allow the clearing out to proceed with the minimum effect on you, knowing that it simply precludes the opportunity to sweep away the old outworn ideas that no longer serve you. We of the Galactic Federation are guiding the actions being taken and aware of what is required to move you forward. It has taken a long time to set up the changes that will place you upon the path to the New Age, and it is a divine plan that must be fulfilled before the end time.

The dramatic change in your consciousness is the key to getting things done. You are beginning to understand that the power is really in your hands, and you are using it to close this chapter on duality. Many find they are able to live their dream now, and in so doing are helping manifest it upon Earth. Through it you can ensure that the energies are grounded and continue to grow. Along with those coming from the higher realms, you can be sure of your success. Still some cling to the old ways having not yet become enlightened, but in time they will understand the importance of this period you are going through. The choice as ever is yours as to which path you take.

So much information is now coming out that is adding to the revelations about your manipulation over the past years. The evidence is overwhelming as to how events have been contrived for the benefit of the Illuminati and their minions. They will yet answer for their crimes against Humanity, and the total truth will be revealed to a largely unsuspecting public. Brave souls of integrity and of honesty and truth are rising up, and prepared to stand shoulder to shoulder in the Light. It is a movement that is growing so quickly and is overwhelming the dark forces, which can no longer stem the tide of the revelations. People realise that their first duty is to each other, and not to be beholden to those who have usurped their power. Be true to self and your consciousness will grow in the light of the higher vibrations.

Never lose heart Dear Ones, there are so many souls off Earth that are with you in the last stages of this cycle. They are around you and with your permission help you advance along the Path of Light. You can literally be in the world but not of it, providing you can centre yourself and not get drawn into the lower energies. You have to be resolute and determined all of the time, and alert to any situation that may lower your guard. Some events in life are unforeseen, and can surprise you with the suddenness with which they occur. Much of it comes down to your attitude of mind, and those of you that have practised self-control will be better able to survive.

Remember that you are old souls with much experience, with thousands of lives behind you. Today you reflect on what you have learnt from them, and live your lives accordingly. The challenge in duality has come about because of the depths to which you have fallen, and the difficulty in bringing the Light fully into your awareness. You have been conditioned by your experiences, but always the Light remains with you. The biggest drawback is your ego and in a material world it is encouraged to put self first. Sharing will be the policy that will enable equality and fairness in the redistribution of wealth. This is your entitlement and you were not meant to be enslaved by those in power. In the years that are left prior to the completion of this cycle, you will experience a total reversal of fortunes, and also how life could have been in a society managed for the benefit of all and not the privileged few.

You may have wondered why we would put ourselves at your service, and plan for your release from the dark forces. We ask nothing in return for them and both our technologies and equipment will be freely supplied. It is because we see you as One with us, and we acknowledge the Will of the Creator in our understanding that we have all come from the Source. We may travel different pathways but we all head in the same direction, and it is incumbent upon all souls of Light to give a helping hand to others. At our levels we no longer have need for a monetary system such as you use. We share and exchange what we have produced without any thought of profit or gain. We do however acknowledge that your civilisation is not ready for such a way of living, and you will be slowly introduced to such new concepts. It would be quite rash to place everything before you until your consciousness is prepared to accept them.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and ask you to question whether your leaders have shown the desire to genuinely address the world problems of famine. Other souls die through lack of food and water, and yet the affluent countries make little effort to overcome such tragedies. Can you truly call yourselves civilised in such circumstances? These are the type of problems that your Governments must deal with and act now. Many of you have the love and desire to alter such situations, but without the right leadership your hands are tied. However, massive changes are afoot and soon the lead will come from America and we will be there with our help, and are ready to assist you into a new era, one of Love and Light.

Thank you SaLuSa,