Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Understanding the Power of Now

Understanding the Power of Now

Master Guide Kirael, through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling

KIRAEL: Our topic today is understanding the power of Now. The Now
is the presence of All That Is. That means everything from your past,
and in your future, is present in this moment. Knowing that wherever
you are is where you should be is the awareness that your Now is in
the presence of All That Is. You have a Now called the past and you
have a Now called the future, but the Now of which I speak is the
“ever-presence” of your current space.

Discussing the Now in terms of the past and future and in the context
of time and space can be confusing, because the past and the future
occur in proximity. Every pain, whether spiritual, mental, emotional
or physical, has a life in the past. When you journey into the past,
the right hemisphere of your brain shuts its journey off. You cannot
go into the future and experience the pain, because the pain does not
go into the right brain, which is all about the future. If you go
into the future and demand that there will be pain, your future sense
will have nothing to get a hold of, because the pain does not exist there.

Suppose, in the past, you experienced a pain in your knee. In order
to feel the pain in the moment, you have to remember what this pain
feels like, but you can’t remember it unless you go into the past. In
other words, you go into the past where you remember what the pain was
and then you hold onto it from that perspective to carry it forward
into the Now. Every pain that you experience comes out of the past,
because the past is all about remembering pain. You say, “Well, that
doesn’t make sense, Kirael, because if I’m in pain and I’m dying from
cancer, that’s in the present.” True, but you have to go into the
past to get the sense or the flavor of this cancer pain. You go into
the past every two or three seconds to retrieve the pain and bring it
into the Now. You do this to understand the pain, to remember what it
feels like. I repeat, without going into the past, you cannot
experience pain.

To go into the past, you have to use your mind. Suppose you want to
break up with your mate. If you think, “That’s going to be painful in
the future,” it’s because you are pulling the memory from the past
into the Now and trying to project it into the future. The fact is
you will only be able to project it into the Now. You’ve made a space
in the Now where the pain can go, but the future is and will be free
from the pain.

When you think, “Oh, I don’t like this part of my life because it’s
empty without my mate,” you might ask yourself where this empty
feeling is coming from. A little segment of that empty feeling was
created in your past so that you could spend time with the feeling,
but that is also the space where it ends. By repeatedly bringing the
empty feeling into the Now, you build upon that feeling. If you don’t
build upon the empty feeling or the pain, it will dissipate and go away.

Anything that’s in the past can be pulled into the Now. When you
break up with your mate, you remember everything you did “wrong.” You
remind yourself of what you said and how you said it. However, if you
think, “Oh, I said it that way, but now I would say it this way,” you
have moved into the future, which is really the Now.

When you think of your deceased mate, or pet, you cry and cry. The
truth is that you cry for yourself, for the feeling you have, not for
what you’ve lost. You cry over the feeling that you’ve brought from
the past. You bury yourself in the memories of the past. The pain
you feel isn’t about the lost mate or the lost pet. That being is not
lost. It has moved on, left this plane of consciousness, and is in
the Now pure, the Now of everything, which is where you all strive to

Q: How do I apply this knowledge of the Now to my life?

KIRAEL: The Now is a substantial and powerful space. When you
experience that space, you will feel as though you’re out of this
dimension, because in order to experience the power of Now, you must
release the third dimension. To release the third dimension, you must
release the need to balance fear with love, which is the duality basis
of this dimension.

When you came into the third dimension, you wanted to understand and
believe the full fragrance of love. You wanted to experience love
without fear. Yet, in order to journey in the third dimension, you
must experience duality—fear balanced by love. That mix, that
duality, is neither the power of love nor the power of Now. The power
of Now, like the power of love, is free of fear.

When you hold onto past feelings, you amplify them. When you hold
onto anything, you amplify it. For instance, take a deep breath, hold
it, and then let it out. Take another deep breath and feel it as it
goes down through your pineal gland, into your thymus. Make the
intention to hold that breath in your thymus; then take another deep
breath and intend to hold onto that breath, too. Keep breathing and
intending to hold it inside. You will feel as though you’re about to
explode from all the light inside. Holding that breath inside
intensifies the light and that’s what your memory does to your
feelings. It intensifies your feelings of the past, making them seem
present in the Now.

In contrast, if you breathe deeply, and, instead of intending to hold
the breath inside, exhale it and intend to let it surround you, you
will notice that something happens in your brain. Your vision will be
affected and you will hear your inner voice speaking to you. If you
keep breathing and exhaling with the intent to surround yourself with
the breath, you will enter into the fourth light. You will know
you’re in the fourth light because you will see shapes and other beings.

The latter exercise will take you into the Now you’re seeking. The
Now is here. It encompasses the past and the future. The Now is
always present.

Q: How close are we to being in the fourth light and being in the
Now, and how does the fourth light relate to the Ten Principles of
Consciously Creating?

KIRAEL: You’re close to the fourth light now, because the whole of
this dimensional process is on its way out. Your journey of
experiencing the past and the future has always been about fear and
love, because they are what the journey of the third dimension is all
about. However, as I have just said, you can go to the fourth, and
look back at the third dimension, and when you do, you can see
yourself and you’ll notice the pockets of the past and the future,
which contain fear and love. You’ll also notice that between the past
and the future is everything you wanted to accomplish.

When you do Masterminding, Meditation, Prayer, any of the Principles,
correctly, you are pushed into the fourth light where no past or
future exists. You will be in what I call the soul Now. In this
journey of life, my friend, you must go into that level of the Now.
When you do, you can look back at your third-dimensional self. You
will think, “All right, here’s what I’m working toward. This is what
I want to get to, but I’m stuck in the past and that’s why I’m not
getting that.” You will be able to pull from the past and the future
and bring that energy into the Now. From that perspective, you will be
able to see what your journey is about.

Q: I have fibromyalgia. Could you give me some insight on the origin
of this disorder and what I can do to heal it?

KIRAEL: Fibromyalgia is a controversial journey, and those who have
taken it on are so involved in the life plan of the dis-ease that they
have become aware of the pain and have learned how to live with it.
Fibromyalgia is a dis-ease of the mental world that has crossed over
into the physical world. The symptoms of fibromyalgia are to remind
you that it is still with you. I have seen my medium work with a
“fibromyalgic” friend.

He went into the God Creator’s Light and asked, “What is fibromyalgia?
What can I do to help her?” He was told that it was a disease of the
mental world and that it was important for her to say each day, “I’m
feeling better today than I was yesterday.” He talked her through
this healing journey. He told her, “You have to start somewhere. Go
into the fourth light and from that perspective, look back into the
third light and tell yourself and everyone else that you are getting

Now, you might be wondering how you can you say that, if you really
don’t feel better. Well, first you must keep in mind that this whole
process is taking place in the mental world even though it has
manifested in the physical. You will feel the pain until you enter
the mental world and change the journey being played out there. Go
into the fourth light, look back at yourself in the third dimension
and say, “I am better today than I was yesterday. I feel this pain,
but I can feel that it’s lessening.” Say that every day for as long
as it takes. Tell yourself the first thing each morning and the last
thing each night that you are better today than you were yesterday.
You will be entering into the fourth light and looking back at
yourself in the third light and bringing your past and your future
into the Now.

Keep talking to this third-dimensional process, because fibromyalgia
only works from the mental into the physical body. It has no basis in
the physical except for what it gets from the mental world.

Me medium healed this lady with the fibromyalgia, but not without her
willingness to do the journey in the mental world. When this young
lady first started coming here, she had to be helped out of her car
and into the church and then onto the healing table, all the time
moaning and groaning. After just a few weeks of my medium bringing
all the energy down into her pineal gland and into her thymus and
letting that love go out through her, and her changing her verbiage,
she said to him, “I do feel a little bit better today.” In the
beginning, both she and the medium knew that by saying she felt better
every day, she was faking it until she made it. She understood that
the fibromyalgia is a mental disease that manifests in the physical
world. She worked on the root cause of the problem by changing her
mental process. After a while, she was no longer faking it, and on
her last visit, she came in because she had slipped and fallen while
rollerblading. Imagine that—rollerblading!

Remember, go to the cause of the disease by saying, “It’s better today
than it was yesterday,” and it will be.

Q: How do I use the power of Now to help avoid arguments in the
present? It seems that the more I increase my power in the Now, the
more I have to defend myself to my mate.

KIRAEL: It takes two people to fight. The next time you have a
disagreement, go into the fourth light. You don’t have to tell your
mate what you’re doing. Get free of this dimension and you’ll feel
your whole body relax. The photon energy will cause you to unload all
of this defensive energy out of your body process. Then you can look
back at yourself from the fourth light and smile, because you can’t
argue from the fourth light.

Don’t try to handle the situation from the third dimension. If you
feel yourself reacting in anger, take another breath, go back into the
fourth light, and handle the situation. If you react in anger, you
will know that you’re not in the fourth light, because the fourth
light has no anger.

Your mate is a little nervous about your journey, because you’re doing
things that you’ve never done before. When you speak about this
spiritual world and healing and so on and so forth, speak from the
will of the All That Is.

Your mate wants you to succeed. She just doesn’t know how you’ll get
there. She’s used to judging your present by going into your past,
where she sees that you don’t have a prayer of succeeding at what
you’re doing. So, go into the fourth light, take a look at the third
dimension, and you’ll understand what she’s feeling and why.
Remember, you can’t argue from the fourth light.

Q: Will we learn to appreciate what we look like in the Now with this

KIRAEL: If you look at yourself from the fourth light in this moment,
you will see the beauty and the love and the light of this being that
you recognize only in the third dimension. You’ll understand that the
journey is to see and feel that beauty while still in the third
dimension. To accomplish that, leave this third-dimensional process,
which is about the yin and the yang, about the balance of fear and
love, all of which happens in the brain. This dimension is about
failure, not about great things happening. When you go outside of the
brain, and enter into the fourth light, love will be balanced by love
and you can look from there back into this dimension.

This life journey is about returning to the presence of Now—and that
Now must be worked with from this dimensional process. In other
words, from this dimension, you must travel to the fourth light so
that you can look back at this plane of consciousness to understand
what is happening. From the fourth dimension, you get a perspective
of love that you can understand only from the fourth light. When you
are centered in the fourth light and you look at this presence, this
body, you realize that it’s all right for you to go into the past or
the future, because all is perfect and this is the presence of Now—and
the Now always understands in the present moment.

Q: My sister had Down syndrome, and it seemed that she never lived in
the future or the past. She was loving and kind and she seemed to
live in the Now. Am I correct?

KIRAEL: Down syndrome people know where the Now that you’re searching
for is. They are the most sacred part of this journey in the human
world because they are whale energy, not the whale body, but whale
energy. They live in the Now and they enhance your journey with their

Remember when I told you to go into the fourth light and look back at
yourself, and you saw the past and the future? Well, those with Down
syndrome have very little future or past. They have to dig deep to
find their past or their future, so they don’t go to either space
often. When they do find the past, they say, “Oh, here’s something
and here’s something. This is really angry, oh, good.” They pull
whatever it is out of the fourth light and put it into the third, at
which point they might say something mean, but their reaction would be
something like this: “Wow, what was that? I don’t want to do that
anymore.” So, you see, your sister couldn’t stay mad, because she had
no concept of mad in her.

Q: In Signature Cell Healing, when I put my hand on the healee’s
head, how do I access the past to undo the disease or the unease in
the body?

KIRAEL: Put your hands on the sides of the head of the person next to
you. Now pull your left hand off just a little bit. Do you notice
that your left hand is pulled back onto the head? If you do that with
the right hand, you’ll find that your right hand won’t be pulled back
to the head. The left brain will go into the past or the future to
amplify what it knows in the present moment. However, the right brain
just wants to dance, to sing, to jump, to run out and play in the
rain. As adults, you don’t do these sorts of things, because they’re
not considered mature and because most often you operate from the left

Here’s an example of how the left brain works: You have this need to
walk in the rain, but you think you’ll catch a cold. The left brain
will say, “I heard that. I heard that. You’re going to catch a cold.
Oh, I know, I’ll go into the chest and I’ll put something in there to
help you get this cold. Oh, that didn’t work? Well, I’ll go into the
other parts of your body.” Your left brain wants to walk in the rain,
but it also wants to fulfill the journey of the cold for you.

In order to feel the entirety of the right brain, you will have to
leave this dimension and go into the fourth light, and view your body
from that perspective. You’ll notice levels going up and down, back
and forth, in and out. The levels are always in the balance of
duality in the third dimension, but from the fourth light, you will
not have to guess which level to go to. You will immediately know
what your right brain is capable of.

The third-dimensional journey is always about knowing the right and
the left brain, because the test of this journey is your mindset.
When you were in the spirit light before you came into this earth
plane, you were free. When the God Creator called you to go into this
third-dimensional journey, you said, “Oh, goody, I’m going to the
third dimension. I want to create my mental world.” I am not
speaking about the brain. I’m speaking about the mental body. The
mental body doesn’t have a physical brain. The mental body is part of
your spirit light. It is energy; it is energetic.

After you create your mental body, you have to go into the past and
look at all the things that you did and wished you hadn’t done, so
that you can bring them into this new life. Then all of that goes
into the brain, which will be focused into the Now.
Next, you go into the emotional body. This is where your heart is.
Your emotional body does not have a physical heart. The emotional
body is comprised of the energetic heart, or the love of the All that
Is, your “every-ness” that you bring into the Now.

Next, you have to get into your physical body. You put all of the
energies from the different bodies into this little encapsulation
called a baby by placing it all in the pineal gland. Then you’re born
and you start this journey. Your left and right brains are always
active in your life. You have the past Now and the future Now to work
with. Your journey is always about knowing what the Now means.
Hopefully, before you leave this plane, you will understand that the
Now is about the “ever-presence” of your current space.

Q: Do you have any guidance for people who find themselves suddenly
catapulted into the past? From that space, it can be difficult to
take oneself into the fourth light.

KIRAEL: When you are catapulted into the past, as you’ve said, you
must make a conscious effort to go into the fourth light, which is the
fourth measure of All That Is, because you don’t have the past or the
future in that “space.” You will be in the presence of Now, which is
all that’s in this fourth light. You cannot live over here without
doing all the third-dimensional things you planned to do. However,
you can understand this journey by going into the fourth light and
looking back into this journey. Of course, that would be a temporary
state, because you can’t keep yourself out in the fourth light.

Practicing this exercise of going into the fourth light will give you
a breath of fresh air so that you can reset, or refocus, to do
whatever you want to do. The third-dimensional journey is powerful,
but little things crop up that you didn’t know were coming. When you
know that your relationship is coming to an end or that something
devastating is about to happen, be wise enough to go to the fourth
light and look back at the situation from that perspective and say,
“Why do I have to do this?” You might find that you need the
situation to complete a lesson, but you will know that you can do it
without the pain. Bring the understanding back here and complete the

More exists than the third-dimensional journey. Go to the fourth
light and look back. Don’t go to the fifth. The fifth dimension has
too much love and you won’t be able to sustain it. Go to the fourth
dimension, take a look back at this journey, and make your plans. You
will have to come back into the third dimension to keep this journey
going, but look at it from the fourth and you’ll understand how it works.

Q: I’m assuming that all ailments exist in the mind and are then
dispersed to the physical body. Is my assumption correct?

KIRAEL: Everything that happens to you starts in your mind. You
don’t get a sore toe, knee pain, cancer, glaucoma or any disorder by
accident. You had to do something to create it. In the spirit world,
where you came from, you did not have a body or a mind. You had only
the love of light. However, when you came into this journey, you put
your mind together first and then you put it into the brain. Anything
and everything you bring into this journey came in through the mind
first. Since you brought everything into your body through your mind,
you can release it from the body through the mind, and then turn it
back into spirit again.

Q: Why don’t the goals of my masterminds manifest, and what role does
truth play in masterminding?

KIRAEL: If you create a mastermind and your goals do not manifest,
it’s because you haven’t done the first nine Principles. If you
incorporate the first nine Principles—Truth, Trust, Passion, Clarity,
Communication, Completion, Prayer, Meditation, and Sleepstate
Programming—you’ll manifest your goal quickly. You’ll be amazed.
Mastermind is the tenth Principle, because it’s the most powerful.

In order to do Truth in the Ten Principles, you must know what your
truths are. For example, you might think, “I will get a new car. I
can’t afford the payments, but I will get a new car anyway.” You have
two truths working here. You want the car, but you can’t pay for it.
Well, you will not get this new car until you do something about your
finances. You say, “Oh, bummer, I just want the car. I don’t want to
practice the other Principles. I don’t want to hear about passion.
I’ll show you passion. I’ll use my passion to get mad at you.” We
love you when you get impassioned and angry, because we know that
“positive” is on the other side of that anger. So, we just celebrate
with you until you find the positive. Many of you say that you’ve
done everything you had to do, but you still haven’t manifested your
goal. Well, then you didn’t do everything you had to do. If you
reached completion, you’d have your car. The presence of Now is
always about practicing the full complement of the Ten Principles of
Consciously Creating.

Now you say, “Well, why are there ten Principles? Three would have
been better.” Well, you had to have the first nine in order to get to
the tenth Principle. The number one, which is the numerology of the
first Principle of Truth, represents God Creator, and the tenth
Principle of Masterminding is also about the truth of the God Creator.
Furthermore, that circle next to the one in the number ten is your
circle of life and that’s what you’re searching for over here. You
start in the truth of the Creator and you want to end there.

When you are clear about what you want, you will set your masterminds
using as few words as possible. When you are better at knowing what
you want and you mastermind it with your friends, you will know to
start with the truth, the trust and the passion and to incorporate all
the other Principles.

If you use 99 percent of the truth in your mastermind, you will get
only 99 percent of your goal. If you want 100 percent of anything,
you must have 100 percent of each of the Principles. Live the Ten
Principles as if they are everything to you, and you’ll get everything
you want.

Q: Would a class consisting of two million people learning about
consciousness and spirituality affect the mass consciousness?

KIRAEL: The effect of such a class size on the mass consciousness
would be fleeting at best, because the journey usually goes up
initially and then dissipates because the information is hard to
sustain individually, since it does not fit in this dimension. If
everyone in the class were practicing the Ten Principles of
Consciously Creating, it would cause a blip in the stream of
consciousness that could not be extinguished. Each person in the
class must own and embrace the information in his or her consciousness
in order to affect the mass consciousness, in order for the rest of
the world to follow suit. When you own the information by making it
part of your consciousness, it will affect the person next to you and
so on and so forth. In other words, you cannot take a class and
simply appreciate it without owning the information and holding it in
your consciousness. It needs to be embedded in your consciousness.

Q: How does the power of Now relate to denjé?

KIRAEL: The power of Now relates to denjé in that denjé is about the
fourth light. It’s the study of how to travel to other dimensions
while still living in this one. When you master denjé, you will have
mastered the power of Now. Denjé means that all four of your bodies
are balanced in the Now.

Q: Is being in the Now helpful to how we view our bodies, and is
Signature Cell Healing a fourth-dimensional healing?

KIRAEL: When you go to the fourth light, and look back at yourself,
you see the beauty that you really are. I can’t stress this enough.
If you could see the beauty of your essence, you would learn to
appreciate your physical form—your eyes, your frown lines, your
wrinkles, everything. The next time you leave this third dimension
and go into the fourth light and you see your physical form from that
perspective, take that vision with you into the next healing you do.

Signature Cell Healing is a fourth-dimensional healing. Get out of
your third-dimensional mind when you do your next healing. Get out of
your brain, and into your fourth light mind, the one that doesn’t have
a physical brain. Take a look at that person you’re about to heal.
Put your hand on his or her head and light up the pineal gland, then
go down into the thymus and open up your fourth-dimensional mind. You
will look at that person and see beauty beyond your wildest
expectation. You will see the beautiful truth of what you’re healing.
Let what you feel come through you into the other person. You will
both feel this healing journey unfold.

Now, when you’re doing this, and you’re still holding onto the
person’s head, let your fourth light mind go in through the other
person’s body. Go down through the head into the body, into the arms,
legs, et cetera, and use your fourth light mind to see what you need
to see. If you’re doing it right, and something is wrong with the
body, you will see the thought that is causing it. You will know what
to do. You say, “Can everybody see it, Master Kirael?”

Those of you who know how to use your fourth-dimensional mind will be
able to see the energy, but you must practice. When you understand
that Signature Cell Healing is a fourth-dimensional way of healing,
you’ll know what you’re doing. You will see the person’s beauty
because, when you have your hand on the person, you’re combining your
energies. Your love will be fully aggregated.

Q: When fear is part of a mastermind, how much does it affect
manifesting in the Now?

KIRAEL: If you know that one of you in the mastermind is not into it,
you must find out why. You cannot continue with the mastermind until
you do. When one person is not into the mastermind, that’s fear at
work, and you must be willing to address each fear in the mastermind.
Here’s the key: If you bring up the problem, it’s probably your fear
that is being mirrored. You might think, “Oh, that’s his fear.” Is
it? Perhaps it is your fear. Everything is about you, and it is your
fear that you have to deal with. So, before you go into attack mode
and say, “You’re out of truth. You’re not being truthful,” take a
look at what you did that created the space where that person can’t be
in truth. “Oh, not fair, not fair,” you say, “it’s not my fault. I
don’t want to hear it.” You don’t want to hear a lot of things, but
you must hear this. If you’re dealing with a group of people and two
or three of them are constantly out of truth, look at what you’re
doing. Back off and ask them what they want you to do.

The journey is about the mastermind. All nine of the remaining
Principles must be part of this mastermind journey. Go to the first
Principle of Truth and examine your behavior. Let’s say your heart
says you’re a truthful person, but once in a while, you just forget to
be in the truth of the mastermind. You say, “Well, darn, what do I do
with that?” Recognize that you have too much on your mind. Get a
hold of what you’re supposed to be doing. If you and your mastermind
group do everything correctly to achieve its goal, you are already
where you need to be.

Closing Statement

This evening, I operated from outside of your third-dimensional brain
and went into your fourth-dimensional mind. My truth must always be
in the Now and that is where I operated from this evening. If you
want to harness the power of Now, go into your fourth-dimensional mind
and use it to view your third-dimensional presence. You will
understand how to do the journey on this plane of consciousness, and
if you incorporate the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating into
your journey, you can only succeed. Finally, remember, the mind is a
beautiful thing, but the brain needs help.