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The Akashic Records of November 2008

The Akashic Records of November 2008
a message from Akashic Records channeled by Jen Eramith MA
Saturday, 1 November, 2008

What energy and experiences can we expect during the month of November

The overall energy of this month is an energy of recovery. They mean
recovery in three different ways. One is recovery like you would
recover from an illness or recover from running a marathon. It is a
time of rest; a time to allow yourselves to heal, get your energy back
and reorient yourselves. The second meaning is recovery in the sense
of what you might do if your computer crashes and you need to recover
your files. You regain your files. This recovery is a time where you
are reclaiming parts of you that became lost in the intensity of the
last six months. November 2008 marks the ending of an expansion cycle
and a beginning of a new expansion cycle. This is a time of quiet.
November 2008 has an energy similar to what you equate with the winter
solstice. It is a quiet time; a pause between breaths. The third
meaning of recovery for November is the process of re-covering the
ground that you have walked before and laying to rest that which is
complete. This sense of re-covering is based on reflecting on and
going over again what you have covered before. It brings completion.

November 2008 is a good time for you to reconsider your lives.
Reconsider the events, stories, relationships, work, physical items,
and every part of your life -- reconsider whether each of these things
feels alive or if it has completed its purpose and can be laid to
rest. You might see the month of November 2008 as a big, reassuring
collective memorial service. This time is for memorializing that which
has come and gone, appreciating its value, expressing gratitude from
the bottom of your hearts for what has been -- for those people, those
things, those belief systems, ideas or opinions that you have had
before but which no longer serve you. This month is a good time to
lay things to rest, and to set down your instruments of war and look
around and appreciate what you have learned, and to honor the path
that you have walked so far.
How can we best work with this energy? What can we do?

November 2008 is a particularly good time for rituals. It will be
useful this month to create and share rituals with one another.
Gather with friends and loved ones and light a candle as you honor
what you have been through together. Honor someone who is no longer
with you. It is a good time to do cleansing rituals similar to spring
cleaning, but with a sense of the sacred. To take things that no
longer serve you and give them away. In doing so, take note of their
value -- what you appreciate about these items or these experiences --
and then burn that piece of paper and allow the cleansing fire to help
you release what no longer serves you. Any form of ritual will serve
you well this month -- attending religious ceremonies or creating
religious ceremonies, using the sacred elements of fire, air, water
and earth, holding hands with your loved ones -- all of these everyday
rituals will become vitally important this month. They take on a
deeper meaning. One good way to use the energy of November of 2008 is
to engage in ritual and ceremony.

Another way to use the energy this month is to tell stories and listen
to stories. There seems to be a collective coming together and many
of you will be called to share your story. Some of you might gather
with friends and spend an evening talking and listening to one
another; some of you may find yourselves writing your story or a story
that emerges from your experience. Some of you may feel drawn
contacting old friends and catching up with each other, which is the
same as telling the story of what you have done and where you have
been since you last saw one another. The sharing of stories will be
very important this month. It will help you stay connected to your
sense of place and your sense of being loved. It will be very
grounding for you to tell stories and to listen to stories, so do not
avoid it this month. Reach out and share your stories with one
another. This is what helps you reweave the fabric of life in a way
that keeps your hearts open and keeps you connected to what you are
doing here. It is what gives life meaning - telling stories and
listening to one another with your hearts and your minds open.
What days will be important during the month of November 2008?

This month is less about specific days and more about an arc of
energy. The month starts very full. The energy of October, which was
so full, rich, intense and big, carries over into the first week of
November so that you will still be reeling and grappling with
everything that arises in October. After the first week of November,
the energy of this month is like a cool breeze. At first it is very
refreshing and then it begins to chill you. It brings a sense of
quiet. November is very much like being high up in the sky and then
gliding gently but distinctly downward. It is almost as if you will
feel the pressure change by November 11. By this date you will have
moved into a sense of quiet, of peacefulness or reverence.

By November 17 you will have come to a deeper sense of stillness.
Each of these days marks a turning point, or a point at which you
cross a threshold -- into cooling by the 11th and into true quiet by
the 17th. This is reflected in the season. For those of you in the
northern hemisphere, you will feel the weather cooling. Allow this
cooling weather to quiet you, to quiet your minds, to draw you into a
reflective center. There will be more activity in December than there
is typically. You might consider November 17 equivalent to the winter
solstice. It is the same turning in the dead stillness and quiet of
the winter back toward the light.

Above is the Looking Ahead version of the Message, channeled over one
month in advance. Below is the Monthly Update, channeled several days
before the month begins.
Will November be a little smoother than October?

[Laughter] Jen is laughing on a personal level because she hopes so.
Let us see what they say.

Yes. [Laughter] The answer is yes, but it may not be as simple as
that. It will be smoother in terms of just the energy. It is as if
you all went through turbulence on a flight and now the pilot has
adjusted your altitude and you are flying in a smoother layer of air.
That is not to say that everything will be answered, complete, and
beautiful - it will simply be smoother. You will find the challenges
that come up will arrive one at a time instead of all at once. The
resources you need and the solutions to your problems will present
themselves more obviously or more immediately. It will be smoother.

That being said, there is a lot going on in November. You have a lot
of work to do as individuals. In advance we told you that the month
of November was a time to recover the ground you have already walked
-- to look back and reformulate, sift through, make sense of, and
learn from all that has come before. This involves a lot of work in
and of itself.

In addition, something has happened since we channeled the Looking
Ahead message for November, which is that in the month of October
there was a huge blast of energy that had to come through the planet;
Jen foresaw it as something like a storm or a violent event. It was
clear that there was something big due to happen in October. The
thing that changed between that time and now is that humanity, as a
collective and as individuals, decided to absorb all of that energy,
with each of you taking whatever you could of it so that there would
not be one massive destructive event. Instead a lot of people had a
lot of chaos come up all of a sudden in October. That means that the
work you have to do in November, this recovering the ground and making
sense of what has come before, is bigger than it was before because
you are all trying to get your feet on the ground again. It will be
smoother, but it is full of work.

The energy of November is a lot like the energy or the wisdom held in
the sign of Virgo. The sun is in Virgo in September, but the wisdom
of Virgo is available at all times. Using the energy of Virgo is an
excellent way to work with what will come up in November. This month
you can busy yourselves by tidying things up, putting things in order,
and going over them again and again just to make sure they are right.
How best can we work with this energy in reflection?

Some of that was given in the Looking Ahead message, so we will just
shorthand that by saying it will be really useful for you to engage in
gathering together with friends and loved ones, and then formulating
ceremonies or having events in which to reflect together on where you
have been or to set intentions together. For instance, meditating
together in groups, joining prayer groups, and celebrating U.S.
Thanksgiving where you gather together with loved ones and you share
what you are grateful for. That same kind of communal reflection is a
very beneficial thing to do in November. The thing that will make
things even smoother than they already are is if you will connect with
people in a way that is warm and nurturing during this month. All of
you need this at this time, whether you have had a rough time in
October or not! There is so much fear that has come to the surface
for humanity to clear (and it is being cleared, we assure you that it
is being cleared and it is being healed). Gathering together and
connecting with each other alleviates fear. It heals you. The very
most beneficial thing that you can do in November is to gather
together and find meaning together.
Is there something we can do to assist our bodies to be more
intelligent in recovering? Is there a cosmic or galactic force that
could possibly help us?

We will answer the second question first because it is a quick answer.
There are always cosmic and galactic forces helping you. In
November, there is not necessarily a distinct force that we could
define in a general sense, so it will depend on the way that each of
you connect with your Higher Power. There is no distinct packet of
energy coming in November that affects everyone all at once, such as a
portal or vortex. Instead, build this energy through your actions and
your intentions. There is always a Stargate within you and you access
it every time you fall in love with yourselves and the world around you.

In terms of helping your bodies integrate the energy; this is quite a
visceral month, which is also in alignment with the energy of Virgo.
It will be very useful for most of you to sleep a lot, allowing your
subconscious minds an extra 90 minutes every night, if you can manage
it, to process what you need to process would benefit you greatly.
For those of you who have the opportunity to sleep more take the
opportunity. For those of you who do not have the opportunity to
sleep more, whether because your body does not allow you to keep
sleeping or because your schedule does not give you the extra time, it
would serve you to do something shorter. Once per day, lie down in a
quiet, dark place on your back with your ankles crossed and your hands
crossed over your belly and rest for 20 minutes. If you cannot afford
a full twenty minutes, even five minutes will provide benefit. This
exercise will reset your yin energy, which will benefit you immensely
during this month. This may seem so simple that it will be easy to
dismiss, but it can make a radical difference in the way that the
month goes for you on an individual level. Either sleeping more, up
to 90 minutes longer than usual, or resting for 20 minutes a day in
this position, in as much silence as you can find, will benefit you.

A second exercise, which will also seem very simple but quite
powerful, is hugging. Hugging and physical closeness in the month of
November is like the magic bullet for everything. If you are visiting
a friend for lunch, move your chair around the table so that you are
sitting right next to each other and you can lean into each other as
you talk. If you are sitting on the couch with a loved one, slide
over and sit right next to them so your hips are next to each other
and you can put your arm on theirs. Any time you have an opportunity
where it is socially appropriate, touch people, be close to people and
even better, hug them.

It will serve you to wrap yourselves up. Take a blanket or a shawl
and wrap it around you. The symbolic act of pulling yourselves
together that will help you manage yourselves this month. There is
something about pulling yourselves together physically in an embrace
that brings everything into alignment for you. Hugging yourself
creates a physical shift in your body toward love. This is helpful
particularly this month because the world is filled with fear that has
been held inside people's bodies for eons and is finally coming to the
surface to be released. There has not been this much collective fear
at the surface at one time on this planet since September 11, 2001.
In a certain sense, all of you are suffering together in a way you
usually do not. As your political, economic, and other institutional
systems are crumbling, it becomes more apparent than ever that you are
all in this together. The systems are crumbling so that better ones
can arise.

In the meantime this month, it feels scary for people to experience
this much change at one time. With all of that fear coming to the
surface for you as individuals and floating around collectively, it
serves you to have the physical comfort of proximity to one another.
Isolation feeds fear. Counteract that fear by being physically close.
You do not have to think about it, you do not have to figure it out;
all you have to do is slide over on the couch and get closer to
people. It will benefit you in ways you cannot imagine. Physical
connection enables you to help reweave the web of humanity based on
love rather than on fear.

In addition regarding your bodies, many of you will find a tendency to
overeat this month. If this concerns you, sleeping or hugging will
counteract the tendency to overeat. You will find yourselves craving
food, but what you are really craving is connection. Seek connection
during this month; reach out to your neighbors and friends.

Are there any suggestions about how to start shifting toward a better
economic system? Does it help to barter with each other, or to trade
resources? My mind keeps thinking that there is something new coming
that is unique and has not been done before in how we exchange with
each other.

There is so much more information about this in the channeling on the
U.S. Election and the Global Economy. For right now, particularly in
regard to November, you are right, there is an entirely new system
coming. This is overwhelming because it is so much information that
has never been seen before. The new system will not be based on
institutionalized rules for exchange, but on a whole series of
infinite individual agreements on exchange that are collectively
reflected in the value of currency. Here is what we mean by that. In
recent history, the value of currency has been predetermined by
economic institutions; what a dollar is worth, what a plate of food is
worth, what a car is worth - each of these things have been
predetermined by an institutional system based on how the institution
can benefit. The shift toward the new economy will mean that you as
individuals or as individual businesses or groups will agree together
on what makes sense for any given exchange situation. Through your
individual agreements, a universal value emerges. This universal
value will shift constantly, not based on tweaking by institutions,
but based on your continued agreements occurring on an individual
level. Institutions will not decide how value changes, but will
instead work to constantly reflect how value changes based on the
exchanges you work out as individuals across the globe. The details
of this are not yet completely foreseeable, because you are creating
the new system together. We can tell you that you will continue to
have currencies which will continue to have a collectively agreed upon
value, but that value will be based on how each of you is negotiating
value on an everyday basis with those around you, rather than on a
predetermined value given to you by economic institutions.

The way you can start to dabble with this in November is to, whenever
it is possible when you have something to exchange, such as offering a
service for a payment or you are offering a payment for a service, sit
down with the person you are exchanging with and discuss what would
benefit each of you most. Perhaps one of you needs a certain thing at
this time or perhaps one of you would rather be paid later or sooner,
it will serve you to sit down and negotiate what you need and how each
of your needs can be met. This is going to take an enormous amount of
practice on the part of individuals. Most of you do not value
yourselves and your time as highly as your worth, so you tend to sell
yourselves short a lot of times. You have got to learn how to stop
doing that. Most of you have a lot of guilt or embarrassment about
exchange or value when you communicate it with others. You have got a
lot to work through within yourselves to be able to do this with
honesty and joy, but you can do it!

It will serve you to play around with this and even in little ways,
and it will help to be playful. The playful way they are showing this
is if you can imagine school children at lunchtime. As they all pull
out their lunch bags, they begin an elaborate and joyous exchange --
an apple for a candy bar, a candy bar for a bag of chips, a bag of
chips for a sandwich. It is obvious to them that exchange is both
necessary and fun. They all know that some people like candy bars and
some people like sandwiches. There is nothing wrong with wanting one
thing and not another. Each child looks at what they have and then
thinks about what they want, and then they look around to see who is
willing to exchange. They do not feel guilt or embarrassment.
Instead, they feel excited! It is perfectly efficient and quite fun
to exchange in this way. Children who celebrate Halloween do the same
thing with their candy. There is no shame in liking chocolate better
than sour candy, and there is no embarrassment in reaching out and
proposing an exchange. No one feels bad if the exchange is rejected,
for there is no reason to give up the candy you want or to settle for
the candy you do not want. Children simply exchange and negotiate
according to what you have and what you want.

Now, keep in mind with these examples that you have changes all the
time and what you want changes all the time, so you get to continually
ask yourself what you want to do next. At times, you might not find
anyone who has the right fit for you and can exchange what you want,
so you decide to compromise or you decide to wait and try later.
There is no harm or shame in it; it is just the way that people
naturally negotiate exchange -- it is the way each of you gets what
you want. It would serve you to play around with this a little bit.
For some of you, particularly if you have children or if you have
children in your life, it would serve you to play with this with your
children. Maybe with Halloween candy or something in the household
you want to have done and there is something that your child wants and
you negotiate together. You let them tell you what they really want,
and you tell them what you want and what you think it is worth, and
you discuss together in order to find a solution that works for you
both. There are usually countless possible solutions, and part of the
fun is thinking creatively together. Next, find some willing and
creative adults to do the same thing -- start now. That is the way to
begin to dabble with this in November.

In terms of the greater economic system, the way the system will
evolve is somewhat foreseeable and is elaborated in the channeling on
the U.S. Election and the Global Economy.
Along the lines of connecting, do we also have to stop looking outside
so much and really start embracing everything? What will this look like?

Yes, this is a shift that has been occurring in all of you for a long
time. At times you do it well, at times you do not do it so well, but
you are all moving toward it more and more; this is equivalent to
moving toward your own empowerment. Empowerment, as opposed to what
some might call victim mentality, means that in every occurrence an
empowered individual assumes it has occurred for a reason or some part
of them agreed to be a part of whatever is occurring. An empowered
individual cannot imagine that they are separate from what is
happening around them, but at the same time an empowered individual
recognizes that they are not to blame, not at fault, and not guilty
for what is happening around them; they are both a part of the system.
An empowered individual recognizes that they are a part of everything
around them but they are not beholden to everything around them, so
that if someone says something hurtful, an empowered individual would
not decide that person is bad and dwell in blame, anger, or hurt.
Instead, an empowered individual would explore what they have to learn
from the experience, assuming that their brilliant spirit and their
Higher Power agreed for them to have the experience. An empowered
individual does not absorb the words of others, but is able to
separate themselves from what is happening around them while
recognizing their divine connection with it. Moving toward
empowerment is the shift that you have all been experiencing.

November gives you an opportunity to look back and see the places in
your life, particularly in the last six months, through the eyes of
empowerment. It is an opportunity to look back and see with new eyes
what you may have learned from situations that while they were
happening, you thought you were being victimized or that those
situations were not supposed to be happening to you. When you look
back with empowerment and acceptance, you realize how each event in
your life has led you somewhere important for your soul's growth.
November is an excellent time to comb through your history and look
for anything you regret or deny. Consider that it is true or that it
really happened, and that everything is okay. You still ended up
right where you are, which is just exactly where you need to be.

November is a great time to step out of victim mentality and take
accountability for the idea that your higher self has brought you to
your situation for a good reason. If you can trust that, it actually
empowers you to step out of the situations you do not want to be in.
Denial or pretending that you are a victim removes the steering wheel
from your hands, if you imagine that someone else is steering, there
is nothing else you can do; you are trapped. Accepting the idea that
some part of you agreed to be here gives you the ability to use that
part of you to steer your way past it. Denial is an excellent thing
to investigate, resolve and release during the month of November.
How we can connect more to the fairy realms, the elementals, nature
spirits, and ancestors in the month of November?

There are always many different ways to connect with these elements,
and each of you has a unique relationship with each of these realms.
During the month of November, there are two primary practices that you
will find most efficient in terms of general practice. One is the
element of fire. The element of is like a Guardian Angel for the
month of November. The element of fire can serve you this month
particularly in helping you center in on your own light, in helping
you burn away things that no longer belong to you, and in helping you
invigorate that which you have learned and collected to move forward
with. For those of you who have the means, it would serve you to have
fire on a regular basis like in a fireplace or a fire pit or simply
with a small candle. Lighting a candle every night or every morning
and spending time connecting with the energy of fire and with that
sense of life that occurs in the light of the fire can be really
useful. Meditating on a candle flame can be a useful exercise as
well. Anything you want to do with the element of fire, that is safe,
will serve you well in connecting with the elementals this month
because that is the primary elemental that is guiding the ship right now.

Second is prayer. Prayer in this sense means the act of speaking with
those who are beyond this realm. For some, you pray to God, while
others might speak with your ancestors or speak with your Guardian
Angels or Spirit Guides. The act of sacred speaking is what they mean
by prayer, when you speak beyond the third dimension. For many of
you, particularly as you go through this reflective process we are
talking about, it would serve you to ask your ancestors in the form of
prayer what they have to share with you or ask them to walk the
journey with you. Your ancestors have recovered in the same way you
are striving to this month, because they have passed on and been
through a review process of their own. They have got this whole
review and recovery thing down!

There is a great deal of wisdom being carried through ancestral energy
at this time. For those of you who are interested in tapping into it,
you will find that prayer and speaking to your ancestors can help
bring that wisdom out through you as you go through your own
reflective process. While again there are many different ways to
connect with your ancestors and with the elementals and the fairies
this month, using fire and prayer are the two things that will serve
most of you best.
Is there any final message the Keepers want to share regarding
November 2008?

Remember that everything boils down to either love or fear. Every
intention, choice, and thought puts you in the direction of either
love or fear. If you can keep that in mind, it will help you simplify
the very complex themes and complicated events that will occur in
November. It is a less bumpy month than October, but it is very, very
full of new energy. As you are thinking of the past and grappling
with the present, and as collective global events continue to unfold
(which they will!), things can get a little complicated. Whenever you
are feeling overwhelmed, confused, or unclear, remember that
everything boils down to either love or fear. Everything moves in one
or the other direction -- not both. As you consider how you will
respond to world events, as you consider how you will navigate each
day, ask yourselves which choice puts you in the direction of love and
try to move toward that. The fear will keep presenting itself as an
opportunity and it is up to each of you as individuals to choose love
instead. Fear will come, there is nothing wrong with you for feeling
it so accept it, but then simply choose love instead. It is your
natural state to be in love!

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