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The Timeless Enigma of the Crystal Skulls

The Timeless Enigma of the Crystal Skulls

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

" The great Marcel Vogel once told me that he thought he understood
crystals until he came across the crystal skulls. The skulls are a
whole different kettle of fish, he told me." - Nick Nicoreno

Greetings Beloved, I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I encircle each
of you with Unconditional Love.

Indeed we recognize each of you, we know you more intimately than you
may imagine, and we are here to remind you of your home, of your path,
of your true purpose of being on Earth at this time. Dear Ones, you
are closer than you think, nearer than you know to an enormous leap,
one that you have waited eons of time to expereince. And we know your
trepidations, your anxieties and your hopes. You see systems around
you falling. You see a world in economic crisis, you fear that your
security is melting away. Fear not! All is in perfection. It is
necessary that systems change, those systems that serve the few and
ignore the masses be washed away, be rebooted, and recalibrated. But
does it not show you what it true, what is real. Does it not show you
that your true treasure is in the heart? What so many have spent a
lifetime focusing their energy upon seems to have greatly evaporated
in a few weeks. What is the message? What is the gift? Dear Ones where
is your value truly placed? Much of what is happening now seems to be
a manifestation of fear. Yet we tell you fear not, the system must
change, and you world has recently seen a shift in perspective. Those
of you in the Americas have chosen hope over fear. What seems to be
lost will return, but differently and quicker than you may think.
Money is not what you imagine, it is an agreement and a form of
energy, and energy can never be lost, only transformed. True abundance
is in the heart, and Dear Ones, Spirit is not short of cash. We leave
you this message of hope, this day, to ponder and embrace.

The Original Blueprint

And so we speak this gathering of the topic of Crystal Skulls, indeed
a most interesting topic.

And so the channel asks, what exactly are the 'Crystal Skulls'?

From a linear Earth perspective the Crystal Skull is a human-shaped
skull made out of various types of crystalline material, most commonly
quartz. Yet we will tell you the original skull is of an extra
terrestrial conglomerate of what may be termed supra quartz,
containing within it pure quartz that is alloyed with aspect of
diamond and alloyed in an alchemical sense with frequential gold. It
is a similar material used in the Crystalline Moon of Atlantis, and
the magnificent Temple Crystals, similar but not exact. Indeed the
original skulls predate in linear terms, the Atlantean Temple Crystals.

The original crystal skulls came from another world, and another
reality. All realities are created based on the pattern of crystalline
sacred geometric consciousness through the Golden Mean Phi Ratio.
Humanity and indeed your physical Earth(s) are conceived within these
paradigmic matrix formulae. And so were the Crystal Skulls formulated
in kind, yet from a far greater frequency, a frequency of perfection.
The skulls are indeed formed as the prototype of the perfect human
being. So within it is contained the perfection of the human being,
encompassing within all aspects, the twelve sacred aspects you see,
and thus was it formulated and thus was its reason for being brought

Originally then did those carriers bring the crystalline patterned
skulls to the Earth from Arcturius and the Pleiades, and it was
brought into the land that became LeMuria, but indeed the model was
brought before the planet was fully in polarity. It was brought into
the planet at the time of the Firmament you see, in a zero point
Earth, a non-magnetic plane we will say. In an Earthen World that knew
perfection, that was inhabited by androgynous manifestation of Etheric
Spirit in full consciousness. Yet at that time it was already known
that the Firmament would fall, would dissolve and the plan then was
that this model, this extraordinary hologramic record, the original
crystal skull would serve as the prototype of this initial integral
aspect. And so it contains within it the model of the 12 strands of
DNA, the fully conscious clear mind and Beingness of the evolved human.

The crystal skulls contain within them that which you were before the
human experiment, and what you will be when you complete it, the
infinity circle.

And so when the planet became that of duality, it served that purpose.
You see during the era of the Firmament the Earth was not the planet
of lesson, not the school of evolvement; rather it was what may be
considered a realm within perfection, a dimensional realm that had not
yet taken on the role of university for the human experiment and
evolution of mankind. Yes, do you understand?

Paradise Lost

That era of the Firmament was the 'Paradise-Lost' referenced in many
ancient texts as the mythical Garden of Eden, a 'Pre-Human Earth'
where all will, all consciousness was divine. It was non-dual, non
polar. Adam Kadmon had yet to 'eat the forbidden fruit' from the
metaphorical Tree of Knowledge and become aware of his 'nakedness'.
There were no consciousness filters in place. Man had not been
'tempted' into filtered duality by the allegorical kundalini serpent.

Later when the experience of humankind was chosen, souls that chose to
experience the Earth-Grid and cycle of humanity lesson and expansion,
the Firmament fell, and the grid was put in place. Then was there the
need for the hologram of the perfection for mankind to be in place. In
that chronology and manner the crystal skulls became the carrier of
that blueprint and serves as a frequential beacon. So then the skulls
are the program that is created for and formatted into the
consciousness of humankind when each enters the aeon circuitry you
term Earth.

We will say in a truly valid context that all souls who enter into
human kind, do so first by passing thorough a formatting process
within the frequential microcircuitry paradigm of the hologram that
was zipped and solidified into the condensed model, that you term the
crystal skull. But here we must be clear, the model of the crystal
skull is the encompassing keeper or storage library of that greater
frequential hologram and its massive frequential data, but it is not
the hologram itself. Rather does it condense a replicate, store,
transmute and project it into the 12 Earth Dimensions. Do you see?

It is in a sense the same as a recording, for example, of a great
symphony upon one of your musical cd's, the cd is a replica within
digital format containing a reproduction of the music and allows you
to experience the musical information, but it is not the symphony, it
is not the orchestra performing. Yet when you hear it, it is recorded
in your mind, and you have the ability within to replay it at will.

The crystalline skull was solidified and programmed in a most complex
process. It was conceived to contain within it an incredible frequency
that in itself attached to the hologram. So the crystalline skull then
is an honoring remembrance and imbuing transmitter that indelibly
prints within the soul that which is the perfect model. It is imbued
within the divine aspect of the soul when it enters into the earth
pattern from the unified field. In a manner of speaking it is the
pattern recorded into the God Self, the Subconscious or super
subconscious of the human mind, you see? The perfected man, not the
version of what man would later become in the down spiral of the human
experience, but rather as the original print that man aspires and
evolves back into through the growth cycle termed reincarnation toward
that original and flawless paradigmatic archetype.

Now the original skull held within it this perfection, lest it not be
lost, and those crystal replicates that even today are crafted in your
present time are capable of attracting the energy from the hologram
and holding portions of that energy, some hold more than others.

The 12 + 1:

Question to Metatron: There is a legend that speaks of there being 13
skulls, can you speak on that?

AAMetatron: Yes, 13, but only one holding the full energy of the 12.
So then were there manifested 12 that represented each of the 12
singular aspects of the one, and so the 12 surrounding the one in the
center, became in time a ceremonial and symbolic observance. Each one
of the 12 then represented an aspect and an expression of each of the
12 dimensions of the earth plane, and each of the 12 division of each
integral dimension, each strand of DNA, each component of the 144 that
is so critical to the Earth experience, the Earth Plane. So then yes,
each of the 12 is one twelfth of the one, the one containing the
whole. In that way there are 13, and this was recognized by mankind in
LeMuria, and later in Atlantis, OG, Egypt and Yucatan.

But again we wish to be clear, the 13 is the one whole and the 12
parts of the whole. And the one is the carrier of the human paradigm,
and that pattern is imbued within the Divine Mind of all mankind, as
the soul is imprinted with it entering this experience.

The 13 Crystal Skulls are produced originally by the process of
Morphocrystallic Manifestation, involving the Pleadeans and Arcturians
with imbuement of frequency to include the human genetic print from
the Masters of Orion. These are indeed your true extra terrestrial
lineage, and the crystal skulls are the frequential record of same.

Extra Terrestrial Origin

Question to Metatron: And so the skulls were original from Arcturius?

AA Metatron: Better to say they were creatively conceived in
Arcturius. There the concept of the earth human experience was created
and nurtured. We tell you that all humans have an experience of
Arcturius, and it is a realm of great creativity, a playground, in
your vernacular, of all creativity. You will be surprised to know that
much of your creativity even as humans on the Earth, comes from an
aspect of yourself that is tuned into the field, the frequency of
Arcturius. It is where man becomes creative. For instance those you
consider artistic; where are they when they drift into inspiration and
are not in their body, we tell you that many of them are in Arcturius.
Many of them are , interestingly , expressing the creativity in
Arcturius. Is that not provocative?

Question to Metatron: I, like so many others, have become very drawn
to the study of crystal skulls within the past year. Why is that, is
it related to the Ascension ?

AA Metatron: Related in some ways, and yes there is a growing energy
around the pattern of the perfect human as the Ascension comes upon
the earth. Yet in your case, it is also the desire to understand the
truth, to unravel part of the mystery. In that aspect then it is the
same as your interest in geology or crystalline gems. In some ways it
is the same as crystallizing a thought into manifestation form. From
an academic stance, it is then the desire simply to make known the
sacred mystery. Indeed Tyberonn worked with them as did many of
Atlantis and other cultures. There was the study of them to understand
them, and it was discovered that by merging the human mind into them,
that vast stores of knowledge was unlocked and given. If one can merge
a part of that energy data into themselves into that energy, with that
comes knowledge. It is a bit like spending time studying in a
library. The knowledge within them is that of the Universal Mind, and
it is quite compelling and fascinating. It is enriching, and vast. It
stimulates the awareness of who you are you see. Placing your
consciousness inside a crystal skull, and indeed that is the way to
work with these, opens portals and doors to a world beyond your
grandest expectations. To enter into the skull however, is not like
having a verbal dialog, but more of a download you might say, a sudden
and comprehensible receival of information that changes your paradigm,
expands your awareness. Some receive the information as visual images,
others as information packets, downloads, if you will, and at times
both. The information is already in the subconscious, a deeper part of
the subconscious that you term the super subconscious. It exist in the
realm of light you term ultra violet.

And so the connection or the reason that interest around the skulls is
reaching a mass proportion is that indeed, with the coming nigh of the
heralded graduation of mankind within the Ascension, there is movement
within mankind to better understand himself. And with these times is
the need to reject those patterns that no longer serve human kind, to
recalibrate with those attributes and quintessential paragons that do.
Mankind is rebooting as is the Earth itself, indeed that is tantamount
to and defines the Ascension. Systems that no longer work in both
macro and micro are breaking down, collapsing and will reform
themselves. Indeed this is happening now in your economic arenas.

Now, the knowledge of the Universal Mind exists above and beyond the
Crystal Skull. Yet the Universal Mind is encompassed and zipped within
it, and so encompassed in a way that benefits mankind. The knowledge
within it is formulated and transmuted, translated specifically in a
format that offers itself for human access. This then is within a
specific pattern that is the prototype of perfection for mankind, as
we have stated.


Journeying into the skulls then recalibrates, reboots your mental
awareness and more closely aligns you with your perfection, your inner
Divine SELF.

So the best way for one to work with the crystal skull is to enter
them. Visualize yourself entering the cranium as if entering a crystal
cave. Make yourself so tiny and so minute that you become totally
immersed and encapsulated within it. Make yourself as if insignificant
within its vastness, and enter into a world of wonder, and world of
treasure. Open yourself to it and study what is presented, as you are
indeed metaphorically speaking, in the original cave of creation.
Indeed each time you enter it can present to you a different world, a
different dimension, a different paradigm and parallel of crystalline
thought. A different essence of learning can be presented each time,
from each direction and angle of entry. You will find that you may not
depart from the same angle in which you entered, and you will discover
often that you exit as a different vibrational Being from whence you

So as we have earlier stated, the Ascension is part of the increased
awareness of the Crystal Skulls. In truth the Ascension is the
re-emergence of the Quantum Crystalline Energy of the Unified Field,
and so it is tantamount that the Crystalline Skulls re-emerge in this
energy. You are but a few years from being in the precise center
alignment of the Galaxy, and that succinct vector enables so much of
your higher SELF and higher consciousness to expand into celestial

So then it is the time to understand the purpose and powerful
abilities of the ancient Crystal Skulls as part of this enigmatic
expansion. It is even more important to understand that they are part
of a larger energy, a hologram that is now encompassing your planet,
and all 12 Light Dimensions around you. This hologram is indeed the
Unified Field, the Crystalline frequency, and it encompasses in the
macro, your entire solar system, your sun, and of course the Earth.
That you refer to as the Golden Sun Disc are the 12 Rays, the DNA for
your evolving planet in the same way that the Crystal Skulls
incorporate the blueprint for humanity.

Quest of the Skulls : Awakening to the Sacred Rediscovery

That, Dear Ones, is the reason why more attention is being given to
the Crystal Skulls. That is the reason the 10% of mankind advanced in
higher light quotient are being drawn to work with them, and that many
of the other 90% are having their curiosity peaked on the subject. It
is why the television documentaries are studying them, entertainment
movies are formed around them, and books are being written. It is why
so many civilizations have been involved with human shaped skulls
composed of various materials, including crystal. Many of you have
past sojourns in societies and cultures that recognized, understood
and revered the crystal skulls. Some of you made a sacred promise to
awaken with them at this time, a hallowed oath you are now feeling
compelled to complete.

The Crystal Skulls known in your world today, the ones that were
originally manifested in LeMuria and Atlantis are what you term the
ancient ones, which are the approximate size of your own human skull
and most were found among ancient ruins. However, there are others
you have not found, and others that exist in an etheric dimension.
There are some in the waters of the Atlantic and Caribbean, covered
in the silts and sand of time.

Now there have been numerous skulls found in the areas of Central
America and Mexico
in various sizes, some quite small. Some up to 40 pounds. These are
for the most part, particularly the smaller ones, manmade and do not
possess the same energy as the original, or as the manmade larger ones.

The question has arisen as to the placement of the original 13. And
this raises an interesting answer. Before we answer you must
understand that the time-sequence of dimensions of the Earth are not
as you perceive them from your linear perspective. Rather all time co
exists in the Multiverse within the Quantum Unified Field. So there
are many Earths, many parallel Earths and probable Earths, aligned
with shifting probable pasts and futures. All of which are valid and
as real as the probable Earth you experience as tangible reality in
your lens of the eternal NOW.

So speaking of probabilities in the past, there are myriad differing
interpretations that can be used to answer your question, all of which
have their place. So in truth what has once existed or imagined still
exists. We have told you before that the Golden Era of Atlantis is
from your future pulled into your perception of the past. So having
that complex axiom for you to ponder, we tell you there are many
different crystal skulls and vibrational levels. Many of these skulls
are not of your current vibrational level or dimension. Yet the
hologram of the pattern they represent is a multidimensional insert ,
and is present frequentially within the omni-paradigm.

The Multiverse

To explain a little further, the 'ALL THAT IS' is a projected
illusion in the Alchemy of Time and Consciousness. ALL are parallel
running programs which you consciously co create and experience
simultaneously in the MULTIVERSE.

Dimensional reality on the Earth is programmed to appear in a time
sequence you perceive as linear. It is in your computer terminology a
program facilitated by a server, which in this case is the planetary
grid. The programs can be inserted as hologramic realities. There are
epochs and eras , entire civilizations that are in a sense inserted
into the Grid Server as programs. That is why fully evolved
civilizations can seem to have suddenly sprung up out of nowhere into
the vast 'sea of creation' within the flow of the collective
unconsciousness, the consciousness grid that enables created
realities. Linear time is a functional, purposeful illusion. In truth
all programs are running simultaneously. Therefore on the level of the
oversoul, you are experiencing many civilizations, and all lifetimes
at the same time in the Unified Field of the Crystalline Multiverse.

But to answer your question in a context that is aligned to your
current paradigm of the past, we tell you that the original placement
was on Mu. Placed in the sacred Temple of Hiva on the holy mountain
known as Buelat. And later in Atlantis there was a second
manifestation of extra terrestrial origin skulls that were placed in
the Temples of Poseida.

Some of these were lost in the deluge and during the chaotic exodus of
Poseida along the land bridge that connected to areas of the Yucatan.
These lost in the tertiary tsunamis. Four remain intact. One has been
seen under the waters in a Temple in the Caribbean. Replicas were then
created in Og and Egypt, to reform the 13. In time there have been
several sets of the 13, you see.

But the original crystal skulls brought to MU are indeed all intact.
Now we will say that the initial 13 , the 12 plus 1, are in an
etheric lock, placed in a dimensional chasm below Tibet, and indeed
there are Buddhist Monks of a secret order than maintain them. The 13
from Atlantis still exist in the probable future. Isn't that interesting.

Question to Metatron: It has been said that the original 13 need to
come together for the Ascension to occur. Can you speak on that?

AAMetatron: Dear One, as we have shared with you above, they are
together. They are circled etherically below Tibet. You need not worry
that these need to be physically garnered and grasped and assembled
together to unlock the door to Ascension.

But let us clarify, a quintessential tangent to the point you raise,
is that mankind is required to bring together the 12 aspects to create
the whole, and in truth this has been put in place since the pivotal
event called the Harmonic Convergence.

What many of you feel regarding the 12 + 1 is the inner urge to
rediscover within the original pattern as transmitted by the Crystal
Skulls. That is why many of you are now sensing an ancient call to
acquire a modern model, and begin allowing it to work with you. With
it you can awaken the 12 strands and combine to the completion of the 13.

So the call to gather the 13 is a dual call, a call to individually
and collectively reunite the 12 to form the 13. It is a spiritual
calling, a sacred Quest, if you will, to awaken the Dreamer, and
rediscover who you are in order to complete the cycle.

The Sacred 12 of the Earth Cycle

The 12 has been so apparent in your reality and cosmology myths:

· 12 Strand DNA
· 12 Crystal Skulls
· 12 Signs of the Zodiac
· 12 Hours of the Clock
· 12 months of the Year
· 12 disciples of Christ
· 12 Tribes of Israel
· 12 Knights of King Arthur
· 12 Temples of Atlantis
· 12 Titans
· 12 Sun Discs
· 12 Member Court
· 12 Member Jury
· 12 Sacred Truths
· 12 Chakras
· 12 Creator Gods
· 12 Days of Christmas
· 12 Dimensions of Earth
· The 12 squared, 144 of the rapture

The progression to 13 then takes you to the closure of your biogenetic
experiment at this phase level of reality, created in linear time to
understand emotions. 2012 is the event horizon for the evolution of
consciousness foretold in all your prophecies, when humanity awakens
and souls return to 'source' as this program closes. Indeed it is the
2nd coming of the Christos, the Crystalline Model.

The Crystalline Material:

Now, moving forward, there was a great effort after the fall of Mu
and Atlantis from those of Yucatan and Og to recreate the models, This
was done, and those that have been found, for the most part, are these
reproductions, although as stated 4 have been found from the second
extra terrestrial manifestation.

The post deluge Atlanteans were still quite capable for a fleeting few
generations of recreating highly sophisticated replicate models. And
there is a specific reason why crystalline substance was chosen as
the material to use for the skulls. Indeed, it is not an easy
substance to carve or mold into a shape. Yet we tell you that
crystalline material other than quartz, was used by the indigenous to
replicate the original models, and that these too are capable of
holding unique energy aspects of the Arcturian model. All crystalline
material, and indeed certain metals were used.

Now in current times, there are many cutters who fashion crystal
skulls in quartz and other crystalline and metallic materials. As we
have stated, these, specifically because of their cranial skull shape,
are capable of drawing into them portions of the energy field emitted
by the 13 original skulls.

How is this you may ask? It is through the original intent and
agreement of the collective unconscious, the Universal Mind in tandem
with the sentient attributes of the living Mineral Kingdom, the living
sentience of the receiving mineral and the living sentient field of
the Crystalline model hologram. Each newly carved skull then, and
indeed the crystalline mineral used is not knew, most were formed
hundreds of thousands of years ago, recognize the 'law' of purposed
intent and that harmonically attracts and receives from the 13
original skulls, various degrees and qualities of frequential
downloads from the 'thoughtform' projected by the original. All
crystalline minerals are both transmitters and receivers you see.

There is an additional 'secondary' imbuing and programming that occurs
in the melding of the individual human's field with the newly acquired
skull. The mineral itself is capable of receiving, storing, amplifying
and transforming the human subconscious energy into its on. The skull
then works consciously with each human 'seeker', most of whom are
subconsciously attracted to them because of past LeMurian, Atlantean
and Mayan lifetimes.

So those attracted to the skulls then receive as within their acquired
model, a portion of the whole, and the skull become by agreement, a
teacher of greater truth and offers glimpses into the perfection
hologram. That is why some are now being called to acquire the newly
cut skulls, for indeed they open the pattern, they become teachers.
They become allies and protectors for each of you on the path of
Mastery, and they manifest at the time you awaken to that call.

These are quite different tools from normal gems, crystals and indeed
serve a different role than that of the Phi Crystals. Just as the
Atlantean Temple Crystals had specific cuts for specific functions, so
do the
Unique Purpose and Tandem Use

Crystal Skulls have a unique role that is quite separate in certain
primary purpose, and quite similar in other secondary attributes.

We can say that Phi Crystals take one to the Star Seed and Crystal
Skulls offer the knowledge of the original pattern. The former is the
vehicle that moves and refines light energy, the latter the library.
Well for those seekers of Atlantean and LeMurian lineage to acquire
both, indeed are there many benefits of working in tandem with both in
this time of awakening. Both are tools that offer themselves and
amplify and expedite the journey, you see.

Those of you who spent sojourns in Mu, Atlantis, Og, Ignacious, Rama,
Egypt, as Druids, as Tibetans, as Templars, Olmecs, Toltecs, Mayans,
Incas, Aztecs and Hopi carry an inner awareness of their purpose. You
carry a sacred remembrance, and many of you are now acquiring them in
response to a sacred promise.

Some of you in post Atlantean eras, ceremonially used skulls fashioned
from lapis lazuli, jade, rose quartz, agate, and turquoise. Even
metallic minerals such as hematite, gold, silver, and pyrite were used
in some societies. While the non quartz materials did not have the
same properties as crystals, it was recognized by the savants that the
other minerals assisted in different attributes, yet still received
the hologramic model of the original perfection of man projected by
the initial thirteen. Such is the abilities of the living mineral
kingdom in its synergy, and sentient offering to assist in the unified
evolvement of mankind and indeed the planet at this time. Do you

Closing: A Species with Amnesia

So we tell you that human beings in duality consciousness became a
species with amnesia. You have forgotten who you really are. You have
forgotten that you are powerful spirits enacting the human experience.
The quest then for mankind in mass and individually is to rediscover
your enlightened identity, and that identity is represented in the
crystal skull.

Enlightenment is for you to discover within, and this is a tool for
that recalibration. Indeed its already in you, in your Beingness, your
subconscious, your DNA. Spiritual enlightenment is not about following
any Guru any Channel , but rather for you to find through personal
discernment , through your inner guidance. It's around accepting and
KNOWING that the Divine Self is the spark of God within you, and that
you're an intricate and eternal portion of Creator God.

And there are tools to help you along the way, there always has been
and will be. You are not alone. But Dear Ones, you have appointments
to keep in this very special era of Ascension. Perfection is in play.

Truly, the Crystal Skulls are a reflection of the perfection in
mankind. They are ancient computers, programmed helpers which have
answers fitted tidily within them to many of your trepidations,
puzzles and questions.

When mankind individually and in mass is ready to use these Divine
Libraries to meld into perfection, they will offer a glimpse into
incredible new worlds of beauty, creativity and unconditional love.
Indeed they have been dormant for millennia, waiting for this point in
your linear time to reboot and awaken. Those of you who have worked
with the Crystal Skulls in past lifetimes are being called now to be
with them again. Do you hear that call? Are you one of the Keepers of
the Crystalline Mystery? Its time for the Dreamer to awaken !

I am Metatron, and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved.

And so it is.


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