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Lack of Resources in a World of Plenty

Lack of Resources in a World of Plenty
Mother Earth (Gaia) through Pepper Lewis

The surface of the earth bears certain scars, witness to events of
major historic perspective. Beautiful canyons, rivers and lakes erase,
or least hide, evidence of massive and unexpected devastation.
Likewise, deserts lie naked and exposed, unclothed and unable to mask
the corruption that changed verdant green resources into dry sand.
History has also left scars behind where wars have changed the course
of events, and monuments now stand in place of men. Catastrophic
events are a natural part of the evolution of the planet and they have
helped to shape the course of history. Many unnatural events have also
had a catastrophic effect upon events on earth and have altered the
course of history significantly. Events associated with the condition
of the world economy can be attributed to both natural and unnatural
causes and history will more than likely record them as extremes of
the same polarity.

The solar system of which the earth is a part is pulsing its way
toward a light of a different order, changing everything and inspiring
an evolutional leap that is natural within the great schemes of time
in which universes are measured. This soon to be experienced light is
of a cosmic order, and though you cannot see it from your current
perspective, it has temporarily cast the earth in shadow. The earth
will emerge from this pale cast as it always has, and the light that
has temporarily eclipsed a clearer vision of a bright future will
return, opening the eyes of all, even those of the blind man who would
not see.

The earth is part of a solar system that is vast, powerful and
sometimes difficult to fathom. World economic markets and the
currencies that represent them are also part of a much larger system,
one that is vast in its holdings, unimaginable in its power, and
difficult to fathom. Inevitably the ocean tides rise and fall,
oblivious to the rise and fall of world leaders, currencies or the
markets they have invested in. Their rhythm is perfect and timed by a
relationship with something greater than the moment or the day.
Currencies and markets on the other hand, are artificial instruments
and can be controlled (or left uncontrolled) quite easily. These too,
follow a rhythm that is perfectly timed and guided by a relationship
to something unseen.

Please understand that forces, even those that are natural, can be
influenced or controlled to a certain degree. Like a serpent, they can
be tamed and hypnotized to act in a certain way even while everyone is
watching. Such is the case with world markets at this time; they have
been coaxed into behaving in a manner that has dissolved many assets
into thin air. But not all assets have fallen, nor have the fortunes
of those who understand the system and how it works. Modern man
believes that like his destiny, he is charge of his own monies, but
that is only partially true. There are systems, of which he is a part,
that exert a great deal of influence upon the world, and because he is
a part of this same world he is both by participation and agreement, a
part of this same system.

The banking systems and the currencies they trade in are in an
orchestrated crisis, a well organized and carefully crafted freefall
that will remake the face of the world and those who govern it. Modern
man owns a part of his world, but a part of his world also owns him.
Modern man does not own the currency he trades in, it is leant to him.
He does not own his home or that of his ancestors as that too, is
given to him on conditions that are governed by sovereignties greater
than his own. That man is not sovereign in his world or in his home
may be an outrage, but it is not a new outrage. Modern man lives
within the same system as ancient man and that system lives within
him. Is there a plan for this to change? Yes, but humanity must first
emerge from its own shadow. It cannot follow a lighter path without
until it discovers its own light within.

The causes for the downturn in the economy are both natural and
unnatural. The universal laws that govern the rhythmic rise and fall
of the tides are the same ones that ensure the pendulum of fortune
will swing through large and small fortunes alike. This is nature at
work; one season infallibly yielding to the next, resting and
preparing for the dawn of its return. The ocean has a floor, and
although its depth is sometimes difficult to measure it is always
there as a foundation of support to all that depends upon it. The
economy was not so fortunate. Without a firm foundation it has been
tossed to the waves to do with as they please.

At least for a time the economy will continue to drift and as long as
it does it will be difficult to build a boat that is strong enough or
swift enough to outmaneuver the currents. The tides take with them
many things and this economic movement will mirror the tides in many
ways. The tides also return lost items and forgotten relics from times
long past. Therefore carefully hidden truths can be expected to emerge
in moments and places where they are least expected. This will expose
some of the minor players (pawns) in the system, but the lords and
masters of this game can afford to sacrifice many pawns and still
protect their well-built fortress. Modern man must take his finances
and obligations seriously, yet in doing so he may overlook the point
of the game in which he is both participant and observer. It is better
to ride the pendulum across the sky of illusion than have it slice
through one's reality on earth.

As has been said global economies will continue to be buffeted by
winds of change amid uncertainty. Elected officials will continue to
seek counsel among their own experts as well participate in global
showings of support and strength with other world leaders. Even a
house of cards looks better built while it is being propped up by more
than one hand. Like a deck of cards that must be reshuffled from time
to time, there will be a great shift in the distribution of wealth
that will raise capital for some countries and threaten to pull others
down Those who emerge seemingly unscathed may have sold their soul in
the process or that of their citizens more likely.

None of the world currencies have any long lasting value so most will
see their value sink. They do not have value because they are not
aligned with anything of value. The wealth that is attributed to most
nations is no longer owned by the same nations and is in some cases
owned by another country altogether or by the corporations that
represent them. Some of the corporations that have been branded as
nasty culprits in certain world markets may yet emerge as heroes when
it is discovered that they are able to rescue some governments from
their own volatility. There is a certain stench associated with greed,
but the stench of fear is even worse.

Corporations will be seen as stabilizing forces in some markets and
will enjoy a sovereignty of sorts they did not have previously. Even
corporations with large business complexes in other countries will be
protected by international law in much the same way that embassies and
their grantors are protected today. Some countries will default on
their most basic obligations and they will watch on the sidelines as
their sovereignty is purchased or annexed by another country whose
resources are more "in play" than their own. Trading partnerships
between countries will extend into other areas as resources are pooled
together in hopes of strengthening global positions.

Long ago countries vied for trading routes and for the discovery of
new lands to claim in the name of the crowns they represented. Today
crowns are out of fashion and most (though not all) lands have been
claimed. Their resources have been converted to cash or refinanced
into further debt. An economy cannot grow unless there is room for it
to grow and that is virtually impossible given today's schema, making
new and vital resources a necessity.

The earth does have new and undiscovered resources. Some of these have
been until recently buried underneath the ice, at and near both poles.
As the ice thaws, plans on how and when to access these regional
resources are already being put in place. Several countries have
already led exploratory missions in this regard and have even begun to
the process of "claiming" them in the name of those whom they
represent. Already there are a variety of flags posted on the ocean
floor, awaiting acknowledgment. But there is no precedent for claiming
‘ice' or what is potentially beneath it, and political minds are
already preparing for competition and more. Some of these regional
resources include natural gas and oil, but there are a few surprises
in the area as well.

Not all countries or economies will have access to these new
resources, yet they know that in order to thrive in a new world they
must find ways to expand or face other imaginable perils. Those who
cannot find treasure in the depths of the oceans will look to space
instead. Many countries, even those you might not consider "players"
in the space race are already there, and beyond. Set aside what you
imagine to be exploratory missions to space and nearby planets and
consider instead that mining new and profitable resources upon both
the moon and Mars is already possible. In fact, contracts are already
in place with government and private sector contractors for
transporting resources, housing projects for potential workers, and
much more.

Those who have recently lost confidence and interest in currency and
commodity trading upon the earth may be coaxed into investing in the
new ‘satellite' markets. Understand that while some are doing their
best to protect their real estate holdings upon the earth, others have
already projected their fortunes elsewhere and are even now preparing
to stake claims elsewhere. ‘The sky is the limit' is no longer just a
saying. Certainly this topic could be developed further, but it is not
the intended subject of this paper.

Markets and currencies on earth will continue to be volatile and it
will be difficult for even the best economic minds to predict what
will be. It is not a level playing field and those who know how to
play the game know this. Those who do not know how to play the
financial games of the day will continue to be hurt by the process. As
alliances between countries continue to evolve there will be less need
for as many different currencies. Paper monies will become less
necessary and therefore less available. New ways to manage credits and
debits will soon emerge. As with all things of a nature that seems a
threat, there will be resistance at first. But deepening volatility of
other choices combined with several consumer incentives and an
unprecedented campaign for public confidence will make this choice an
eventual success.

The world's stock markets will be completely revamped and overhauled.
They will be renamed and managed in different ways than they are
today. Not all companies will be allowed to issue stock. Private
investment houses will be able to represent those cannot participate
in the larger schemes of trading. Higher risks will as always reap
higher rewards. An under-the-counter market will parallel the
over-the-counter one, in legal, but casino style investments that
resemble the online gaming of today.

Commodity trading will continue to entice investors. The future of
many commodities including those in the farming and ranching fields
will continue to be uncertain. They will be worthwhile investments for
those with a stomach for it. New food sources of both natural and
unnatural origin will also spur interest. The declining health of the
average citizen will make the food supplement market among the most
lucrative, particularly as the medical community finds that it is less
able to diagnose or cure.

As the relationship between biotic and abiotic systems is better
understood it will reveal new insights as to the maintenance and
rebuilding of ecosystems that are near the brink of death. Those who
profit from the demise of these systems will continue to do so. The
evolution of consciousness where many are concerned comes slowly and
their new dawn is further away than that of others. Some hunger for
food and others for profit. Either way the cost to life is great.
Hunger and thirst will continue to worsen, especially in third world
countries though certainly not limited to these alone. Even the
world's richest countries cannot or will not provide for all. Those
who live beneath the misery indexes will more than likely remain in
misery unless they rise above it by demanding it of the god within.
They will find less than adequate support without.

Local and community economies will thrive if they are able to find
common ground. The needs of the entire community must be taken into
account so there will not be too many pockets or holes that are left
ignored or to chance. Open community systems will fare better than
closed communities in the long run, but this will not be the first
choice for many. Hoarding food and other resources will protect the
moment but not the heart. Most hearts dwell in the land of plenty
unless they have been driven through deserts of fear into the land of
lack. Even the desert feeds its hungry with courage and stamina.

Lack of creativity and vision is the first poison. Fear is the second
and greed is the third. Certainly the times ahead will offer other
poisons as well. To every poison and every ill there is an antidote,
but it must first be discovered and then administered in good time.
Like it or not the earth is changing, and more quickly than most would
think. Humanity must rethink and then remake itself creatively now or
the future will belong to the next human race. The evolution of the
All and the all is capable of setting the scene for that to happen.
The old rules by which humanity lives still apply, but not for long.
It is time to dream a new dream, because the old one belongs to a
timeline that is eroding beneath the feet of those who still cling to it.

The economies that value life will return to balance more quickly than
those that do not. There is no inherent value in money. That is why
its value rises and falls and why its purchasing power brings
temporary happiness at best. The value of a nation is in its natural
resources of which humanity is a part. Unless and until the value of
human life and life in general is appreciated more generously the
world will seem out of balance and artificial. Before the skies fell
and the heavens touched the earth there was a sound that resembled
silence. Those who entered the silence found themselves in a dream of
their own spinning. The pale cast of the dream wanes now signaling
that it is time to dream a new dream. This world is but a dream spell.
That is how it came to be heaven on earth.

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