Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Language of the Hearts

Language of the Hearts
Adama through Kata

November 02, 2008

Greetings to the Masters,

This is Adama here. What a joy to see your light again and again. What
a joy to see your heart oriented approach to your brand new reality.
Reality can manifest whatever you are ready to perceive. All is ready
for your sight, it is your ability what your eyes / mind let you
through. We can see the same picture and we could see it so many ways,
according to the readiness in our receptors.

It is always a privilege - you know so well - to talk to you, to get
closer to you by these very sacred words. Sacred because the source of
them resides in my heart, and still you are ready to get them, and
read them later, like a straight love stream from one heart to
another. That is the way of the new communication. Heart to heart. Too
noisy is the world around you, too many words are just too overused?
Time to invite the new/ancient language, the new/ancient communication
code between us. The Language of the Hearts is the way for future
communications. It is so well known here, time to invite it into your
new reality.

Yes, all that you see around yourselves, whatever part of the world
you are in, is part of the Master-plan. The intensity sometimes can
drive your attention away from the meaning. Whatever you see, read,
hear, face, always use your recently re-calibrated senses, to help you
to step through.

All what is manifesting in your reality has a certain meaning on your
personal journey, you know it well.

If you are ready to decode what is happening, use your conscious
approach to view through the noisy mist, and you will find there is
always something magical to see. Yes indeed, most of what is
happening nowadays contain those energies which are ready to drive
away and distract your attention from the REAL POINT.

What is the REAL POINT? Create your own reality with the attitude to
participate consciously in every moment, and be able to read the
divinity behind. I told you that this is indeed a very important year.
All that has happened up until this very moment can prove it on so
many different levels. The intensity of the happenings just have
reached a new level. Please keep your focus and most importantly as I
told just recently, be in balance. If you let yourself navigate with
you heart, all the situations can have a new meaning.

The planetary and the personal happenings always have a parallel
existence. If you let yourself be influenced by the seemingly
uncontrolled outside forces, you will end up finding yourself in a
personal upheaval. All has to start with your heart. That is the basis
of the most desired balance in these times. If you keep it, you are
ready to attract the necessary amount of light for EVERY stage in your
life . It can create a ‚bubble‘ of harmony and peace around you. This
personal lighted sphere can connect other hearts‘ similar unconscious
now/ conscious later manifestations. Similar sacred geometry based
creations can connect the hearts together worldwide. If enough open
hearted Light-workers are ready for the work, you can do it as
Humanity for your fellow hearts, and for your beloved planet in the
same time. There are many different ways to build up this mega size
crystal light sphere around our beloved planet. It is happening now.
Every work with the light can strengthen it. Every conscious moment
counts. That is the REAL POINT.

I would like to place the method of the Language of the Hearts into
your heart-painted mind field. At the very beginning of our common
earth history there were those magical beings who had no need of using
loud words to express what they wished to be expressed. The base of
their communication existed on a different level. Their mind was fully
aware of this way of‚ speaking‘ with no word.

Hey before anyone turns his head away, saying that using our voice is
the most elemental way of expressing ourselves, I agree. I am just
saying here that there are those ancient methods which need to be
reexamined, and you are fully ready to absorb their basic wisdom now.
Verbal communication has a lot of advantages. However it does not
replace the importance of using the intuitive way of communication
through the hearts. Especially in these particular times, when the
verbal communication is too loud, and too dense, and full with energy
stealing elementals. Listening and expressing yourself through the
Language of the Hearts is an ancient way to perceive the reality
around you on a higher level. This is the way to understand the
happenings, feel their relevance and the entire energy spectrum of
them in the very same second.

There will be those who will say that it is an unnecessary way in
your 'high tech' world. Blessing for them. I am talking to those here
who feel the need of it in their cells. One of the major messages of
these extraordinary times that all that once belonged to us as wisdom,
can have a great significance NOW, and can help you walk through these
times. Yes those days will be here soon which will show on the
simplest, still the most profound way the power of Oneness. There is
no need to go into details to let you see how extraordinary the time
that we are in. It will get louder and louder. There will be no one on
Earth soon without the basic realizations of it. Telling you to be at
your service anytime upon your call is a must from us. Plus practical
advices on their way, and you can take the using of the Language of
the Hearts as one of them.

The hearts know each-other. Heart based communication can be the
safest and most trusted. It can connect you anytime, anywhere to
anybody, without technical requirements.

Dear Ones, what a privilege to be at your service these times. I am
telling you this is the most extraordinary time of human history. Be
prepared for the upcoming wonders. All what is on its way to unfold on
the physical, are indeed part of the Masterplan. We are the ones to
help you to handle, however your balance will lead you through. Listen
to in, look through the canvas of happenings. What your hearts feel,
hear, see, SAY, that will take you to the higher dimensions, and that
is the point.

We are with you always.

Adama through the Language of his Heart


November 16, 2008

Dear Ones,

“All what is manifesting in your reality has a certain meaning on your
personal journey, you know it so well...”