Saturday, November 29, 2008

ELOHEIM: Energies Of December 2008

Wow! Eloheim was ON FIRE and ready to go about three hours before the
meeting started. By the time the meeting began they were bursting at
the seams. This meeting was very powerful. In it, they focus on: The
Energies of Thanksgiving, The Energies of the Holidays, The Energies
of December 2008, and The Energies of the year 2009. The entire
meeting was 85 minutes.

There is SO MUCH in this introductory talk that I can't even begin to
find specific sections to quote! It starts off big and gets faster
and faster! I can't imagine trying to shorten this material so I am
going to provide two clips to cover the 17 minutes of information.

These clips contain the unedited beginning of the meeting and includes
their discussion of the energies for the remainder of 2008. The
meeting begins with Barbara playing her didgeridoo and Richard playing
his crystal bowl.

To view the clips, please visit:

REMINDER: We will no longer hold meetings on the first Tuesday of
each month. We continue our meetings in Sonoma every Wednesday night,
but will skip Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. We will hold a meeting
in Martinez on January 11, 2009. For more information, please email

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