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Issue 456
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Date: November 06, 2008
Time: Thursday Evening (8pm)

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Come forward this day onto your circle of light energy. Stand in your light form
upon this energy disc and immediately you will feel energy come over you,
that does position you in the beams of light that are there for you specifically
and for all those around you, in a different way, but there is the connection to
the higher light energy information for every being. As you stand within this
light you are able to release the sense of the Earth and to move forward, and
allow yourself to be open to receive and eager to receive.
"Here I come forward and welcome you once more, Beloved. Orem with you and we
in the midst of us the power of the creative light and the creations of light
the creations of all beingness that envelop you and call on your spiritual
within your light form to move throughout you, to continue the opening of those
gateways that you moved through in the previous message and to continue the
heightening and expansion of your awareness,

With these words the energy draws you forward with us directly into the
communication chamber at this time, passing as always into the field of
crystalline light frequency.
This is important for you at this time to release from you much of your
which have been indicative of processes occurring around your planet, and the
crystalline field of energy takes you within it and also is working through all
your processes to stabilise conditions within the core of the Earth structure.
are acting here already as a direct channel for this information and energy to
within the Earth structure.

Descend in it as if you are moving within a shaft that takes you into levels of
existence contained underneath the surface of the planet, and within structures
you will find there are many life forms working, commencing a phase of activity
that is relative to the moving apart of some segments of the Earth, in the sense
of an energy living consciousness of the Earth. In this state you will be
experiencing visions of whole cities and indeed within the inner space of Earth
exist the cities of light referred to. More than that even, there are places
move between dimensions and at some point they are in the reality that you can
relate to and then they will shift as there is an elevation in consciousness
allowing the transference of the energy that they hold to exist in another
in a space that is more acceptable to the presence of beings who have the
wholeness of upliftment as part of their focus and intention of life.

Where do you exist within these realities, you may be questioning. And as such,
you will find that you are moving more into the reality of wholeness and
improvement and a shift in the mass consciousness of your planetary existence,
thereby already moving into the new life streams ready to receive you. You may
look on it that there is a space allocated for you and you have been allocated
a certain space. This is only as it pertains to your vibrational frequency and
intentions. You are then matched and automatically drawn to those spaces.

In the occurrences around you in the changing vibration, there have been times
when you have experienced altered awareness and you do not recall where you have
been in a full remembrance of moment by moment and yet you have achieved certain
objectives and actions and the higher aspect of you has been working intently,
taking some of your attention out of the reality of the Earth dimension as it
and into the higher frequency of light existence. When you oscillate between the
two, there is a disturbance set up in the field of vibration that you are in the
expression as the human form. These transmissions serve to adjust the
and so, take this time to absorb the energy that is pulsated around you.

In your sense of your life form this relates and responds to the blueprint of
creation coming in around you to sort out those disturbances and thereby the
blueprint for you as the physical unit can absorb those frequencies more readily
and thus this restores you. It realigns you to that pattern of light frequency.
This may help you understand what has been given in recent transmissions in
to the blueprint and the change in transformation.

During this part of the transmission the energy has been raying out from you
these areas deep within the Earth. All peoples here that you relate to and mix
with recognise you and what you bring forth and there is the sharing and
happiness - the sharing, knowing that the wavelength, the intention and the
service that you all connect with to become, all give you the sharing of the
experience in harmony.

At this point I bring your attention back to the communication chamber.

You may sense the openings here as information is given unto you and the
observation also and in respect of this and yourself and your life path pattern
there are different elements coming in around your life.

Each opening of your perception allows a different element and information to
to you. Each realisation you have increases this level of experience and
and if you open yourself fully here you will recognise beams of light focused
you and connecting you again to those different aspects of you and all the
of creation that they exist in. They seem close because your consciousness
embraces the life patterns - the life pattern that is within the expression of
Essence of Creation.

All that you know yourself to be is carried forward in this moment, collectively
embraced as a wave of light frequency yourself and to other observers, other
intelligent consciousnesses, you may be visible as patterns of light.

There is the lovingness extended toward to you, repairing elements that are
visible in your frequency of light pattern and bringing you into deeper
with the frequency patterns affecting Earth planet at this time. These enable
strengthening and enhancement of the energy field surrounding you all and when
that is strong and in harmony you will know very well there is less distracting
energy drawn into the orbit. It is through this linkage of pure loving intention
a consciousness that is connected to the greater blueprint of life - that you
be experiencing a shielding and a change in what may have been predicted would
occur, affecting greatly life on this planet where you are.

This will emphasise to you the importance of being clear and strong and always
connected to the greater blueprint in every way. Even when you focus upon your
life stream and life force, you are doing it from a deeper sense of knowing that
you need to be reconstructed in a greater alignment and clarity and then you see
the complete change that you effect throughout your life pattern and creating
this moment now.

We see that you each have a greater grasp of what consciousness is and what your
field of thought patterns becomes and the intensity of this works in different
ways throughout you each and if there has been a fixed line of thought or belief
system this will be affected by this greater pattern of order. Know that you can
always be above that and contact and communicate the higher levels of

What we have passed to you in this transmission will be experienced deeply
you once more, so the reminder is given to rest within the patterns of light,
opening all the doorways of your perception for the easy adjustment to those
patterns. We can speak to you more of this when you are ready and the
intersections within you come to that connection of acceptability. So much can
changed with what you accept from the higher field of energy light information.

Be focused again here within the communication chamber, touching upon the
crystalline frequency again and the perception of that, and it is now that I
restore you to your place of existence, with your energy form to be again
connected consciously in all aspects of you physically.

Together we have experienced a shift in this transmission.

The loving Essence of Creation is upon you and throughout you.

I thank you Dear one.

Orem out."
Thank you Orem for that.

I call you forth now, through my voice through my physical presence, to come
to your body form. This body is constantly changing with the energies and you
change that with the focus always looking for that light to fill your mind and
body connections.

Bring your awareness now back to your body form, to connect your feet to the
and you will remember aspects of this transmission.

I close this transmission now from the Omega Communications portal, so be back
here and open your eyes when you are ready.

Thank you.