Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wednesday November 05, 2008 First Quarter moon

Wednesday November 05, 2008 First Quarter moon
In Aquarius today

Today is a pretty typical Moon in Aquarius day. We
Are many of us saying “HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?”
And looking at the next step.

Today with Venus and Neptune making nice aspects
Together look at what you love and what you like and
Increase that energy or the contacts which bring you
That feeling in your life.

DO NOT THINK of what you do not want today
But concentrate on how to work with what is and
MAKE IT What you want it to be.

By 8:03pm today many will be looking for the new
Plan which is always a part of the FIRST QUARTER
Moon stage. We are 3 weeks away from Pluto moving
Back into Capricorn for the next 15 years urging us
More and more towards accepting our own talents
And abilities and bringing them out into the world

On Thanksgiving day (A NEW MOON day
With the moon in Sagittarius) We have URANUS
The planet of change moving forward and our world
As we knew it is changed forever.

You not done yet, what do you want to accomplish
And what is the next step? The tides of the planets
In the sky are going to help you get there if you are
Willing to do the work?

Today expect to look at some things which are not
Working and begin to make the new plans as we are
½ way between the NEW MOON on October 28th
And the Full moon November 12th.
- Color today brown for connection to earth
- Use amber, agate or onyx to do the above
- Oil of Rosemary to remember what will help you
feel happier
- Kiss for today hang loose, do something fun tonight
and no major confrontations please…
Kiss Number 2………..Never believe
that you do not have the power to make things better
Today asks that you stay loose and look for new options.